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The Poet's Corner #6

Inspirations from the Heart

                           THE POET'S CORNER #6

                            I ONLY HAVE JESUS 

                              By Holly Mills

          I only have Jesus
          He is my shepherd 
          He leads me when I stray 
          He guides me every day

          I only, have Jesus
          And when I am weary
          The world may seem oh so grey 
          But He'll wash my tears away

          I only have Jesus 
          To keep me safe and warm 
          He'll hear me when I pray 
          And wash my cares and fears away

          I only have Jesus
          He is my Saviour 
          He took my sin away 
          He loves me every day

          I only have Jesus 
          I'll see Him when He comes 
          His Kingdom will be here to stay 
          Yes, He's our King in every way


                           I ALWAYS GO TO JESUS 


I always go to Jesus when troubled or distressed 
I always find a refuge upon His loving breast
I tell Him all my trials, I tell Him all my grief 
And while my lips are speaking He gives my heart relief.

When full of dread foreboding and flowing o'er with tears 
He calms away my sorrows and hushes all my fears 
He comprehends my weakness, the peril I am in 
And He supplies the armour, I need to conquer sin.

When those are cold and faithless, who once were fond and true
With careless hearts forsaking the old friends for the new 
I turn to Him Whose friendship knows neither change nor end 
I always find in Jesus, a never failing Friend.

I always go to Jesus, no matter when or where 
I seek His gracious presence, I always find Him there 
In times of Joy or sorrow, whate'er my need may be 
I always go to Jesus and Jesus comes to me.


To be continued

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