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The Poet's Corner

The House of Blessing

                           THE POET'S CORNER #11


By Patience Strong

Out of Egypt God His people brought. 
From Judah's branch came David's royal race, 
But Israel another Canaan sought 
And found in Britain her appointed place.

Later, as God's wondrous plan unrolled 
Came Joseph, drawing saints from far and near 
With the greatest story ever told. 
Christendom was surely cradled here.

Glastonbury! Tor and Chalice Well, 
Thorn of Spring that flowers on Christmas Day. 
Charm with the enchantment of a spell 
That stirs the hearts of all who pass this way.

Here is the Divinely given ground, 
The ground, they say, our Saviour walked upon. 
Was it His abode that Joseph found 
On the lovely Isle of Avalon?

We of British blood and Christian creed 
Who claim descent from Abrahamic seed 
Come, like Joseph, to this holy place 
To build a house of blessing and of grace

Dedicatory poem specially written by the well known poet and
author, Patience Strong, for the opening of Mount Avalon at


To be continued

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