Keith Hunt - Bible Story, NT - Chapter One hundred-thirty- four: The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #5   Restitution of All Things
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New Testament Bible

Chapter One hundred-thirty-four:

The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #5

                            THE NEW TESTAMENT 

                                BIBLE STORY

                      Chapter One hundred-thirty-four

                     The REVELATION of Jesus Christ #5


     After the Protestant Revolution, it was getting much easier
for the true people of God, the Church of Jesus Christ, to openly
proclaim all truths found in the Bible, without being persecuted
even to death. The Church of God was then, as is put in
Revelation, "alive." But, as nearly always happens, over time,
the zeal FOR truth as well as the zeal to PROCLAIM it, starts to
dwindle. Whatever the time frame was (God knows) it was true that
the Church of God was alive, but yet they were in many ways
     And when this happens, Jesus, who is in charge of His
Church, moves SOME within His body the church, to move on out so
to speak and form other individual local groups and/or a work
that has many local groups co-operating together, to proclaim the
Gospel around the world. 

     So it was, no time date to pin-point it, but from what we
can see from church history, it was probably in the 1700 A.D. and
after, that the people who would be the 6th time frame, or the
church of Philadelphia came on the scene of the world.

     I want you to take special note of the below, taken from the
New Unger's Bible Dictionary.


     "brotherly love" - A city in Lydia of Asia Minor. It was
built by Attalus 11 Philadelphus, whose name it bears. It was
situated on the lower slopes of the Tmolus, about twenty-eight
miles SW of Sardis and 100 miles W of Smyrna. It has been several
times almost destroyed by earthquakes. Its name is now Alasehir,
"city of God." The town is an unimportant place of fifteen to
twenty thousand people.

     Jesus says He is holy, true, and has the key of David, He
opens and no man shuts, He shuts and no man opens. Jesus is in
charge of His church. And He is the One to give it power to go
here or there and spread the Gospel in this manner or that
manner. The key of David? As David had the key to his house so to
speak, had authority and power over his house, so Jesus has
authority over His house, His church, and can execute whatever
judgement as He needs to for the keeping of His house. As Jesus
said, He would build His church and the gates of hell or the
grave would never prevail against it.

     Jesus knows the works of this people in this time age of His
church. There will be an open door for them to proclaim the
truths of God and the Gospel, and until Jesus says differently,
no man can shut that door. Certainly the modern worldwide
INTERNET is maybe the greatest open door for teaching the truths
of God all around the earth. And it will for now only get more so
with the Internet, as modern space age technology develops.
     If you noticed above about today's literal town of
Philadelphia in Turkey (Asia Minor), it is UNIMPORTANT, SMALL, IT
HAS THEN LITTLE STRENGTH as such. The true people of God have
always been the relatively SMALL unimportant, in the view of the
world, religious group of Christians. Jesus once said that His
followers would be the VERY LITTLE flock (as the Greek reads). On
the whole they would have very little strength, very little
compared to the Babylon Mystery Christian Catholic church. It
would be something like Elijah in his day, when he lamented that
to the Lord that he was the only person NOT bowing the knee to
Baal. God answered him by saying he was wrong, because God had
7,000 others out there, here and there, that had not bowed the
knee to Baal. 
     It is true, the VERY ELECT, are few and far between, they
are the SALT of the earth, the very little flock. A few here and
a few there, one here and two or thee there, scattered around the
world. So it has been for the last 500 years or so. But they have
been there, and the door to spread the Gospel has been open in
various ways, personal evangelism, written words of evangelism,
broadcasts over radio, TV, and now the Internet. The true people
of God have had an open door which no man can shut. At the
present that door remains open. 
     God's people in these end time hundreds of years, have NOT
DENIED His name, and have been willing to KEEP His word. They are
the faithful. They are the ones who strive for the faith once
delivered to the saints. They are willing to grow in grace and
knowledge, willing to be taught, be corrected, willing to be
humble and submissive to the leading of the Spirit of God. 

     We have had people in the last few hundred years who kept
the 7th day Sabbath, and who observed and proclaimed the keeping
of the Festivals of God. We had the black man working on the
trains in the late 1800s who just read his Bible and came to see
the Festivals of Leviticus 23 should be observed, and raised up a
good work among other black people. We had the Seventh Day
Adventist minister in the very early 1900s who came to see the
Festivals of God should be observed, had his study paper printed
in the worldwide Adventist magazine, and some SDA churches in
South America were willing to agree and observe those Festivals.
We had minsters in the 1930s in the Church of God, Seventh Day,
who came to admit those Festivals should be observed. Some formed
their own organizations and spread the word of God. We have SDA
ministers like Samuele Bacciocchi PhD. who admit the Festivals of
the Lord should be observed, and some in the SDA church DO
observe them.

     So the word of God is not denied, the name of God and what
He stands for is not denied. They are few relatively speaking,
but they do have an open door. One day the world will have to
admit, come before those people made immortal, and actually
worship at their feet. Yes, those people will then be in the God
Family, and worshipping before them, will be natural, as they
will have the name of God in their character. All that I fully
explain in my study called "A Christian's Destiny." 
     Yes, the world, and the false Christianity in it, the
BILLION plus will have to one day admit, those few with outward
little strength WERE and ARE the very sons and daughter of God
the Father. They will KNOW THEN that God truly DID LOVE those

     And because they did KEEP the word of Christ's PATIENCE,
which is interpreted for us in Revelation 14:12 as KEEPING the
COMMANDMENTS of God and the FAITH of Jesus Christ, they will, a
part of them (this is another of those "general" statements used
in the Bible) be KEPT SAFE from the hour of TRIBULATION or
Temptation to come on the WHOLE world (see Rev. 12:14-16; Luke

     Jesus says, "Behold, I come quickly; hold FAST what you
have, that no man take away thy crown" (verse 11). 
     Yes, when the prophecy of this book of Revelation REALLY
starts to unfold, when we are down to the last 42 months, 1260
days of the close of this age, then Jesus WILL COME QUICKLY! The
point is when Jesus is ready to come quickly, there will be true
faithful people of God on this earth, doing the work of God,
going through the open door set before them to teach, to preach,
to expound the prophesies of Revelation and all the prophetic
books of the Bible. They will be spreading the Gospel and warning
the nations of this earth what will take place as the Lord has
declared. For a short while God will stop His word going but by
the Elijah to come and the two witnesses of Revelation 11. But
until then His children will have an open door set before them. 

     Those at this end time who do overcome the world and Satan,
will be some of the very "pillars" of glorified perfection in the
Temple of God. They will have the VERY NAME of GOD, and in type
symbolism the name of NEW Jerusalem, which will come down from
God eventually (as shown in Revelation 21,21). And they will
have, in what ever way Jesus means it, HIS NEW NAME! 

     All of this for the true faithful children of God at the
close of this age (which remember can cover a number of hundreds
of years). 


     The town was located on a flat-topped hill. A wall (about a
kilometer long on each side of its four sides) surrounded the
crown of the hill. The Laodicean condition describes the
spiritual lukewarmness and worldliness that will prevail in the
professing church of Christ at the end of the age. Rich,
cultured, religiously ritualistic - this church will have become
so self-satisfied and worldly as to have ostracised Christ
completely. He is represented prophetically as standing on the
outside knocking for admission (Rev.3:20). The awful spiritual
condition, so utterly abhorrent to God, calls forth one of the
boldest figures used in the NT, "So because you are lukewarm, and
neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth" (Rev. 3:16
cf. 2 Tim.3:1-8 for the spiritual and moral condition at the end
of the church age) (The New Unger's Bible Dictionary).

     As it happens so often, because of time and human nature
twisted by the help of Satan the Devil, there will be a people
during the whatever decades or more (maybe a few hundred years)
who will still be at the very close of the age, in a Laodicean
mind-set. Jesus says He is the Amen! The faithful and true
witness of His very own body - the Church of God. He is the
beginner (as it should be understood) of the creation of God.
Yes, Jesus was the ONE who DID the creating in Genesis chapter
one. All that subject is covered in various studies on this
     Jesus knows their work, that they are neither hot nor cold,
they are resting with their feet up, in a self-righteous manner,
and so because of it, because they are "lukewarm" He will spit
them out of His mouth.
     Look at their attitude. They say they are "rich and
increased with goods; and have no need of anything." They must be
saying, "I'm physically blessed so God must be rewarding me for
serving Him, in the way I do." Or "I have all I need, physically
and spiritually, I have the truth, so I'm just fine."
     Jesus answers them, "You know not that you are WRETCHED, and
MISERABLE, and POOR, and BLIND, and NAKED...." What language
Jesus uses, He is really telling them the naked truth (excuse the
pun)! These people will not even come close to trying to see
WHERE and HOW they are short of the maturity of spirituality.
They have deceived themselves into thinking it's all over, just
hang on to what they have had, or what they NOW have as thinking
it is the better truth than what they had before, but in reality
it is going back into UN-truth. Either way, they have deceived
themselves, and they are really WRETCHED and BLIND and NAKED,
they have no white garment of the righteousness of God, in
reality, but they think they are wearing a spotless white robe. 
     When you loose the desire to LEARN, to be CORRECTED, to GROW
in grace and knowledge, when you loose the desire to HUNGER and
THIRST after RIGHTEOUSNESS, then you are Laodicean! The personal
lesson should be clearly evident.

     Christ counsels them to buy of Him GOLD tried in the fire.
He wants them to have the REAL spirituality that makes a
difference, actually the difference of life or death. Then He
says they can have true riches, and a WHITE garment, so they are
then clothed in the correct outfit for His wedding (see
Rev.19:7-9). And so being clothed properly their spiritual
nakedness does not appear and does not bring them shame. Jesus
wants them to anoint themselves with EYESALVE, get their eyes
open and have true vision, so they can SEE the spiritual reality
and truth that is REALLY of God, and not manmade.

     Jesus WILL CORRECT! He will REBUKE! He does it because He
loves people. He wants people to REPENT! He stands at the door of
our hearts and minds, wanting us to OPEN to Him, so He can come
in and have a FEAST with us on truth and righteousness. If people
WILL REPENT, admit the error, go the right way, do the correct
thing, be HUMBLE, then He can come into them. And those who will
open to Him, can sit with Him at His throne (during the
millennium age - Rev.20:1-4), just as He sat down with the Father
at His throne, when He went back to heaven after His resurrection
from death.

     There will be, there already IS ... THREE church time ages
in existence today. They are overlapping each other, maybe by
hundreds of years. There is the walking dead, with only a few in
clothes of white and still have their names in the book of life.
There is the true faithful, who have found and are remaining true
to the faith once delivered to the saints, and there are the
"rich" in their OWN eyes, who will not see their wretchedness,
who will not admit error and sins and all that makes them
spiritually naked.

     My prayer for you dear reader is that you will be a pillar
in the Temple of God, and have written on you the name of God,
and be given Jesus' new name (verse 3:12).


Written November 2007    

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