Keith Hunt - Bible Story, NT - Chapter One-hundred-three: Epistle to Hebrews   Restitution of All Things
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New Testament Bible

Chapter One-hundred-three:

Epistle to Hebrews - chap.7 - Melchisedec

                      THE NEW TESTAMENT

                        BIBLE STORY

                  Chapter one-hundred-three

                   Epistle to Hebrews #10


     The priest Melchisedec is claimed by some to have been an
ordinary human man, just like a priest today in the Roman
Catholic church, only this Melchisedec was a priest of the Most
High God.
     This teaching claims that the phrase "without father,
without mother" is just simply stating that his physical pedigree
was lost or unknown, that there is no "record" of it found
     This to me seems a little far-out when you consider other
pedigrees recorded and preserved in and among the people of God.
And if this Melchisedec was so famous and so great a priest of
the Most high God, then surely some record of from who he was
would have been preserved, even if only a few generations of his
pedigree before or after.

     This famous priest of old also had "neither beginning of
days nor end of life." I guess those who believe this priest was
from no divine Godhead, who probably argue that this phrase is
repeating the previous idea of the previous phrase - physical
pedigree records were lost or not recorded or handed down to
     Once more I contend that happening would have been VERY
UNLIKELY considering the importance that Paul gives to this man
in connection with Jesus the Christ, and the connection given in
a prophecy of the OT that connects this Melchisedec with Christ
(Psalm 110:4).

     Then I maintain that reading the Bible with the mind of a
child (remember Jesus saying that unless you become like a child
you will not enter the Kingdom of God), the phrase "neither
beginning of days nor end of life" is pretty simple to
understand. It does not take a degree in theology, or some fancy
PhD interpretation - the words in English or Greek, are very
clear - no beginning of days nor end of life, is telling you that
this man, this priest of the Most High God, was ETERNAL!!

     Now, there were ALL KINDS of words in the Greek language,
the language was not reduced to just a mere few - limited - or
lacking vocabulary. If Paul was wanting us to understand that
this priest Melchisedec was merely like any other human priest of
the past thousands of years, then he could have very easily have
written with words "his pedigree is lost or not recorded" or "the
record of who his mother and father were have not been handed
down to us."

     I maintain the very words and phrases used by Paul are a
clear instruction to us that Paul was meaning to inform us that
this Melchisedec was NOT from any human flesh and blood mother
and father, but that this priest of the Most High God was himself
ETERNAL, from the very Godhead of eternity.

     The ancient Priest was KING of RIGHTEOUSNESS and KING of
PEACE!  Can any mere human priest of human parents, be qualified
to carry such titles. You read about the perfect Job, and all his
righteousness, yet he is never given the title "King of
Righteousness" by God. The Almighty does speak very well indeed
of him, the first few chapters of Job, make this clear, yet no
title of "King of Righteousness" is granted to perfect Job.

     Then we need to put together two phrases - one in verse one
and the other in verse three. "For this Melchisedec, king of
peace, priest of the Most High God....made like until the Son of
God, abideth a priest continually."

     Notice Daniel 7:13. "I saw in the night vision, and, behold,
one like unto the Son of man came with clouds of heaven, and came
to the Ancient of Days..."
     Like unto the Son of man ... Like unto the Son of God. The
next verse in Daniel makes it clear that this "like unto the Son
of man" is none other than the Christ who will rule all nations.
The one who Daniel saw coming to the Ancient of Days was and is
Jesus the Christ. The Melchisedec of old, whom Abraham met and
gave a tithe to, was made like unto the Son of God. In other
words this SAME person LATER became the one whom we call Jesus
     Paul is telling us that this great priest of Salem - King of
Peace, this King of righteousness - who had no mother or father,
who had no beginning of days nor end of life, this eternal one,
Priest in heaven above, sitting on the right hand of the Most
High God, the Father.

     Abraham, whom the Hebrews looked upon as one of their great
fathers of old, was NOTHING in comparison to this Melchisedec
priest of the Most High God. So there was no need to boast about
or get all vain in mind, towards being some physical person
descended from a physical man called Abraham, when Abraham, was
MUCH less than Melchisedec, and to whom Abraham gave honor and
homage and a tithe. Then this Melchisedec who was eternal, a part
of the very eternal Godhead, later became the very Jesus the
Christ, the Savior of the world, the REALLY great one, whom the
Hebrews needed to give first place in their lives, give their
lives, mind, and heart, to Him, who STILL lives (as he always
did) and is today the Priest above priests, who is the High
Priest of all and any high priest.

     If this Melchisedec was only a mere human priest just as
Aaron was, and any priest in Israel since Aaron, and just one
priest of a line of physical human priests that lived before and
after Melchisedec, WHY connect Melchisedec? Why not connect
Aaron? Or some other priest of the Most High God. Why connect
this Melchisedec, unless it is simply to show Abraham giving a
tithe to him, which Paul does connect later with Aaron and a
change in the priesthood and the law.

     I contend the very words used by Paul in connecting
Melchisedec with the Son of God, is to show the Hebrews that ONE
much greater than Abraham existed in Abraham's day, and that that
greater one was eternal, and later that one became the very
person of Jesus Christ, who now lives and is a Priest forever for
us humans interceding for us, between us and the Father. I
believe this is Paul's argument to the Hebrews. His thought to
them is - get your minds off any physical high priest and
physical Aaron priesthood, and get it on the ONE who was THE
GREAT Priest of the Most High in Abraham's day and is STILL the
High Priest for us humans today - Jesus the Christ. For
Melchisedec and Christ were and are the ONE SAME PERSON!

     The question has arisen, "Why did an eternal being, a member
of the Godhead, come to earth in Abraham's day (who knows
possibly before and after Abraham) and live on earth as Priest to
the Most High God?
     The answer is not given in Scripture in any clear precise
way. One thing we can know though is, God can do whatever He
desires to do, for whatever reasons He knows. Some times He tells
us the reasons, sometimes He tells us not. Some things are hidden
from us, some things are revealed to us. There are mysteries of
God hidden from our eyes and understanding, and there are
mysteries of God revealed to us. The apostle Paul makes this
clear in many passages in his epistles. Then he adds in one that
even today in the Gospel age (where so much has been revealed to
us) we often look through a glass darkly. But one day we shall
know even as we are known.

     We shall continue with the thoughts and teachings of Paul on
the old Israel priesthood and the commandment to take tithes, as
it was connected to Abraham and Melchisedec, and as it is still
connected to the priesthood of Christ who was made after the
order of Melchisedec. We shall continue with all that in the next
chapter of this New Testament Bible Story.


Written January 2007

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