“PHARMACY” - “FORNICATION”  and book of 


You think that God must always be 100 percent "consistent" in how and when he uses “words”?

Oh,  do  not  count  on  100  percent  consistency  with  words  and  even  other  things.  Most,  that  is  most,  of  the  time,  days  are  from  evening  to  evening,  but  now  and  again  God  throws  in,  without  warning,  that  an  evening  belongs  to  the  day  light  just  gone.  Roman/other nations time. That  truth  is  in  connection  with  the  Passover,  and  Atonement; the  appearance  of  Jesus  after  his  resurrection---- well  it's  in  some  studies  of  mine, on those subjects.  Sometimes  the  NT writers  used  Roman  time  and  do  not  give  you  any  warning.... so  God  does  throw  in  exceptions  at  times,  within  the  norm;  just  keeps  you  on  your  toes  as  we say.

Now  the  word  "fornication" in  the  NT  is  # 4202 from 4204 and # 4203 also from 4204.  It's all sexual immorality. See  them  in  Strong's Concordance of ther Bible.

Next, a word that is used concerning sin, does NOT have to be connected with any other word around it in the same sentence. So in Revelation words used a number of times in the same verses, do not have to be somehow “connected” to each other, for as some may say, a deeper, hidden meaning.  People will be into [when Revelation is fulfilled] sexual sins of all kinds, and will not repent.

Next in Revelation the Greek words used for "sorcery" are  5331, 5332,  5333  in  Strong's Con.  They  are  all  basically  connected---- see  what  Strong  has  to  say  on  them.  

Now  see  what  Thayer's Greek/English Lexicon has to stay on those three words.

Think we should have the answer.

We could well be looking at, when in years to come when Revelation is fulfilled, a number of sins people will be into.

They could be into using substances [call them dugs  or  whatever] - many drug type substances for "getting high"---- marijuana [cannabis]  is going to be legal in Canada this year [2018]; more and more and more countries are legalizing it for recreational us.  But we also have fentanel [however it is spelt], heroin, and on it goes. When things get REAL bad in a world blowing itself up, people will no doubt turn even more to these kinds of "make me feel good" drugs. Then there will be a rise in sorcery stuff, magic art stuff. The false prophet will be working miracles, so many will delve into black magic, and the like--- like, "Well if he does it I'll see if I can do it also - miracles." It will be a whole new culture then, we forget this when thinking about the actual fulfilment of the book of Revelation; it will be a world  gone mad, crazy, insane, it's a time of trouble like no other EVER. Now meditate on that, WW2 will seem like a picnic on a sunny day in the park by comparison.

Morals are already in the toilet, but it will be more so in those days, Many will say come let us live it up now, in every way, sex, sex, sex, drugs, drugs, drugs, for tomorrow we may be dead.

It will be a time, when the demons will be in frenzy, people influenced by, even possessed by them. Satan inside the false prophet.... it is hard to really imagine how horrible it will be, from a true Christian looking at it all. Of course those under the false prophet will think it's great, and all from God to rule the world with their religion. But a huge part of the world will just be doing their own thing--- immoral in many ways, immoral sexually, immoral with use of drugs, immoral with magic art and sorcery. A world that has gone crazy mad, and if Jesus did not come, as he said, NO FLESH WOULD BE SAVED ALIVE---- the world would blow itself into extinction.

These verses in Revelation with "Pharma" etc. in them, words next to "fornication" have NOTHING at all to do with "birth control" substances, of  various  kinds, as SOME Roman Catholics would like to claim to uphold their "no birth control" doctrine.