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Fruit-Nut Prophets

Sure enough they are still out there!



                                Keith Hunt

     If you are one of those people who listen to the  religious 
radio broadcasts, or subscribe to prophecy end-time magazines,
you will be very familiar with some of the latest  prophets  out

     There is this one guy who has written a whole thick book on
end time prophecy of the Bible, well he says it's from the Bible.
And would you believe in all the details that make up his book,
he predicts the end of the age GREAT TRIBULATION will START in
this year of 2008. I'm writing this in May 2008.

     There are probably others who are telling you if the Great
end-time Tribulation is not coming this year of 2008, it will
come before the year 2010 is finish with.

     Such prophets have been around for centuries here and there.
There is no lack of them today it would seem.

     I can tell you will FULL DOGMATIC CONFIDENCE that such
prophets are FALSE prophets. They do NOT understand Bible
prophecy, and they will (like the group of false prophets in the
1980s that predicted 1988 was the year this age was coming to an 
end), be made out to look foolish and finally disappear into the 
sunset together with their books.

     You need to understand the prophets of your Bible and the
prophecies that God gives us to understand and watch for them to
develop. You will find the truth of the matter on Bible prophecy
on this Website. And the truth is the Great Tribulation will NOT
take place in 2008, not even in this decade.

Entered on this Website May 2008

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