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Road of Wisdom

Israel found!


By Brooks Alden Overcoming Uncertainty---1993

Oh, Loving God, what seek I in thy munificence
Must my heart beat so fearfully in uncertainty 
What say I when life turns its fury inward 
What know I of thy wisdom, thy power, thy love 
And who must to savour thy divine gifts

Cannot this maelstrom deep in my brain subside 
Is thy loving peace too elusive a gift to grasp 
Why think I well along thy sweet path of wisdom  
To find I am at but an early bend on thy road 
And who must I to savour thy divine gifts

So many temptations block thy narrow passageway 
Yet still I hunger to grasp thy Godly promise 
To relish thy peace of enduring tranquillity 
To soothe my heart in the purity of thy love 
For need I must to savour thy divine gifts

So on go I in search of thy grand munificence 
Find must I thy fountain of hallowed wisdom 
Feel I my heart beat wildly with anticipation 
Sensing thy power as it bathes my longing soul 
For need I must to savour thy divine gifts


By Mary Sophia Brown

We thank Thee for the wondrous Light 
Thou sheddest forth to-day; 
Leading, as Thou hast ever done, Thy children on their way.

We thank Thee our eyes can trace 
Within Thy Sacred Word, 
Thy wondrous doings with our Race, 
That oft-times sinned and erred.

Speed, speed the breeze which thus shall spread 
The news so quickly round - 
"Lost ISRAEL, within our Race, 
True to Thy Word, is found."

We thank Thee for these latter days, 
When ISRAEL shall see Our brethren, 
JUDAH, join with us, Low bending at Thy knee.

E'en now, they're coming quickly forth, 
Thy Precious Name to own; 
Soon shall we all be one again, 
As Thine own Word hath shown.


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