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Passover/Atonement Counting of Days

God's "norm" and Roman "way"


                         AND THE DAY OF ATONEMENT

I've mentioned the somewhat strange counting of the Feast of
Atonement as found in Lev.23:32.
It is the 9th day, yet in verse 27 it is the 10th day of the 7th

A little confusing? It may be. In the previous study on proving
if Passover is 7 or 8 days I commented some on this seeming

The NORM is that God starts days from evening to evening as we
see in Genesis chapter one. But there are times when God inspires
writers to use what to us has come to be known as the Roman way
to start and end days, from midnight to midnight.

When we understand this then all what might seem to be
contradictory is cleared up.

The evening of the 9th day is indeed the evening that follows the
day light portion of the 9th day. And can so be called, in the
Roman way of counting days, the evening of the 9th day. At the
same time, in the norm of how God counts days, from evening to
evening, it is the start of the 10th day in this 7th month.

Within a relatively short passage of Scripture, God uses BOTH
ways to count days. He uses His way, hence the 10th day, and He
uses the Roman way, hence the feast of Atonement begins on the
evening of the 9th day, which is also the start of the 10th day
as we view it from the counting of days as found in Genesis
chapter one.

Keith Hunt 

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