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Sarah Palin's Path!

The Tight-Rope Walking

                            SARAH PALIN'S PATH

I watched the TV "20/20" program and interview last night
(September 12th 2008) with Sarah Palin.

The Republican Party is the "religious" party of USA politics.

The interviewer was discrete in making sure the questions had "no
religion" as phrased to her. Then on the other hand Palin was
just as savvy in making sure her answers had no "the Bible says"
or "my Christian background answers....." or "This is my answer
as a fundamental Christian."

She put to rest some "controversy" over her past doings, or
supposed past doings. How certain people in the media or ones
using the various media sources can get things mixed up or out of
focus, is a wonder all by itself. There is this "book banning"
she is supposed to have done at some point in her past life.
Palin answered saying it was all nonsense, that she has never
banned one single book. She said some people put up on the
Internet a list of the books she was said to have banned, "Harry
Potter" one of them, and with a smile said that book was not even
written or published at the time she was claimed to have been
banning books.

It is amazing how some people can get things mixed up and out of
the truth of the matter. Palin explained all that ever came up
was how they might deal with the situation of a "parent" voicing
concern over certain books in the school library.

Sarah Palin gave her "personal opinion" on matters like ABORTION,

She was politically savvy enough to answer by keeping "God" or
"the Bible" out of it all. The questions were carefully put also,
like the one on Homosexuality. The question was what would she
answer to the argument that homosexuality is "genetic."  She said
she would not judge anyone on that debate.

She gave her personal opinion on Abortion and Stem Cell research,
which she was again savvy enough to say that personal opinions
can differ from the general stance of the overall political

Her stand on ABORTION is that it should be allowed only where the
mother's life is at risk. This is the teaching of the Bible and
abortion is not allowed by God for incest or rape, as is the
stand of John McCain.

Her answer on stem cell research is correct - human life should
not be formed only to destroy it. There are other forms of stem
cell science.

As some "interview examiners" said afterwards, Palin is no doubt
being "coached" behind closed doors on answering interviewer
questions. Politics is a game, a skill, that many "newer" ones on
the big ticket game, have to learn how and when to answer
questions from the media to personal interview programs.

Politicians learn how to push the envelope as we say, when to
push, when to back off, when to change their stand, how to use
what is "within the law" without looking at the "spirit" - it's
all a part of knowing and being on top of the mind-set of the
population they lead or govern. So it was with that 200 million
dollar bridge to "nowhere" that the Alaskan Governor Palin pushed
for and was so enthusiastic about at first ... UNTIL the powers
higher up in Washington pulled the plug on it, then it was an
about face for her and a get on the band-wagon to "not build the
bridge to nowhere." Then again the money still came to Alaska,
for whatever .... all nice and legal or within the letter of the
law. Hummm, then we were given a shot of the hard-top 40 mile or
so road built with some of that money, that is also out to
nowhere per se; as the interview said, you can only see it from a

Well, so is the inner workings of an often dirty, dog eat dog, do
what is politically correct at the time, to keep you in favor
with at least the majority of the people (so you'll stay in power
and leadership), that is the political world. It is a skill of
knowing WHEN and HOW and WHY of it all. Oh, I'm not saying that
politicians are not SINCERE, they are in the main I would hope,
at least sincere, though it is also a fact of life that many have
not even been sincere. And we certainly know from experience that
most of the population understands that half the promises made by
politicians are NEVER implemented. In other words FEW can be
really TRUSTED, even if some of them do go under the banner of

Sarah Palin gave an interview that coming from a personal
Christian faith and a political party that has always been the
party of the "fundamental Christian" was a witness to the skill
of tight-roping artist, who must somehow keep her personal faith
outside of the picture, yet in the picture (as all today can know
the life of political figures as never before), but NOT OFFEND
those who may differ, or be OFFENDED by her beliefs on certain
issues as would arise from a fundamental Christian background.

I was sad to hear her reply (though not surprised for that is the
relpy politicians give today) to the question as to whether she
was qualified to run and lead the nation. She said she had no second
thoughts about accepting McCain's request that she be his Vice-
President mate. She frankly and openly said she was up to the job
of leading the nation. It was a reply of full confidence in her
abilities. She did not add anything like "With God's help."
Such is politics today in North America, or in any part of the 
Western world for that matter, in the nations that make up
modern Israel. It is FAR from the days of Solomon who found he 
was to lead Israel. What would the nation ever think of a leader
saying what Solomon said. How would the nation have acted and 
answered if Sarah Palin had replied to the question of if she was
qualified to lead the nation, as Solomon said. After all Palin
claims as did Solomon, that she is a child of God. Solomon said:

"And now, O Lord my God, you have made your servant king instead 
of David my father; and I AM BUT A CHILD: I KNOW NOT HOW TO GO OR
TO COME IN. And your servant is in the midst of thy people, that 
cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude. GIVE therefore thy 

It is to the HUMBLE that God will look, to those of a contrite heart,
to those who do not see themselves as some "super mom" or "super-woman" 
or "super-man" - but to those with humility and who do not look at 
themselves above what they are; to such will God look and walk with
(Isaiah 66:1-2; Galatians 6:3). 

My oh my, what an attitude had Solomon on his call to lead God's 
people. Politicians today, even with a religious faith, would be 
LAUGHED at and SCORNED, made to look like weak-kneed panzies, silly
nerds, if they answered the call to leadership as Solomon prayed.
And that is a sad commentary on a land and people that still claim
to have a "form of godliness" but in reality deny the POWER thereof.

What did God think of Solomon's answer? 

"And the speech PLEASED the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing"
(1 Kings 3:7-10).

In the world today, and in the world of the Western society as it
has now become over the last 30 years, it truly would be just
about IMPOSSIBLE for a TRUE Christian to EVER be able to lead a
nation BACK to wanting to serve God with its whole heart and mind
and life. The nation as a people, would have to DESIRE it, have
to admit its sins, its ways of life that have been implemented
over decades, and are SINS condemned by the Lord as GREAT

What would it take to bring a nation back to its position with
God as it was 100 years ago, at least in the heart attitude of
100 years ago? As I muse over this question, I ponder it would
take something like a DOZEN 9 11 happening at the same time, a
people, from the top officials down to the average person on the
street, being so HUMBLED, so depleted of anything that is of the
human heart of ego and vanity, so FULLY READY to let God talk to
them, to be ready to let the TRUE SERVANTS of the Lord SHOUT from
the TV and Radio signals around the nation, the TRUTHS of the
Eternal God as given in His word the Bible. It would take
something like a dozen 9 11 towers falling to the ground and
killing tens of thousands, to get our attention to the point we
would be WILLING TO LISTEN to the true servants of the Lord.
Maybe something of that magnitude or a dozen Ike hurricanes (now
slamming into Texas as I write) to get the people willing to see
what God teaches on life and abortion, homosexuality and same sex
marriage, on Sabbath breaking, our over-indulgence of sports and
entertainment, our false teachings in our schools like evolution,
our evil sick-coms on prime time TV, and so on as to our HUGE
SINS that have been a part of our daily living now for decades.

Alas, looking through the prophetic word of the Lord, it is clear
to see there is NO PERSON today who can stand in the gap, who can
TURN OUR HEARTS back to truly serving our God in spirit and in
truth. No Republican Party can do it, no Democratic Party can do
it. There is just not the leaders in any political party to lead
us back to the solid rock that is in Christ Jesus. From the human
emotions of it all, I could wish that a religious political party
such as the Republicans, would have the Christian leaders to take
us on the road back to DEEP REPENTANCE and walking in the truths
of the Bible, but that is simply human emotions. I would wish to
see it, for then we as a people would not have to DIE! The Lord
calls out to us in the book of Ezekiel, that He has no pleasure
in the death of the wicked; He wants us to turn from our
wickedness and LIVE! He cries out to us: WHY WILL YOU DIE O HOUSE


Written September 13th 2008  

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