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The Poet's Corner #7

For All Citizens of God's Land

                           THE POET'S CORNER #7

                            LAND OF OUR BIRTH 


                          Rudyard Kipling, (1906)

          Land of our birth, we pledge to thee

          Our love and toil in the years to be, 

          When we are grown and take our place 

          As men and women with our race. 

          Father in heaven, who lovest all

          O help thy children when they call;

          That they may build from, age to age

          An undefiled heritage.

          Teach us to rule ourselves alway,

          Controlled and cleanly night and day;

          That we may bring, if need arise,

          No maimed or worthless sacrifice.

          Teach us the strength that cannot seek

          By deed or thought to hurt the weak; 

          That, under Thee we may possess

          Man's strength to comfort man's distress.


To be continued

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