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The POET'S Corner #1

Ones that most do not Know!

                             THE POET'S CORNER

I have tried to give in the most part, poems that are not that
well known, maybe not known at all but by a relative few - Keith


by Jim Bain

Who Is Right Or Who Is Wrong
Does It Really Matter Is My Song. 
Your Thoughts Are Transient In My Sight. 
It's When I Touch You - Then You're Right. 
So When Your Road Seems Tough And Strained 
If You're Hurting Or Perhaps Maimed 
Look Up My Child And Call For Me 
Your Only Master - You'll Surely See.

What Really Matters In My Sight
Isn't Who's Wrong Or Who Is Right. 
A Figure Of Your Imagination - Your End 
But Discerning Indeed - I Will Send 
When Your Whole Heart Is Focused Upon Me 
That Day The Vision Will Clearly Be.

Your Need Is Me And Only Me.
Me You'll See - Then I In Thee. 
My Purpose From Genesis Did Impart 
My Image Of You From The Very Start. 
Not Completed At This Time 
But A Continuing Process In My Time. 
Your Finished Image Soon To Be 
Polished Up - Perfected - In Thee.

Author Unknown

Charlie was a carpenter ready to retire 
He told his employer of his plans and of his desire 
He'd miss his pay check, but he'd live within his means 
To live more at ease was in Charlie's greatest dreams

The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go 
So he asked him if he'd build just one more house or so 
Charlie said, yes he would, but it was clear to see 
That the carpenter's heart was not in his work to be

His attitude was careless and his workmanship was bad 
But Charlie finally finished it, and his employer, he was glad 
It is your house, he said, with gentlemanly glee 
It is my gift to you, It's absolutely free

Now Charlie, he was thoughtful, as he thought about his wealth 
If I had only known, I was building for myself 
I would have been more careful and done it differently 
And even so it is, as we live our lives so frivolously

Each day we drive a nail and put a board in place
We cannot do it over, or all our mistakes erase 
So let us live our lives each day, without repressed guilt 
For we may have to live, in the house which Charlie built

author unknown

It is only a tiny rosebud,
A flower of God's design; 
But I cannot unfold the petals 
With these clumsy hands of mine.

The secret of unfolding flowers
Is not known to such as I. 
GOD opens the flower so sweetly 
When in my hands they die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud, 
This flower of God's design,  
then how I have the wisdom 
To unfold this life of mine?

So I'll trust him for leading
each moment of my day.
I will look to him for guidance
Each step of the pilgrim way.

The pathway that lies before me,
Only the Heavenly Father knows.
I'll trust Him to unfold the moments
Just as He unfolds the rose.

by Leona Bay Gater

"The road is too rough," I said 
"Dear Lord there are stones that hurt me so!" 
And He said, "Dear child, I understand, 
I walked it long ago."

"But there's a cool green path" I said, 
"Let me walk there for a time." 
"No child," He gently answered me, 
"The green road does not climb."

"My burden," I said, "is far too great; 
How can I bear it so?" 
"My child," said He, "I remember its weight 
I carried my cross, you know."

"But," I said, "there were friends with me 
Who would make my way their own." 
"Ah, yes" He said, "Gethsemane 
Was hard to face alone."

And so I climbed the stony path, 
Content at last to know
That where my Master had not gone 
I would not need to go.

And, strangely then I found new friends, 
The burden grew less sore 
And I remembered, --- long ago 
He went that way before.

By Vera A. Basham

Return to God, 0 Israel,
For Oh, why will ye die? 
So soon from highest heaven 
The sign of Christ draws nigh. 
In dazzling white the angel band 
About the Lord take up their stand 
All glorious on high.

Return to God, 0 Israel 
He calleth now for you. 
The First-fruits of the sleeping 
Soon come to mortal view. 
His trumpet summons to the skies 
The dead in Christ - His living rise - 
To Him with life anew.

Return to God, 0 Israel
He maketh all things new 
And all that He hath promised 
Shall be fulfilled in you. 
Cast out your sin -- return to Him 
The King descends in power to reign 
Our God returns in triumph high 
Choose, Israel! Will ye live or die?


To be continued

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