Keith Hunt - Bible Story, NT - Chapter One hundred-thirty- seven: The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #8   Restitution of All Things
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New Testament Bible

Chapter One hundred-thirty-seven:

The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #8

                             THE NEW TESTAMENT

                                BIBLE STORY

                     Chapter One hundred-thirty-seven

                     The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #8

                            Chapters 11 and 12


     Chapter 11 and 12 are INSET chapters. They go back and tell
us the story of the last 42 months of this age, the two witness
in Jerusalem preaching the truths of God, during the time when
Jerusalem shall be under the Gentile Beast power. And in chapter
12 we have the MAIN outline of the true Church of God from way
back in Jacob and Joseph's time, to the last time of "time"
(singular) "times" (plural) and "half a time" - 42 months or 1260

     This first verse some have used to try and prove that in the
end times the Jews will build a Temple in Jerusalem, and start
again to offer animal sacrifices. First, this teaching is based
on a few Scriptures in the Bible that have not be understood
correctly. Second, the fact is the Dome of the Rock would have to
be removed, and this the Islamic people would never allow. Third,
the animal-rights people would be up in arms and would probably
burn down such a physical Temple, as quickly as it went up.

     The old Bible Commentator Albert Barnes in his "Notes on the
New Testament" gives the truth of the matter.


"The measuring of the temple, verses 1,2. A reed, or measuring
stick, is given to John, and is directed to arise and measure the
temple. This direction embraces two parts: (a) he was to measure,
that is, to take an exact estimate of the temple, of the altar,
and of the true worshippers; (b) he was carefully to separate
this, in his estimate, from the outward court, which was to be
left out and to be given to the Gentiles, to be trodden under
foot, forty-two months, that is, three years and a half, or
twelve hundred and sixty days - a period celebrated in the book
of Daniel as well as in this book......
RISE AND MEASURE THE TEMPLE OF GOD. That is, ascertain its true
dimensions with the reed in your hand. Of course this could not
be understood of the LITERAL temple - whether standing or not -
for the exact measure of that was sufficiently known. 

(and if literal with some literal temple in Jerusalem at the last
time, then according to this, John was to literally measure the
people as well. Can you imagine someone going about literally
measuring people inside the temple, as well as the temple itself
- a little bit or big bit, crazy thinking I would say - Keith

The word, then, must be used of something which the temple would
denote or represent, and this would properly be the church, as
considered as the abode of God on earth. Under the old
dispensation, the Temple at Jerusalem was that abode; under the
new, that particular residence was transferred to the Church  and
God is represented as dwelling in it.... Thus the word is
undoubtedly used here, and the simple meaning that he who is thus
addressed is directed to take an accurate estimate of the true
church of God....If the direction be understood figuratively, as
applicable to the Christian church, the work to be done would be
to obtain an exact estimate or measurement of what the true
church was - as distinguished from all other bodies of men....
the court proper....There is undoubtedly reference here to the
"court of the Gentiles" as it was called among the Jews - the
outer court of the Temple to which the Gentiles has access....In
forming an estimate of those who, according to the Hebrew
notions, were true worshippers of God, only those who would be
regarded as such, who had the privilege of access to the inner
court, and to the altar.....those who had no nearer access than
that court (the court of the Gentiles), would be omitted; that
is, they would not be reckoned as necessarily any part of those
who were regarded as the people of God.....
FOR IT IS GIVEN TO THE GENTILES. It properly appertains to them
as their own,. Though near the temple, and included in the
general range of building, yet it does not pertain to those who
worship there, but to those who are regarded as heathen and
strangers....They occupied it, not as the people of God, but as
those who were WITHOUT the true church, and who did not appertain
to its real communion..... AND THE HOLY CITY. The whole holy city
- not merely the outer court of the Gentiles which is said to be
given to them, nor the Temple as such, but the ENTIRE holy city.
There is no doubt that the words "holy city" LITERALLY refers to

End Quote

     Indeed, the first verse is setting aside the true people of
God at the OUTSET of the "forty two months" (verse 2), when the
holy city will be under the control and direction of the Gentile
Beast power. It will NOT CONTROL the people of God. They shall
REMAIN FAITHFUL to the faith once delivered to the saints, even
if some of them must die for their faith. Such it has always been
when religious persecutions came over the centuries past, and so
it must be again, as we shall see in chapter 12.
     God's people will be accurately ascertained, measured
according to the Holy Temple they are as the body of Christ. The
Gentiles cannot rule over them so as to make them give up their
faith of Jesus and obedience to the commandments of God (see

     It is given for the Gentiles to rule the literal city of
God, Jerusalem, for the last 42 months of this age or 1260 days.
During that time, the Lord will have TWO witnesses LIVING and
PREACHING in Jerusalem. They are of old represented by the two
olive trees and the two candle sticks standing before God in
heaven. They have been there all along (from the distant past of
time) - see also Zechariah 4:3. We have seen in the letters of
Paul that God knew His plan for mankind before the earth came
into being. Jesus we saw had been called to do His salvation work
on this earth, before man was created, before the foundations of
the earth.  See 1 Peter 1:18-20 for that truth.
     The two olive trees and the two candlesticks in heaven have
pointed to the two witness that would come to Jerusalem, during
the last 42 months of this age (verses 1-4).

     Now, notice the POWER these two witnesses will have. If
anyone tries to kill them, they will say the word and fire will
destroy their enemies. They will have the power to shut up heaven
so that it does not rain during the time of their prophecy and
preaching. They will have power over waters to turn them to
blood, and to smite the earth with plagues, as often as they see
necessary (verses 5,6).
     All this going on in the hands of the two final open to the
world witnesses, as well as that which pertains to the opening of
the 6 seals we have been seeing. This last 42 months of history
for this age, will make any of the science-fiction movies of
Hollywood seem like Walt Disney cartoons.

     When they shall have finished their work God sets before
them, the Beast power (with the man "beast" - military leader,
and the "false prophet" religious leader) of Europe will be
allowed to kill them. Their dead bodies will lay in the street of
Jerusalem, where our Lord was crucified (verses 7-8). Their
bodies will lay there for three and one half days, just so the
world can see them dead in the street (verse 9).
     Look at verse 9 and 10! The DECEPTION the world will be in,
well nothing, will compare to it. You think we have great
deception today with Islam, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and
whatever else the world is deceived into following. The deception
in the last 42 months leading up to Christ's return, will be
WILD, just unmatched. You will have the two witnesses proclaiming
the truths of God, and performing GREAT MIRACLES, and when they
are finally killed, the people of the earth will REJOICE, make
merry, and SEND GIFTS to each other, because the torment they
plagued people with shall be over. 
     You talk about deception! This is the DEPTH of Satan's
deception. I suppose the "false prophet" will have deceived the
world into believing the Lord's two end-time witnesses to truth
and righteousness, will be from Satan, while he is from God.
Remember Revelations says the false prophet is able to work
miracles. The world will be TWISTED up-side-down. They will have
it all backwards. The religious power of the West will have
people believing the true saints of God are the heretics and from
Satan, while the religious/political Beast power is from God.

     After three and one half days the two witnesses will be
raised up back to life again (verse 11) and yes, I guess great
fear will come on them that see it all happen.
     Do not make the mistake of supposing that Jesus will come
AFTER three days and a half that the two witnesses are laying
dead in the street of Jerusalem. Do not make the mistake of
thinking the RESURRECTION to immortality takes place when the two
witnesses are raised up back to life. The verse DOES NOT SAY
THAT! Thy witnesses will have the Spirit of life in them, but the
Lord Jesus does not say it is immortal glorified life. So it
could be that the two witnesses will be raised back to flesh and
blood life ONLY. Yes, a voice does shout out for them to come up
to heaven, and they do, while their enemies behold it all. But
again, this may only be a physical miracle raising them into the
FIRST heaven only and carrying them away to where only the Lord
     The last verses of the book of Daniel give us MORE than 1260
days. Daniel will STAND (be resurrected) at the END "of the days"
mentioned in verse 12 of chapter 12.
     Be careful RIGHT TO THE END to not set dates! Jesus taught
us that NO ONE, not even He Himself, knows the DAY or HOUR of his
return to this planet earth.

     At the same hour of these two witnesses being raised to
life, there will be a GREAT earthquake, and the tenth part of the
city fell (Jerusalem that is), and in that earthquake were slain
7,000 persons, and finally SOME gave glory to God.

     We have come in verse 14 in the story flow, to the FINISH of

     Our story flow continues with verse 15 to 19. It is the

     This is the long awaited for, SEVENTH AND LAST TRUMPET!  The
long waited gloriously LAST TRUMPET, when the Kingdom of God is
to come to this earth, when Jesus is to return and the kingdoms
of this world shall become the KINGDOMS of our Lord, and of His
Christ, and shall REIGN for ever and ever (verse 15).
     The 24 elders before the throne of God, got up from their
seats and "fell upon their faces, worshipping God; and saying:
'We give thanks, O Lord God Almighty, who is, and was, and is to
come; because you have used Your great power and has reigned. The
nations were angry, and Your wrath has come; and the time of the
dead that they should be judged, and that You should reward Your
servants and prophets, and those who fear Your name, small and
great; and should destroy those who are destroying the earth'"
(verses 16-18).
     It is the time for the resurrection of the saints, the
children of God. The judgment and rewards given to the
resurrected sons and daughters of God are really the one and same
thing. I ask the reader to see my study called "The Truth about
Judgment Day." The Lord Jesus will come to make war and punish
those who are destroying the earth. This is the time when what
Paul wrote in 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10 will come to pass. You may
want to see that section again in this NT Bible Story.
     At this time the Temple of God was opened in heaven, and
there was seen in the Temple the ark of His testament: and there
were lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and
great hail (verse 19).
     A mighty heavenly miracle taking place here, the wording
suggests that the opening of the Temple of God in heaven could be
seen by those on earth. That would indeed be a revealing and a

     We need to remember that this section of the Revelation, is
within the "story flow" but at the same time it is only an
"overview" of the LAST trumpet. The revelation of Jesus will in
coming passages, give us the full details of all that will happen
when this SEVENTH trumpet or THIRD woe takes place.


     A "woman" in prophecy can and often does, represent "a
church" (see chapter 19:7,8). Here in verse one, we are taken
back to Genesis 37:9-11. The time of Joseph, his brothers and his
mother and his father Jacob. That, for whatever reason is chosen
by God to start us into the history of the true "people of God"
or the woman Church of God (the true church from all ages is the
BRIDE of Christ when the wedding feast will take place - again
"woman" representing the bride church of Christ - Revelation
     The true church is with child, a VERY SPECIAL child indeed.
Then appears a great red dragon (interpreted for us in verse 9 -
the Devil or Satan), having seven heads and ten horns, and seven
crowns upon his head (explained in studies called "The Beasts of
Revelation"). Briefly, it is the seven Holy Roman Empires (one
more yet to come) and the 10 horns are the last 10 nation kings
to give their power and voice to the last (the 7th resurrection
of the Holy Roman Empire) "beast" man - political/military
leader, who will try to fight Christ at His coming - see
Revelation 17:12-15.
     Satan the Devil in history past, drew a third of the "stars"
(representing angels) with him in his battle against God, which
took place sometime BEFORE what we read of in Genesis chapter
one. Those are inset words to clarify who this "red dragon" is.
Now we are brought to the historic time of the Devil dragon
standing before the woman Church of God, who was to give birth to
the special man child, and the dragon was ready to devour that
child as soon as it was born. This is the time of Christ's birth
to the woman Mary, who was a member of the woman true church. The
man child Jesus was born, the One who is to rule all nations with
a rod of iron (verses 3-5). 
     There can be no mistaking the meaning of all this. Satan had
all the children two years and under killed at the time of Jesus'
birth, in an attempt to kill the child Jesus. You'll remember
that from the Gospel story.

     The child was caught up to God, and His throne (verse 5b).
We are brought forward to the resurrected Christ and Him
ascending to heaven to sit on the Father's right hand, and be our
interceding High Priest (the book of Hebrews covers that
important truth).

     The woman true church, flees into the "wilderness" where she
has a "place" (singular - will explain why I give emphasis to
that in a moment) prepared for her by God, who will feed her in
safety, for 1260 days or day for a year = 1260 years. This was
fulfilled from the year 554 A.D. to 1814 A.D. That period of time
as covered in secular church history books (certainly the one I
have) was when the false woman church, ruled by Satan, the Holy
Roman Catholic church of the resurrected Holy Roman Empire, RULED
with MIGHT and dictatorial POWER. Again all explained in my
in-depth studies called "The Beasts of Revelation."
     Now why do I give emphasis to "place" - singular. It is
because some in these days of the last decades of the 20th
century and the first decades of the 21st century, tell you that
the part of God's people who will find "protection" from death
and the Beast power, will find protection in ONE specific
location on this earth. They believe that somehow all God's true
children will be all taken to ONE specific place on earth (they
may not know where exactly, although some think they do) during
and for the whole 42 months period. They claim this because in
verse 14 of this chapter, the singular "place" is used for
protection of some of the people of God for 42 months, or time,
times, and half a time.
     BUT.....we have seen the SINGULAR "place" is used in verse
6. And verse 6 in the story flow of this history of the true
church was 1260 years from 554 - 1844 A.D. And the facts of
church history prove without a doubt that God's true people WERE
**NOT** in just ONE location for all that length of time. 
     When the Roman Catholic church was reigning supreme during
that time period, God's people were in the wilderness of the
hills, the valleys, the mountains, ALL OVER EUROPE, BRITAIN, and
SOME even in the far Eastern nations, untouched by the Roman
Catholic church.
     The singular word "place" does NOT MEAN in God's protective
plan for some of His children, just one specific location on this
earth. It did not during those 1260 years and it will not again,
when some of the Lord's people will be protected during the last
42 months of this age.
     Such is the short-sighted reading of the Bible by some, who
will not look at the full context and see where God and history
prove "place" does not mean one specific geographical wilderness
area somewhere on this earth.

     During that time period of 1260 years (verse 6) the people
of God were protected in the wilderness of MANY NATIONS on earth.
They went out into the hills, and the forests, the wild out of
the way places in their particular country where they lived. The
Christian church history books are full of that fact and truth!

     We are moved forward in verse 7, to a time that is yet ahead
of us (as I write in 2007), a time when once more Satan and his
demon army will try to unseat the Almighty from His throne in
heaven. There will yet be an invisible "star wars" in heaven,
Michael and his angels will fight Satan and his army. The Devil
will not win, and no place he will have in heaven. He and his
army will be cast back down to this earth (verses 7-9).

     At this time in the history of this planet, John hears aloud
voice in heaven saying:

"Now is come salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God,
and the power of His Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is
cast down, who accuses them before our God day and night. And
they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of
their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death.
Therefore rejoice you heavens, and you that dwell in them. Woe to
the inhabiters of the earth and the sea! For the Devil is come
down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has
but a short time" (verses 10-12).

     Satan may accuse God's children day and night, but we have a
High Priest interceding for us day and night. We have the victory
through Christ, His blood, and His interceding work. The Devil,
after loosing this battle with Michael and the righteous angels,
will come to earth, and LOOK OUT as we say. This is the time of
the GREAT TRIBULATION spoken about by Jesus, the time when many
saints will be killed for their faith. A time when Satan will be
allowed through his Holy Roman Empire Beast power to destroy the
peoples of Israel and Judah, and kill many true Christians. 
     We are back in the time frame (during this outline of the
major events of the true Church of God) of the FIFTH SEAL - of
chapter 6. The time frame of the persecution of God's people (see
also Jesus' words in Matthew 24:9).
     To the true church woman was given two wings of the eagle
(not literally see Exodus 19:4 and a past happening with similar
words - this is not some jet plane flight - Israel did not leave
Egypt on a jet plane). 
     She, the true church woman is given protection, she moves to
the wilderness once more, into her place (we've talked about the
singular "place" above, and it ain't what some want you to
believe), where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half
a time, for 42 months or three and one half years, during the
great tribulation and the day of the Lord.
     The serpent, the Devil casts out of his mouth (gives
command) that his army flood of waters (people - see chapter
17:15), go after the woman, that she might be destroyed by
Satan's army. But God is mightier than the Devil, and causes the
"earth" (earthquakes or whatever) to swallow up the flood army of
men that Satan and his demons control (verses 13-16).

     The dragon Devil .... he is angry, oh, indeed he is. He is
not allowed by God to touch the true church people that are in
the wilderness. But, Satan looks around and yes, he sees some of
the Lord's people are not in the wilderness, they are not
physically protected. They are some of the very same people, ones
who KEEP the COMMANDMENTS of God (which the 4th one will make
them stand out like a lighthouse on a hill), and have the
testimony of Jesus Christ - they will be living as Jesus lived,
and that will put a light on top of their lighthouse on a hill.
They will stand out, be easily seen and found.
     Satan is allowed by the Lord to "make war" with the "remnant
of her seed." There will be an end-time, persecution and killing
of part of the very true Church of God. 

     This story flow of the major history of the True Church of
God, has brought us to the 5th SEAL or the killing of more saints
of God, before the visible return of Christ our Lord. 

     Some of the people of God will find and be granted
protection during the last 42 months of this age. Some will not
be granted protection and will have to give their lives up for
the faith once delivered to the saints. 
     You are NOT a less Christian, or an unworthier Christian
because you are not protected, but are chosen to die for THE
faith. The apostle Paul died for THE faith, so did the apostle
Peter, so did Stephen (Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60) so did James (Acts
12:1-2). If you have to die for THE faith you will be in GOOD


To be continued

Entered on this Website November 2007

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