After thinking about it again, the strongest case remaining for "pharmakeia" referring to contraception is that the drug use related to sexual immorality would have to be widespread, in the general population.  You mentioned drug usage among prostitutes and date rape drugs, but these usages form a niche.  Why are you mentioning gangs when gangs only make a small percentage of the population?  There are tons more people who use contraceptive drugs than there are people who are a part of gangs, who are prostitutes, and who use date rape drugs.  Relatively few people get high on drugs in order to enhance sex.

Remember, I'm not saying that contraception is a sin.  This is about why the drug usages you've mentioned are in view in the Bible, when these usages are relatively few when compared to the use of contraceptive drugs.


The first part of my talk is regarding "contraception" and people who would use this verse to say the Bible teaches against the use of contraceptions in any form.... be it drugs or other physical gadgets.  My first part covers that teaching.

This verse and the others are not saying it is wrong and sin to use contraceptions, but some who say this verse teaches against ALL drugs from pharmacies, will try to say drugs, foams, gels, etc. for contraception use, is wrong and sin. I point out this verse has nothing to do with contraception use. 

This word in this verse has nothing to do with what we term "pharmacy  drugs" as we think of it. So it has nothing to do with "contraception" whatevers used by whoever.

Then with a widespread use...... witches and wizards and all that kind of sorcery is not anywhere as widespread as it once was, but it is there still to tell us that the once very popular such stuff, in pagan nations, is still sin. Why is this mentioned at all? It will get even worse by the time the book of Revelation is fulfilled. It will be the time of the false prophet who can work miracles, as well as God's two such wizardly stuff is to come again....more than it is now; hence "sorcery" mentioned once more in a book of end time events. God knows the end.....he knows in the time of the book being fulfilled, "sorcery" stuff will again be on the increase in a world where open powerful miracle stuff is being done by Satan's side and by God's side. Satan's side will be telling the world that the miracles done by God's two witnesses is "sorcery" from Satan, and they have the true miracles. The two witnesses will be telling the world they are from God and the false prophet doing miracles is the true "sorcery" from the Devil. 

So the talk of witches, wizards, black-magic etc. will be very popular talk at the end times. No doubt it will equal what it was like when ancient Israel was entering the Promised Land, when God gave laws against "sorcery" and all its various elements that go with it with different sorcery people.

GOD IS TELLING the end time people, that all the "sorcery" as the world has known it down through the centuries, is still sin, and the end time people practicing it, believing it, putting trust in it, will not be in the Kingdom of God. It all has to be repented of and put away.

We must remember the context of the book of Revelation; the book is mainly the time of the "day of the Lord" - the last year or so of this age, when the false prophet will be riding high [actually he will be riding high for the last 3 and 1/2 years of this age] and doing his sorcery miracles.