One question though. If the resurrected saints are to be rulers and priests under Christ, how does that fit in with a Leviticus priesthood during the millennium?

The book of Hebrews, does it not talk about the Leviticus priesthood being replaced by the Melchizedek priesthood?


Yes Paul was writing in Hebrews to tell them about the NT priesthood in real terms compared to the Levitical priesthood.  He knew the Temple and old Priesthood was coming to an end in 70 A.D.  - well every soon, he may not have known the exact year. He was telling them that the now NT priesthood was far superior to the physical temple priesthood, and so they had to get their mind in MORE full gear about the Messiah's priesthood. Remember as I brought out, there were Jews in the church that were zealous for the whole law of Moses, their mind was actually still too much on the laws of Moses with circumcision and Temple rites. Not wrong to do while the Temple stood, as Paul went ahead and did some of it, though it meant nothing as far as salvation was concerned. But those Jews in the church needed some pretty straight talk about the OLD stuff superseded by the NEW which WAS  GREATER BY FAR, and the Old was soon going to be fully gone in this age.

So it was back then as it will be in the context of the Temple in Jerusalem..... but they only had the OLD with the NEW for 40 years, from 30 A.D. to 70 A.D. In the age to come that part of the Old will be with the New for 1,000 years!  

So there will be a physical outward Old in the Temple at Jerusalem in the age to come, which will have the MUCH GREATER NEW, OVER ALL OF THAT which is Old.

THE TEMPLE and rites in the age to come will be all PHYSICAL stuff  for  a  PHYSICAL  people  of  Israel during  that 1,000 years.

THAT WILL BE PHYSICAL, AND NO BEARING ON THE NEW SPIRITUAL, but for lessons to learn from it, as we learn a lesson from physical water baptism.

OVER  ALL  that  physical,  will  be  the  greater Melchizedek  Priesthood..... the  greater  SPIRITUAL  ..... over....well  everything.  Christ will still be "THE" High Priest, all under, we will still be part of His greater Spiritual Priesthood.  

Okay,  David  is  to  be  over  Israel;  the  12  apostles will  rule  a  tribe  of  Israel,  that  is  written  clearly  for us, in the Gospels and Prophets. But they will STILL be ministers or priests for the  SPIRITUAL  side of things for salvation!

We shall  rule over towns, villages, cities,  us  saints  in the  Kingdom. We shall be in charge of certain physical things going on in a still physical  world of 1,000 years. BUT we shall be priests in the Messiah's Melchizedek priesthood, for all spiritual matters.

So  you  have  to  look  at  it  like  it  was  for  40  years of  the  first  40  years  of  the  New Testament Christ priesthood;  the  Old  still  continued for 40 years ALONGSIDE  the  greater  NEW  Covenant Melchizedek priesthood.

The  difference  for  the  physical  people, will be that in the age to come, all the physical people will see and know clearly the difference, between that which is taking place in a literal Temple with old literal rites of that Temple, and what  IS  THE  GREATER ` spiritual Priesthood for salvation and all things spiritual.

It was slightly still somewhat obscure for some Jews in the Church of God, zealous for all the laws of Moses, so Paul had to write to the Hebrews and try very plainly to set the record get them to see certain Old rites were not anywhere close to being as great as the NEW ones that came in at the beginning of the NEW Testament church, and the Old was soon to vanish away in this present age.

Now the Gentiles had no problem, they were told they did not HAVE to do any Temple rites, they were not as INGRAINED with Temple rites as were the Hebrews; they could see it all much clearer than Jews in the Church of God, born into, and brought up, with Temple rites.

So think of it as  A  LITTLE  BIT  of the OLD [Temple rites]  ALONGSIDE  the massive GREATER SPIRITUAL salvation Melchizedek Priesthood, as somewhat like it was for 40 years before..... in the first century from 30 A.D. to 70 A.D. During that 40 years you had the Old still operating in the Temple, while the New was also in effect. Both the Old and the New was from God, but the NEW was much MUCH greater than the Old, based upon greater and better promises of SPIRITUAL SALVATION through the greatest HIGH priest of history - Christ Jesus.