Keith Hunt - Bible Story, NT - Chapter One hundred-twenty- three: 1 John - Chapter Two   Restitution of All Things
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New Testament Bible

Chapter One hundred-twenty-three:

Chapter Two - Follow Christ and Last time

                             THE NEW TESTAMENT

                                BIBLE STORY

                     Chapter One hundred-twenty-three

                        The First Epistle from John

                                Chapter Two


     John writes to his spiritual little children (John was much
older than most of them), that they SIN NOT!  It is to be the
mind attitude for all Christians that they do not want to sin.
And no Christian should want to see any other Christian sin. BUT,
we are human, still in this flesh and we do at times, sin! John
says that if we sin we do have an advocate, someone who pleads
for us, an intercessor between us the Father, and that someone is
Christ Jesus, the holy and righteous One. Jesus is our
at-one-ment (atoning) - propitiation for our sins, and His life
and His sacrifice on the cross is great enough for the sins of
the whole world, for every single person who was and will be on
this planet,(verses 1-2).

     John gives us truth that is plain and easy to understand, it
is as Paul once said, "The simplicity that is in Christ Jesus."
Here is HOW we can KNOW that we KNOW Him, "IF we KEEP His
COMMANDMENTS" (verse 3).
     Now, isn't that simple? How simpler can you have it to
understand the bottom line of the very basic truth of God on how
you can KNOW that you are His child? Jesus' commandments are the
Father's commandments. Jesus said that He and the Father are ONE!
Jesus said He did the will of His Father, that He spoke the words
His Father told Him to speak. All that is in the Gospels. To
teach that Jesus set up His own commandments and "did away" with
the basic commandments given in the Old Testament (especially the
Ten Commandments), is just not reading the Gospels with a clear
mind, you'd have to be a little "tipsy" in the head, to think
such an idea. Jesus kept the Father's will and commandments
     John says, "He that says, 'I know Him,' and keeps NOT His
commandments is a LIAR, and the truth is NOT in Him" (verse 4).
     Again, HOW SIMPLE! No theological degree is needed to
understand such plain words. Reading the New Testament as a child
would read it, you should have come to see easily, that the Ten
Commandments, every single one of them, have NEVER been "done
away with." The reason we have religious teachers out there who
would like to have the Ten Commandments abolished, is because of
the FOURTH ONE! The is really the bottom line for such crazy
theology, some just do not like what the 4th commandment clearly
says (read them in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5) - the SEVENTH DAY
is holy to God, we are told to REMEMBER IT, to KEEP it holy! It
is not the first day or the third day or the fifth day that is
the holy Sabbath of the Lord, it is the SEVENTH DAY! And not one
single, not one single phrase in the New Testament makes the
first day holy, or tells us to keep the first day (Sunday) holy,
or instructs us that the weekly Sabbath has been changed from the
SEVENTH day to the FIRST day!

     Growing up as a child I thought Sunday was God's Holy Day,
not one person told me different, until I was 18 years old. It
hit me like a bomb-shell. I had to realize, hard though it was,
that all the Christianity I knew was in ERROR, total out and out
error. The second shock was that MOST in the churches (especially
the leaders,  KNEW Sunday was not the Seventh day but the first
day). It was indeed a shock to think so many could be wrong, it
is one of the biggest CUNNING deception of the one who can come
as an angel light. Making it all look so good and so nice, with
fancy and smooth words so people will fall for it hook line and
sinker. I did not write the Fourth commandment of the TEN, God
did, and ain't changed one word of it. It's still the same today
as it was in Jesus' day. Jesus observed the Sabbath rest day, we
are told it was His custom to visit the Synagogue on the Sabbath.
That is also written in the Gospels.

     It's really that SIMPLE, if you have the mind of a child, it
was me as a kid growing up, and Jesus also said that unless you
become as little children you will not inherit the Kingdom of
     Of course we have other commandments of the Lord, and so it
is as Jesus said in Matthew 4:4; we must be willing to live by
every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. 
     Whoever keeps the Lord word in that person the LOVE OF GOD
is perfected, and we KNOW that we are IN Him (verse 4-5).The
question is: What is the love of God? John DEFINES it for us, no
need to guess and speculate, or "have an opinion" as opposed to
the next guys opinion. Here it is, John interpreting his own

"For this IS THE LOVE OF GOD, that we KEEP His COMMANDMENTS," and
note the last part of the verse, "and His commandments are NOT
grievous" (1 John 5:3).

     Now, many "Christians" and many leaders in Christianity, are
going to tell you the commandments of God ARE grievous! They may
not tell you that is plain words, but they do tell you that in
their life and in their teaching, that the FOURTH commandment is
not for today, that one you can ignore, whether it be the FIRST
or SEVENTH day you "go to church on." Most will tell you after a
few hours in church you can do your own thing. And most will
certainly NOT tell you it is the SEVENTH day you are to remember
to keep holy.

     Look at verse 6 of this first chapter of 1 John. If you say
you abide in Christ, you OUGHT TO WALK AS HE WALKED!
     Oh, the simplicity of Christ, oh the simplicity of these
verses John is writing. Yes, indeed a CHILD can understand these
verses. Now, people with "theological degrees" may have a hard
time, people who have gone to "Bible Seminary Schools" for 4 or 5
years, may have a hard time understanding these verses, but I
guarantee a child left to himself to read the New Testament, will
NOT have difficulty with such clear verses.
     If you claim you abide in the Lord, then you better PROVE
IT, by FOLLOWING in His steps! Just read the Gospels, and see HOW
Christ lived. What did He believe? What did He teach? What
Sabbath day did He observe? What set of Festivals did He keep?
It's all there in the Gospels.

     I'm telling you friends, Jesus' children are the VERY LITTLE
flock, just as He said they were, and DECEPTION is LARGE and
abounding, so much so that Jesus said at the end time, it would
be so abounding that IF it was possible even the ELECT would be

     John goes on to say, that he is not writing new things, but
old things, the old commandment is the very word that goes back
to the beginning. Yet, John does add a new commandment (because
darkness is past and true light now shines). He that says he is
in the light but hates his brother, is in darkness. If you abide
in the light you will love your brother, and you will not act to
bring scandal (margin note) or be privy to scandal.
     Again, it is obvious, John said this because some were
hating others. If the love of God is in you, it is not possible
to hate people, no matter what their religion (if they have one)
or not. Is there someone you really dislike? Dislike so much that
it is a hate attitude you have. It would seem SOME people do hate
others because they will kill (literally) others, in the name of
their "god" (I use a small letter "g") or religion.
     Such people who hate others, John says, walk in darkness,
the darkness has blinded their eyes, they just do not know the
path of truth and righteousness, period! (verses 8-11).

     John now acts like a real father figure to his readers. He
says to the little ones in Christ, their sins are forgiven for
Jesus' name sake. He writes to the "fathers" - more mature and
older Christians, because they have known Jesus from the
beginning, they know what He is like and so conform to Him. He
writes to "young men" - those who are not new or little children
in the faith, but not in the faith long enough to be classified
as "fathers." He write to them, because they have overcome THE
WICKED ONE (Satan the Devil and his deceptions).
     He goes back to the "little children" in Christ, because
they have come to KNOW the Father. He writes to the "fathers"
because they KNOW Him that is from the beginning. He writes to
the "young men" because they are STRONG in spiritual matters, and
strong in the Word of God, that abides in them; and they have
overcome THE WICKED ONE.

     All in all, every part of this contained in verses 12-14,
should belong to ALL Christians. All that John lists to each
specific group, must become the WHOLE of those that are IN the
Father, and IN Christ.

     You can only become ALL of this, if you WALK daily with God,
if you have a mind that is ON Him and His Word and Way of life.
You need to be studying His Word, searching the Scriptures,
meditating on His Word and His commandments. You need to have the
right kind of the fear of the Lord. You will not care what people
think of you, what co-workers think of your religion, what
relatives think of the way you live in serving God. 
     And as John then goes on to say, you will NOT "Love the
world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love
the world, the love of the Father is not in him" (verse 15).

     Does this mean you have to be some kind of "stay at home" or
"never leave the house" type (just to work and that's it)? Does
it mean ALL and everything outside of "church" is bad and evil?
OF COURSE NOT! I love to Square Dance. There is not evil in
Square Dancing per se. There is no evil in joining a Tennis club,
if you like to play Tennis. There is no evil in joining a Golf
club if you like to Golf. I'm also into "horses" and have a
beautiful Golden Palomino Quarter horse (she's 7 at the time of
this writing in 2007) and so I work part time at the Horse Ranch.

     There are MANY THINGS that are outside of the "church" that
are not sin to participate in, as long as they do not have you
breaking the commandments of God.
     John defines "love not the world" for us in verse 16.

"For all that is in the world, the LUST of the flesh, the LUST of
the eyes, and the PRIDE of life (putting whatever it is, ahead of
God, His way, His commandments) is not of the Father, but is of
the world."

     You could be so good at something (sport, hobby, etc.etc.)
that you want to be (and maybe could be) the BEST in the world, a
world-champion! But if acquiring that badge of pride, means you
have to break the commandments of God, or put serving God to one
side, while you go after "the pride of life" - then it becomes
SIN! Then it becomes "the lust of the world" to you. And John
finishes this thought by telling us that the world (without God)
is going to pass away, and all the lusts thereof: BUT he that
DOES THE WILL of God, shall ABIDE FOR EVER - that's eternal life
friends in the very family of God! (verse 17).

     There are some things I would like like to do, some things I
could have done when younger in the horse world and in the music
world, and maybe got some fame here and there, but it meant I
would have to disregard the Sabbath, so I did not do it as such.
Now, I still enjoy my horse and the horse world, I still enjoy my
teaching guitar/banjo/mandolin and singing cowboy songs, but I
make sure THAT all revolves AROUND the Sabbath. And of course
doing anything outside of "church" must be decent and moral and
within the laws of God, in body, mind, words, and spirit.
Everything we do must be with the mind of Christ, and remembering
that Satan can pervert anything.


     Look at verse 18! Mark it! It's a lesson in "time, as God
sees time." John was inspired to say IN HIS day that it was "the
last time" - the "last age." It is possible John did think that
the return of Christ was not too far away, if not in his life
time, then in the lifetime of many of his readers. As we have
seen, God does not view "time" as we view it. I want you to go
back to the book of Hebrews, you may have missed it, or forgotten
it. Hebrews 1:2. Paul said Jesus had spoken to them, when in the
flesh, in "these last days." So "last days" - "last time" - can
be understood that it is such for 2,000 years, that we are STILL
IN "the last time."
     John, like the apostle Paul (2 Thes.2) understood there
would come in the very end, THE anti-christ, THE one man that is
called in the book of Revelation, "THE false prophet!" Yes, there
will be such a man, at the very end of this age, the book of
Revelation shows he will come just before Jesus returns, because
when Christ does come He will cast that false prophet into the
fire - see Revelation 19:20).
     But BEFORE "THE" man of sin comes, John said that MANY anti-
christs were ALREADY there in the Roman world! Wow! MANY already
preaching things contrary to the teachings of Christ. Again, let
me ask you, if it was so in John's time, at the end of the first

     These anti-christs were once a part of the very true Church
of God during the apostles time. But they did not stay true to
the faith once delivered. They left the true body of Christ, but
you can guarantee they were busy forming as large a following
after themselves, as possible. They went out so they might be
made manifest to the very Elect of God. The elect KNOW the true
teachings of the Lord, and they so know the anti-christs, who
they are. And I tell you, there are WAY MORE, yes, WAY MORE
anti-christs out there than there are true servants and ministers
of God.
     He tells his readers that they have an anointing (unction)
from the Holy One, and so they can know all the truths of the
Holy One. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would come and would
LEAD His true followers into ALL TRUTH (John 16). All truth does
not always come at one time. Most of the time, God gives you one
truth, and then another truth, and then another. As you are
willing to love truth and search the Scriptures for truth, they
the Lord leads you into more of the truth. And this working of
the Spirit also entails that you are willing to be CORRECTED!
Willing to admit ERROR, and LOVE the truth.
     John was pretty sure his readers were being led by the Holy
Spirit and knew the basic truths of God. He knew his readers
could ascertain a LIE. 
     One of the lies going around at this time in John's life,
was that Jesus was NOT the Christ, the "anointed one."  Once more
John makes it simple, IF you do not accept Jesus as the very
anointed Son of God, then you DENY BOTH the Father and the Son.
The Islamic religion accepts Christ as "a prophet" of God, but
they DO NOT accept Jesus as the VERY ANOINTED SON of God the
Father. Being blunt, the Islamic religion is anti-christ. Those
who belong to the Islamic faith, WILL NOT be in the FIRST
resurrection to be with Christ when He returns. I did not say
they will go to hell, far from it, as it is with many others who
are spiritually blinded, most will have their day of salvation,
but it just will not be the first resurrection, unless of course
God calls them in this lifetime to see the truth and repent of
     If you deny the Son as the very Son of God, you also deny
the Father. Once more John is as straight as an arrow, he pulls
no punches, some things he states are just black verses white, so
white are some truths of God, that there is no black whatsoever
in the white, just cannot be shaded anything else but pure white.

     John urges his readers to let that which has been in them
from the start CONTINUE in them. If they stay with the Spirit of
truth, then they have BOTH the Father and the Son. 
     That being the case, then the Father has PROMISED to give
them eternal life (verses 19-25).


     John has written this epistle because it was needed to
counter those who were seducing them with false doctrines and
teachings (verse 26).

     Then we come to words of John that some have taken OUT OF
CONTEXT, and come up with some pretty far out ideas. He says that
if the anointing they have remain in  them, then they "NEED NO
MAN TEACH YOU!" But the anointing will teaching you, and it is
truth, and does not lie, even as it has already taught them, and
so they can abide in it ("it" - see margin).
     Okay then, you can all get off this Website,  close down
your computer, and even close up the book of 1 John, and still
further, you can forget about reading the epistles of Paul, and
James, and Jude, and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the Gospel of John.
For THEY were men! And John has just said you need no man teach
you, only the Holy Spirit. So why on earth did John continue
writing, after this verse, and why did he even write two other
epistles besides this one, if no man need teach them, if they
only needed the Holy Spirit.
     And if that is the case why was Paul inspired to write that
God HAS PUT SOME in the church, to be apostles, some evangelists,
some prophets, and some pastors and teachers? (see Ephesians
     Obviously, John is NOT contradicting the rest of the New
Testament. The CONTEXT, is that of "false" ministers coming and
teaching false doctrines. John is saying to them, that because
they have the Holy Spirit, because they have been led to the
basic truths of God, because they KNOW these truths, they should
not give ANY time of day to these men who are indeed
anti-christs. Those fellows have nothing important as far as the
foundational truths of God are concerned, so don't allow them to
try and teach you on those basic foundational truths. It is also
the instruction of John, if you have not already closed up your
Bible, that some people on some issues you do not even allow into
your home, and you do not even wish them God speed (2 John

     John finishes his thoughts in this chapter by encouraging
them to stay IN Christ. We are back to the simple things again.
Look at Christ, read the Gospels, see what Christ taught and
practiced, then IMITATE HIM! In so doing we shall not be ashamed
before Him at His coming again to earth. 

     John ends this section with, "If you KNOW that He is
RIGHTEOUS, you KNOW that every one that DOETH (practices as a way
of life) RIGHTEOUSNESS is a part of His family" (my rendition) -
(verses 27-29).

     What is RIGHTEOUSNESS? Here it is friends. Mark it, do not
forget it - the Bible interprets itself - Psalm 119:172.



Written October 2007

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