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The MARK - something Physical?

No! Cannot be!

                     BEAST'S MARK - FOREHEAD OR HAND?


                                Keith Hunt

     In the book of Revelation, you will find passages to do with
people that are under the end time Beast power - they receive a
"mark" in their right hand or forehead.
     Some in the Christian religions put STRONG emphasis on this
'mark' being something physical, like a microchip put under the
skin of the hand or forehead.

     This idea and teaching is FALSE, it just CANNOT possibly be
a physical something on or under the skin.

     Here are the logical reasons why!

     Just about all prophecy teachers will admit that the "Beast"
power will dominate much of the world at the end time, most teach
either for 7 years or 3 and 1/2 years before Christ returns to
earth to establish the Kingdom of God on earth for a 1,000 years
as mentioned in Revelation 20.
     If you read carefully the book of Revelation and Jesus'
words in Matthew 24; Mark 13; and Luke 21; you will notice this
end time power has much of the world DECEIVED in religious
matters, claiming Jesus is the Christ, coming in His name, and
so-deceitful that IF it was possible even the very ELECT of God
would be deceived. The book of Revelation says this power has a
"false prophet" that can work miracles. Now someone claiming to
be a "prophet from God" is NOT going to tell you that they are
"false" - a deceptive prophet, speaking and teaching UN-truths.
Of course they are not going to admit to this, they will be
telling the masses they are a true prophet from God.
     People can only be deceived in Christian religion if the
deception LOOKS and SOUNDS Biblical, and has GOOD WORKS (that are
classified by the many as indeed "Christian charitable works").

     The VAST majority of Christians out there in the world,
REALLY DO believe they are serving the Most High. Yes, they may
have "differences" in doctrine with each other, but most still
sincerely believe they are on God's side. They have the sincere
attitude that there are different pathways of doctrine but all
still lead to heaven. 
     And MOST of these Christians do read, or have read the book of
Revelation. Most certainly have had, at one time or another,
heard preached from the pulpit or in religious books and
magazines, the fact that a "mark" on the hand or in the forehead
is mentioned in the book of Revelation. Certainly most
"ministers" of any Christian denomination, have read about this
     Okay, we will take the one popular teaching today - that
some secular governments of the world (the world divided up into
10 parts) - ten in some kind of total, will be the Beast power at
the end of this age. And it is taught then that this system will
impose a physical something - a "mark" on people it reigns over.

     Now, you need to note that at this present writing (February
2008) there are over ONE BILLION Roman Catholics in the world,
that is ONE in every SIX people on earth. Then you must consider
all the Protestant churches, and also the other Christian "sects"
that are outside the popular main-stream Protestant
denominations. So all told we have a sizable number of the
earth's population, under the word "Christian."
     Stop and think. IF this "mark" is a physical something that
will be put on or under the skin of the hand or forehead on
people, imposed by this secular Beast Empire, it would be such an
obvious fulfilment of the prophecy in Revelation, you would
out-cry, a denouncing of this system, as being the end time Beast
power. Remember now this would mean the whole Roman Catholic
religion PLUS all Protestant churches and all other "Christian"
sects. AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN EVERY SIX on the face of this earth
in REVOLT, in an OUTCRY - shouting out on the street corners, on
TV and Radio news, on "short wave" radio broadcastings, in
emails, all over the Internet. 
     Just the Roman Catholic faith alone with its Pope and
Cardinals and Bishops, around the world would be SHOUTING OUT
that the "mark of the Beast, is here! The prophecy of Revelation
is upon us." It would make little difference as to the "exact"
theology of it all, the fact would be that before all the
Christian religions of the world, SOMETHING VERY MUCH LIKE what
is written in the book of Revelation, some world system, is
wanting to stamp on people, a "mark."
     At least ONE IN SIX people (and maybe millions of Muslims to
boot and other world "faiths" would admit the book of Revelation
was maybe correct on this point) on the world would be UP IN
ARMS, with the blessing of the Pope, AGAINST this secular system
stamping whatever on the hand or forehead of millions - actually

     Some kind of scenario like this, being SO OPEN, and
admitting (to most Christians anyway) to be so much a "look alike"
as in the book of Revelation, COULD NOT POSSIBLY DECEIVE the mass
population of the Christian world (and/or much of the other
religious "faiths" of the world either).
as well as millions in other "faiths." 
     The Pope is not dumb, he's not uneducated, he would
immediately tell the RC world that anti-Christ is here! So would
thousands of other Protestant minister tell their congregations
the same thing. 

     THERE WOULD BE NO DECEPTION of the masses of the population.
If I was a betting man, I'd bet that a HUGE "no religious faith"
population of the world, would say, "Well those Christians may
have something, sure enough it sounds like this is written in the
book of Revelation."

     SUCH A PHYSICAL MARK on the hand or forehead COULD NOT
POSSIBLY be brought into actual effect, for it would say to the
world, "It looks like WE ARE the end time Beast power." There
would be OPEN CIVIL WAR ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. You think the Beast
power would have sufficient physical weapons of war to fight the
"other side" who now see the open Beast for what he truly is? If
you think this, you are not watching the USA (and other nations)
trying to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan against those who see the
USA as a monster of evil. You can never win against hit-and-run -
ambush - or suicide bombers.

     Trying, by anyone, to bring in such an open mark on people,
would be so much like (whether it is in reality or not would not
be thought about) what is mentioned in the book of Revelation,
that IT COULD NOT DECEIVE very many at all!!

     NO, a dividing the world into 10 sections (as some teach)
and those ten secular civil sections trying to impose something
that is too much of a look-alike as what is mentioned in the book
of Revelation, would have no Christians deceived, and probably no
other religious faiths of the world deceived either. 

     What IS taught by Christ and the first apostles and the book
of Revelation, is that the last Beast power will be a "Christian
religion" - yes a Babylon Christian religion maybe - but a HUGE
CHRISTIAN WORLD. It will need to be so "Christ-like
sounding," so "Holy sounding," so "Godly sounding," that ONLY the
very Elect will not be deceived by its spirituality. It will have
a head figure of spiritual leadership that will, to the masses,
sound like Christ is back on earth, but he will in fact be the
very "false prophet" spoken about in the book of Revelation.
     Such a system CANNOT POSSIBLY bring in a physical "mark" on
the hand or forehead of people. For if it tried to do so, it
would immediately be signing the certificate that was proclaiming
itself the end time Beast power, and then "deception" would no
longer be deception. Such a silly move on its part would be
shooting itself in the foot if not the head.

     Some people have a real hard time in understanding the final
years of this age, as told in the prophecies of your Bible and
the book of Revelation. They have a terrible time to really "get"
the picture of the last days as told by Jesus. 
     Christ made it as clear as a sunny day without any clouds in
the sky. It will be a time of CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS DECEPTION! I
cannot say it often enough. It would be a Christian religious
deception that would be so STRONG, so DECEPTIVE, that IF, if it
was possible, EVEN the VERY ELECT would be deceived!!

     There is NO WAY such a Christian religions system could
bring in a physical "mark" on the hand or forehead of people. It
would be a "give-away" to all, that IT was the false Beast power
of the end times of this age. Trying to bring in such a physical
mark would actually be telling the world that the TWO WITNESSES
in Jerusalem (Rev.11) proclaiming the truths of God, were in fact 
the very two people saying the truth, and the Beasts power was in 
fact the evil power to come at the end of this age.
     Can you not see, the Two Witnesses shouting out to the
world, "See, there is the evil Beast power mentioned as coming in
the book of Revelation. Look the proof is they want to 'mark' you
in the hand or forehead."

     This idea that some teach as the mark of the Beast being a
physical mark in the hand or forehead is so ILLOGICAL, so
CONTRARY to what constitutes Christian DECEPTION (as only the
very elect not being deceived by it) should just make you think
you've heard one of the best jokes of the last century.

     Now, let's move on to the OTHER prophetic outlook for the
last days, as I and others teach it.

     The end time Beast power will be a clay and iron mixed
United Europe. It already has its "parliament" - borderless
countries - its Euro money - it armed forces - its weapons of
mass destruction - its rockets to send satellites into space. And
it has for the main part a Roman Catholic religion. It has great
trading power, that will enlarge more and more as time goes on. 
     When the political scene is right on the world, a situation
that will warrant the woman whore that rides this Beast, to flex
its muscles (having the secular governments under her control and
influence) and command and approve her army to strike the Western
world. It will do so in the name of Christ. It will have deceived
enough of its political figures and population, to believe she is
the very true Church of God, the vicar of Christ. She will sound
holy, talk righteously, be looked upon as the bride of Christ.
It's Pope will speak spiritually, it will have the backing of
hundreds of millions. Those people will be deceived into
believing she is the church founded by the apostle Peter, and for
the sake of the world, for the sake of the glory of Christ, as it
was in the middle ages, she is correct to fight a holy war, to
defend what she will claim is the holy way of life. She will
proclaim that most of the Roman Catholics of the USA, Canada,
Australia, and other countries, are "wayward children" that will
not tow the line that comes from Rome.
     She will justify that millions of Roman Catholics in the
USA, Canada, and elsewhere, will need to be punished and
sacrificed - the SOME for the benefit of the majority WHOLE.

     She will claim that she and her miracle working prophet are
the very true Church of God, and they are doing God's will to
bring the world under her holy religion. She and her secular
Beast Empire will teach that they have the key to peace, but some
drastic action is now needed and warranted to have that peace. In
fact it is written in the New Testament writings that people will
say before the Day of the Lord arrives, "peace, peace," - they
will believe the Beast power has indeed brought them peace. There
will be a time indeed of what looks like peace, but the Scriptures
say SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will come as the Day of the Lord unfolds
(1 Thes.5:1-4; note the peace is before the "day of the Lord comes"
I've shown in other studies that the order of last events is (1) The
Great Tribulation (2) Heavenly signs (3) Day of the Lord).

     Hundreds of millions will be deceived into a false Christian
religion, they will think they are on God's side, that THEY have
the truth, and the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem are the bad guys,
are the ones inspired and powered by Satan. This Beast power will
have it all BACKWARDS, and millions will think it is all
frontwards, and the Two Witnesses are the ones who are backwards.
The Beast power with its false prophet will teach the world that
the Two Witnesses are from the Devil, and the power they have to
kill anyone who tries to kill them, is from Satan Himself. The
whole scene will be upside down and inside out.

     Only a relatively few, the elect of God, will see the truth
of the matter. Many of them will stand up - proclaim the truth -
and shall be killed. Another part of the very elect will flee
into her place in the wilderness, as she did during the long dark
ages of the past centuries (see my study "Place of Safety").

     Remember this false Beast power with a religious image will
claim she is the representative of God, that she teaches and
proclaims the way and the laws of that God. And indeed teaches she
has brought (albeit for a short time) "peace" on earth.

     Now, if this wolf in Christian sheep clothing, would start
to put a physical mark, a microchip or whatever, onto the hand or
forehead of people it controls, because the masses would see that
"something like that" is stated in the book of Revelation (does
not matter if the theology is correct or not - they would see it
and be aghast), the game is over, people would know who the real 
bad guys are.

     They would recognize it was a sign that the evil Beast power
would do something like this. The Two Witnesses in Jerusalem,
would shout out, "See, we told you so, this is prophetic proof
that this system is the evil one, not us. This is proof that this
resurrected Holy Roman Empire is from the Devil, and that we are
from God" 

     If this Holy Roman Beast system DID such a thing as try to
impose a physical mark on the right hand or on the forehead of


     And that is NOT how it is going to be played out in the last
years of this age.

     Clearly, IF this "mark" of the Beast IS a PHYSICAL something
on the hand or forehead, then the system doing this, proclaims to
the world, THEY are the end time Beast.

     The deception at the end cannot be so OPEN, as to be seen so
easily and so quickly.

     It has to be a system of Christian religion that is so
cunning and so appealing to the masses, that only the elect
cannot be deceived - Jesus in Matthew 24 said it - it's there -
read it for yourself!

     In fact ONE of the deception it will be able to say is,
"Look we are true, we are from God, FOR we give you no mark on
the hand or forehead, so we must be on the right side. Our faith
goes back to Peter, we have the light directly from the apostle
himself. It is the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem that are from
     When they are finally able to kill those Two Witnesses, it
is written, people will rejoice, because no more does destruction
comes from their mouths (speaking the word and it is done -
destruction on those who would do them harm).

     What I've given you is down-to-earth common logic.

     The idea of a physical mark on the skin would backfire - 
whoever tried to do that en mass, will immediately to telling the
world they are the Beast of the end times, and just that alone, would
send hundreds of millions into an underground ARMY. All DECEPTION
would not even get started.

     The end times IS ABOUT RELIGIOUS DECEPTION! Satan is too
clever to openly use his end time civil/religious deception doing
something that immediately would brand his earthly Babylon Beast
as the evil power that comes from him.

     The MARK of the Beast in the hand and/or forehead is not
something physical that is attached to or put under the skin. It
can only be a symbolic way of saying (as it is used in the Old
Testament) what you BELIEVE in the mind (forehead) or what you DO
with your work and leisure (right hand).

     In the mind, it is what you believe to be true. You may be
retired from secular work, but you can still believe in your mind
that this religious Christian Beast power is from God. Then again
you may have your doubts in the mind, but you still obey in the
life you work, according to the rules of this religious/political

     Either way, you follow and worship and have the identity
sign, its mark of identity is following its system, which will be
in many ways contrary and opposed to many of the laws and
commandments of God, as the elect will know, but the others will
not know and even believe the Beast's laws are God directed.

     You need to FOLLOW your Bible, keep your nose and eyes in it
as we say. Obey the ways and commandments of God, if you do, then
you will never be deceived by a smooth spiritual sounding FALSE
Christianity, you will never come under the deception of the end
time Beast power ruled by the Babylon Whore church, who is drunk
on the blood of the saints.

    If you have not yet done so, read and study "A Woman Rides the
Beast" on this Website.


Entered on this Website February 2008 

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