The arguments from Romans and Galatians has been used for 50 or more years ago. Nothing new here.

Some prophecies are dual and can be used either way....I say some. Paul used Abraham in a spiritual way, in  the  book  of  Romans.

Do you really think Paul did not know where the peoples of the house of Israel were in his day. Sure he did, just

as Josephus the Jewish historian living at the same time as Paul said and wrote...... north and a vast multitude.

Some of the books of the Apocrypha are more history books, they say the same thing. 

Many Jews like the Christain man Edersheim  also admitted the 10 tribes never returned but were out there still. 

Any religious scholar of the Jews worth his salt knows the 10 tribes never returned en mass to the holy land. have JEWS working with the organization. Some Jews also AGREE and say Britain and USA are Joseph Israel.

Paul proved he knew there was a difference between physical Israel and spiritual Israel, in his discourse in Roamns.

"Neither, because they are the SEED of Abraham, are they the CHILDREN of Abraham: but in ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED." Rom.9:7.

SEED Paul knew was NOT  CHILDREN.....Here he was making it very clear that he was using CHILDREN in a DIFFERENT way than using SEED, physical seed.

And he was inspired to say, "in ISAAC shall they SEED by called." - Romans 9:7.

ISAAC.....sons .... SAAC  sons.... all fits.

The arguments by using the NT do not nullify the physical seed prophecies of Genesis.

Now before you think I'm stretching Paul..... you need to study the study on my website "How Paul used the Old Testament" is very revealing indeed, some  will  find  it  shocking, it could be under "History" or "How we got the Bible" sections.  So in Romans Paul proves HOW he was using "children" as I've just shown you.  Spiritual children NOT seed children. Children in FAITH not FLESH AND BLOOD children

James ".....TO THE TWELVE TRIBES WHICH ARE SCATTERED ABROAD, GREETINGS."   The apostles knew the 12 tribes were out there, they had not died off, and they were abroad.....some far away.

Under my history section you should find the book by a PhD fellow who went abroad near and far and wrote his book on the 12 apostles and where they went; Jesus had told them to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He admits that most of the 12 apostles we never hear from or about after Acts 2.....and because they were gone. He set off to find where they went.....the man was a Protestant, and did not claim to be a BI [British Israel] guy at all. He just set about researching where the other apostles went.

There is a difference between just not having the blindness removed when reading Genesis, and one who has at one time seen the prophecies laid out

before them, can and should see them fulfilled before their eyes right in the  for someone to say they no longer see that, I  find  incredible  and  sad.

IN GALATIANS Paul uses "seed" to bring out a SPIRITUAL point that through the Seed SINGULAR, the spiritual promises would be fulfilled; the context Paul is writing in is a SPECIFIC SPIRITUAL context, that indeed would come through Christ. Again everyone needs to study the study "How Paul used the Old Testament" and be ready for some surprises, some verses indeed can have more than one meaning, but whole chapters like Gen.48 and 49 and Deut. 33 from Moses, mean what they say and say what they mean concerning the 13 tribes of Israel.


The book of Galatians does NOT "do away with" the prophecies of Genesis. Paul uses a PART of the promise to Abraham to teach the NEW COVENANT SPIRITUAL MESSAGE....... Paul does not come anywhere close  to doing away with Genesis 35:9-11 and  Genesis 48 and 49. To try and say Gen. 48 and 49 is "done away" by Paul is the most silly, dumb, stupid, theology from planet Pluto..... AND THE ARGUMENTS FROM ROMANS AND GALATIANS I HEARD 50 YEARS AGO!!  THERE IS TRULY NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. To say Paul in his writings and teaching "abolished" Genesis 35 and 48 and 49 and Deut 33 by Moses, is SILLY and ASININE theology. To say the "world" fulfills these prophecies is also just as ASININE theology.