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God's Numbers #5

The Eternal is a Mathematician

                           Part 5



     Don Kistler claims he is only the scribe for this book, that
the real author is the Almighty Eternal God of heaven.  Kistler
is a Christian Jew. He was given this revelation while fasting
and praying in the church building, away from his family for NINE
months. How many of us have ever undertaken to separate ourselves
from everyone and pray and fast over such a period of time?  Who
knows what the Lord could reveal to us during a period of time as
that which Don spent in that church building!  It is stated that
the Glory of God was so tremendous that most of the time he was
prostrate on the floor with a cloth over his head, not seeing
what was being written for many hours at the time.
     The revelation uses numbers as the unchanging language of
God. For centuries many scholars have felt NUMBERS to be the key
in opening the deep truths in the Scriptures. Words and their
meanings can and often do change, but numbers never change...Four
is always four and never anything different.....For example, 40
always means trials and tribulation....Jesus spent 40 days in the
wilderness.....During the flood it rained 40 days and nights.
     This study concerns the number "five."  It is used by God
for "grace."  Get ready to be AWED and INSPIRED at the same time.
     Don Kistler, the scribe, writes:

     " The natural man, represented by FOUR and in a lost state,
stands in need of God's grace.  So the next number, Five, stands
for grace.........
     The word "Grace" occurs FIVE times in Romans 11:5,6,  while
the word "Work" is found only FOUR times.....The natural man, who
is represented by the number FOUR , depends on his WORKS for
salvation. The Children of God depend upon GRACE, which is
represented by the number FIVE.  The word "grace" a;so occurs
FIVE times in Exodus 33:12-17......In the 32nd and 33rd chapters
of Exodus, grace was revealed after the Law had been broken, and
here the word "grace" appears five times in our Lord's
conversation with Moses.....It is found in Exodus 33:12, the
second and third times in Exodus 33:13, the fourth in Exodus
33:16, and the fifth in Exodus 33:17.  Five things are connected
with grace. In Genesis 32:5, Jacob said to Esau........
     The FIFTH time the name of Noah appears is where it is said
that, "Noah found GRACE in the eyes of the Lord" (Gen.6:8).
     The name of Ruth is found the FIFTH time in Ruth 2:2,
".......after him whose sight I shall find grace......"
     The name Boaz occurs the FIFTH time....."Then she fell on
her face.....and said unto him, Why have I found GRACE in your
eyes......" (See Ruth 2:8-10).
     The FIFTH time the name of David is found is in 1 Samuel
     The FIFTH time the word "God" is found in the book of
Ephesians it is connected with "Grace."  (Eph.2:4,5).  The FIFTH
time the word "Grace" occurs is in Ephesians 2:8, "For by GRACE
are you SAVED through FAITH......"
     Paul prayed to the Lord THREE times for the thorn to depart
out of his flesh. God said to him, "My GRACE is sufficient for
you."  In this statement there are FIVE GREEK WORDS......Paul
prayed THREE times for the Lord to take away the thorn from his
flesh. The Lord gave GRACE instead and permitted the thorn to
remain while Paul was in the flesh. When Paul comes out of the
GRACE at the RESURRECTION, which is represented by the number
THREE and by the three times he prayed concerning this
thing, then the thorn will have been removed........
     John 1:17 states, "grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." 
Isaiah mentions FIVE things Christ would be called, "his name
shall be called (1) Wonderful, (2) Counsellor, (3) The Mighty
God, (4) The Everlasting Father, (5) The Prince of Peace"
     Jesus descended from Noah through Shem (Gen.11:10-26, Luke
3:23-36).  Shem had FIVE sons, "the children of Shem are Elam,
Asshur, Arphaxed, Lud and Aram."  The name ARPHAXED is the THIRD
in the list and Jesus came through the line of Arphaxed.  So in
this verse, there is PICTURED the GRACE and the RESURRECTION this
is in Jesus (3 = resurrection, 5 = grace).
     It is evident that our Lord sprang out of the tribe of Judah
(Heb.7:14).  Judah also had FIVE sons, "And the sons of Judah;
Er, and Onan, and Shelah, and Pharez and Zerah: BUT Er and Onin
DIED in the land of Canaan" (Gen.46:12).  Neither Er nor Onin
left any children.  This left only THREE to carry the seed of
Judah.  In the FIVE sons this is the number for grace.  The TWO
that died show DEATH and SEPARATION, as seen(in previous
chapters) the number TWO which is SEPARATION or DIVISION.  In the
THREE that were left you'll see it stands for RESURRECTION.  All
these things are connected with the work of Jesus who came from
the tribe of Judah.

SYSTEM which was designed before the dawn of creation......You
can't compare the mind of man with God's WISDOM and POWER !  It's
no wonder paul exclaimed, "O the depth of riches both of the
wisdom and knowledge of God!" (Rom.11:33).  Where in all the
writings of man can anything be found to compare with

     Bible?  ABSOLUTELY!  In genesis 15:18 we read........Notice
the word "river" is found THREE times. Three is the number for
RESURRECTION, and is still further proof that the resurrection of
the saved must take place before the seed of Abraham enters into
the possession of Canaan, under the Abrahamic covenant.  In this
place the name of Abraham occurs the 42nd time. The number 42 is
connected with the coming of Jesus.  The THIRD beatitude is,
"Blessed are the meek for they shall INHERIT the EARTH"
(Mat.5:5).  This AGAIN connects the INHERITANCE of the EARTH by
the saints with the RESURRECTION NUMBER THREE.
     In Numbers 3:46-48, number FIVE is found in connection with
REDEMPTION......The FIVE sheckels of money paid picture the
richness of God's GRACE according to which we are redeemed.
     When David went out in FAITH to meet the giant, he took FIVE
smooth stones out of the brook (1 Sam.17:40).  This represents
the GRACE through which the child of God overcomes the world.
     In Romans 8:28-30, we find 91) Foreknowledge, (2)
Predestination, (3) Calling, (4) Justification, (5)
Glorification,  connected with God's purpose concerning His

     The brazen altar in the Court of the tabernacle was FIVE
cubits long, FIVE cubits wide, and it had FIVE vessels connected
with it (Exodus 27:1-3).  The COURT which was FIVE cubits high,
"The LENGTH of the court shall be a HUNDRED cubits, and the
BREADTH  FIFTY every where, and the HEIGHT  FIVE cubits of fine
twined linen" (Ex.27:18).  Grace shuts in the believer on every
     (Note: Five into one hundred = 20.  The number 20 Kistler
shows represents REDEMPTION.  Five into fifty = 10.  The number
ten as Don Kistler shows represent LAW.  Five = grace.  Indeed we
are REDEEMED from the LAW'S curse of death by GRACE - Keith

     .......In Galatians 4:22 and 23, it is stated, "the one by a
bond maid, the other by a free woman. But he who was of the
bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the free woman by
promise."  Then in Galatians 4:28, we read, "Now you, brethren,
as Isaac was, are the children of the promise."   And Ishmael,
the bondwoman's son, was circumcised when 13 years old
(Gen.17:25).  In Gen.21:4, we find that Isaac was circumcised
when 8 days old.  Now the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the one after the
flesh and the child of promise is one under the law and one under

     (Note:  Did you understand what Don was saying in his last
illustration?  Concerning NUMBERS, the difference between 13 and
8 = 5.  The children of the promise as Isaac was, which the
children of God are, comes under the number FIVE, the difference
between those of the flesh and those of the promise - Keith

     As you study more of the Arithmetic of God the more you see
as to how all the numbers inter-relate to each other, just like a
jig-saw puzzle, which in the end form a complete and whole and
beautiful PICTURE of the PLAN and the PURPOSE that the infinite
mind of God is working out here below with mankind.

     More to come at a later time.  This was compiled by Keith
Hunt, December 1997.

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