Mr. Hunt,

Why will they (CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS) have to go through tribulation?  I know a lot of nice people who are unconverted.  Will the tribulation happen before or after the work of the two witnesses?


The two witnesses will be do their work through the tribulation and day of the Lord .... hence for 42 months. So it is written in the book of Revelation.

There is no other way to get the Catholics and Protestants and the UNconverted secular people to see their wrong theology, or the secular people to see their secular God denying idea is also wrong. God does not work on a magic wand hey presto....and people have a new mind. It will take the book of Revelation being fulfilled to bring the world's people into the arena of seeing how damaging their ways are really really bad.

So called "nice" people just will not be willing to see the true ways of God are the best way to live.

Deception will be so great at the end time, Jesus said if it was possible even the elect would be deceived [Mat. 24].

During WW2  in the western world, people flocked back to the they mainly flock out of the churches, to do things "their way"...... most of the western world are secular today. It will take a WW3 to get them flocking back to God and the Bible. 

People, so-called "nice" people just do not want God and the Bible in their lives; God does not use a magic wand.... he allows the evil of the world to happen, even on so-called "nice" people.

Jesus said [Mat.24] that before he returns "evil shall abound and the love of many shall wax cold" - that does not sound like there will be too many "nice" people around by the coming of the last 42 months of this age.

It's like...... people are sincere, but sincerely wrong!  It will take a 3rd World War to get them to see they are wrong and be willing to turn to God and the Bible.

It's just the way it is with humans.  When Israel and Judah sinned so badly, God had to allow them to be destroyed and taken captive by Assyria and Babylon..... I suppose there was a number of "nice" people among them. 

God does not view death as we humans view it, for with God all will one day be made alive again.