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The Temple and Christ's Return #8

The Ark of the Covenant?

                      THE TEMPLE AND CHRIST'S RETURN

From a book by Grant Jeffrey

Some like fellows named Arthur Bloomfield and David Allen Lewis
(fundamental prophets), have indicated the Scriptures say the ark
will return to the Temple Mount in the last days. They think
headlines will take place in the world news, that after 3,000
years the ark will be found (page 147).

(Well with all the modern Nassa science tech stuff and the
publicity from movies like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which was
based on a real search for the lost ark before World War 2, we
sure ain't seen any sight of it yet - Keith Hunt)

     J claims that historical records indicate that "one of the
war aims of the Italian army that invaded Ethiopia in 1935 was to
capture the ark (page 151).

     Then we are back to J's misunderstanding and out-of-context
application to Ezekiel 39. Many fundamentalists teach that there
will be a Russia/Arab invasion of the State of Israel in the end
times. J thinks the words "I will set my glory among the heathen"
MAY refer to the actual presence of God's glory above the mercy
seat of the ark. As he goes on to say, "This prophecy may
indicate that the lost ark will be brought forth during this
supernatural defeat of Israel's enemies in the near future" (page

(Most fundamentalists [a few do not] get the context of this
prophecy out of context. It is a prophecy for AFTER the Messiah
has returned and the kingdom of God is established on the earth -
Keith Hunt)

     On pages 152 through to 158 J goes into some explanation
that he believes the ark of the covenant was taken to Ethiopia.
On page 153-54 he states:


     According to Ethiopian history, the queen of Sheba married
King Solomon, and they produced a royal heir. According to the
Ethiopian Royal Chronicles, Prince Menelik I was born from their
union. He grew up in the palace in Jerusalem. While being
educated by the priests of the Temple, he became a strong
believer in Jehovah.
     In 1935 Leo Roberts wrote an article published in National
Geographic that recorded his interviews with various priests in
different parts of Ethiopia, all of whom told the following
story. "Solomon educated the lad in Jerusalem until he was
nineteen years old. The boy then returned to Ethiopia with a
large group of Jews, taking with him the true ark of the
covenant. Many people believe that this ark is now in some church
along the northern boundary of present-day Ethiopia, near Aduwa
(Adua) or Aksum." Roberts made it clear that the ark, if it was
in fact in Ethiopia, was so well guarded that no Western
researcher had been able to verify the l legend.
     This same ancient tradition also appears in an article in
the Encyclopedia Britannica Online: "Aksum has long been regarded
a holy city for the Ethiopian Orthodox church. It forms the
setting of the 14th-century work Kebra Negast [The Glory of the
Kings, the Ethiopian royal historical records], which relates the
tradition of the transference of the ark of the covenant from
Jerusalem to Aksum by King Menilek I, legendary son of Solomon
and the Queen of Sheba (Makeda)." 3 The article identifies the
traditional location of the ark as the Church of St. Mary of
     Several detailed Ethiopian murals tell how the ark and the
tablets of the Law were taken to Ethiopia for safekeeping by
Prince Menelik I. The records indicate that when the queen of
Sheba died, her nineteen-year-old son prepared to leave Jerusalem
to return to his native country to become its king. Before
Menelik I left Israel, Solomon (to whom the prince bore an
uncanny resemblance) ordered his craftsmen to create a perfect
replica of the ark for his son to take to Ethiopia. The great
distance (2,500 miles) would prevent the prince from ever again
worshipping at the Temple in Jerusalem.
     However, the question arises: which ark did the prince take
to Ethiopia, the true ark or the replica? Ethiopian records
suggest that Prince Menelik was very concerned with the growing
apostasy of Israel and the fact that his father, Solomon, was
allowing pagan idols to be placed in the Temple to please his
pagan wives. Solomon gave the prince a going-away banquet and,
after the priests were filled with wine, Menelik and some
associates switched the replica ark with the true ark. The royal
archives record that Menelik and a group of Jewish priests, along
with representatives from most of the twelve tribes of Israel,
removed the true ark of the covenant to Ethiopia for safekeeping
until Israel repented of its idol worship. Ethiopian records
claim that Menelik left the perfect replica in the Holy of Holies
of the First Temple. Only he and his conspirators knew of the
     Unfortunately, in the course of the last three thousand
years, Israel has never repented as a nation or returned to the
laws of the Scriptures. As a result, Israel suffered a succession
of mostly evil kings until the Assyrians conquered Israel in 722
BC and the Babylonians conquered Judah in 586 BC. Thus, the
Jewish descendants of Menelik I of Ethiopia, the royal son of
Solomon, never returned the ark to Jerusalem. The descendants of
Menelik I and his Jewish priests, advisors, and servants from the
various tribes of Israel called themselves House of Israel. Today
they are known as Falasha Jews.

     The Ethiopian descendants of Israel formed the ruling class
during thousands of years of Ethiopian history. The royal dynasty
from Solomon and the queen of Sheba ruled continuously until the
twelfth century. The Ethiopian royal chronicles record that the
Jewish Ethiopian kingdom was ruled by Queen Judith around AD 950,
and the dynasty continued for another two centuries. For several
hundred years following a Muslim invasion in the twelfth century,
Muslims ruled most of Ethiopia until the original Solomonic
dynasty was reestablished in 1558 by a Jewish king. That
Ethiopian Jewish dynasty continued until the communist coup in
1974 and the death of Emperor Haile Selassie (who called himself
the "Lion of Judah") in 1975.

The prophet Zephaniah (3:10) predicted that in the last days, the
Jews of Ethiopia would return to Israel from their
three-thousand-year exile. 

(Again J gets his context all mixed up. This prophecy is in the
time when God's wrath will be poured out on all nations - it is
the day of the Lord and the coming of the Messiah - the age to
come - the Kingdom of God on earth. The prophecy has nothing to
do with our present or past time. See my study on the book of
Zephaniah - Keith Hunt)

     After a great deal of research, debate, and counsel, the two
chief rabbis of Israel accepted the Falasha, the Ethiopian Jews,
as legitimate Jews who were separated from the twelve tribes in
the ancient past. Over the last fifty years, thousands of
Ethiopian Jews have trickled back to Israel. However, Israel only
officially admitted the Falashas into Israel under the Law of
Return as legitimate Jews beginning in 1989. Tens of thousands of
the Falasha have since returned to the Promised Land.


     Visitors to Ethiopia have reported that the altars and
communion tables of both ancient and modern Christian churches
there contain a carving of the ark of the covenant, called the
tabot (the "Holy Ark"), which represents the ancient ark in
Aksum. Several news articles also have mentioned Ethiopia as a
likely location of the ark. The Jewish magazine B'nai B'rith
Messenger reported the following in 1935:

     The Tablets of the Law received by Moses on Mount Sinai and
     the Ark of the Covenant, are both said to have been brought
     to Ethiopia from Jerusalem by Menelik... . During the mid
     1930's the Ark and the Tablets were removed to the [Ethiopian]
     mountain strongholds of Abyssinia for safekeeping because of
     the impending Italian invasion. 

In 1981 Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, stated the

     In July 1936, a news service reported ... that a Semitic
     syndicate had approached French underwriters about insuring
     the Ark-said by the dispatch to be in Ethiopia---against war
     damage. The report explained that [the Ark] was carried in
     ancient times as a protection against the enemy. It was
     believed that the Ethiopians ... might again bring it forth.

     Starting in 1948, the Israeli government enjoyed close
relations with Emperor Haile Selassie and supplied considerable
technical support and financial aid to Ethiopia. Members of the
Ethiopian royal family have told me that Israeli agents
repeatedly asked the emperor about the ark of the covenant. The
Israelis suggested that since Israel had returned to the Holy
Land and then had recaptured the Temple Mount in 1967, the time
had come for the Ethiopians to return the ark to Jerusalem. My
contacts report that Emperor Selassie agreed that in principle,
the ark should be returned to Israel. However, he felt that the
correct time had not yet come. He felt that God would reveal the
right time.

     Though the emperor and many members of his family were
imprisoned after the communist coup, a number of his descendants
escaped and are living in the West. The current emperor, Crown
Prince Zera Yacob, a great-grandson of Haile Selassie, is living
in exile in England. I have met many times with Prince Stephen
Mengesha, another great-grandson of Haile Selassie, who lives in
Canada. He agreed to several interviews in connection with my
research. Mengeshas father, Prince Mengesha Seyoum, was the
governor-general of Ethiopia, ruling the northern province of
Tigre, which contains the ancient city of Aksum, where the ark
was hidden thousands of years ago. Mengesha Seyoum was
interviewed on a national religious television program (PTL) in
the United States in the fall of 1990. In that interview he
verified that the ark was in Ethiopia, saying the historic Church
of St.Mary of Zion in Aksum was the repository of the ark.

     The church's original building was burned during the
sixteenth century. The present church was rebuilt several hundred
years ago over the original foundations and subbasements of the
ancient repository. On the television program, Mengesha Seyoum
showed video footage of his leading Queen Elizabeth and Prince
Philip on an official visit to the church. Far beneath the
ancient church a secret passage leads to a heavily guarded hiding
place. For three thousand years this passage to the Ethiopian
Holy of Holies has been protected by priestly guards of the
Ethiopian Jewish monarchy. Within this underground temple are
seven concentric rings of circular walls. An Ethiopian Coptic
priest can worship within the areas of the first to the fourth
outermost rings. Only the highest priests and the emperor can
enter the fifth and sixth innermost rings.
     The final, seventh ring forms a walled circular room. It is
the Holy of Holies. The Ethiopians claim that the ark of the
covenant with the mercy seat and the Shekinah Glory of God-has
been protected in this room for three thousand years. Only one
person is allowed to enter-he is called the guardian of the ark.
This Ethiopian priest-guard is chosen at the age of seven, the
age of understanding, from the main priestly family. He is
trained as a child, in his age of innocence, and agrees to guard
the ark for the rest of his life. This individual chooses to
forgo a normal life. The guardian fasts for 225 days every year,
according to the Ethiopian Jewish sacred festival calendar. He
prays, meditates, and guards the ark with his life. He leaves the
Holy of Holies only upon his death, when he is replaced by
another chosen guardian. Each day the high priest enters the
sixth innermost ring to bring the guardian food and water.

     What does the Bible say, if anything, about the location of
the ark after the time of Solomon? There is one brief mention of
an ark in 2 Chronicles 35:3, where King Josiah orders the priests
to return the ark to the Temple. It had been removed by a wicked
king to make room for pagan idols. However, it is unlikely that
this ark is the true ark of the covenant, because the biblical
writer does not call it the ark of the covenant. Naturally, the
replica ark would be identical to the true ark, and the priests
of King Josiah would have believed that the replica was the real
ark of the covenant. Also, in light of the devastating divine
punishment given to previous defilers of the true ark, it is
difficult to believe that an evil king could have simply removed
the true ark and substituted idols in its place without suffering
divine retribution.

     If Ethiopian history is correct, the ark object referred to
in 2 Chronicles 35:3 was a replica of the true ark. This would
explain how the leaders of Israel could have removed it with
     And what of the ark that possibly has been sighted in a
chamber deep below the Temple Mount? If the Ethiopian tradition
is correct, the priests in Jerusalem would have treated the
replica ark as the genuine item. They would have hidden it to
keep it out of the hands of the Babylonians. In other words, if
there is an ark hidden underneath the Temple Mount, it may be the

End quote

(Interesting reading all this may well be. So J would have us
believe there could be TWO "ark of the covenants" - one the real
thing and the other a replica. J would have us believe one is
under the Temple Mount and one is in Ethiopia.
I doubt if either is correct!
We are living in 2009 not the 1940s, 1950s, 1980s, but it is
2009. By now the truth of Ethiopia and the Temple Mount, with all
the modern tech stuff from Nassa, and other related "business
deals" between nations for financial gain, I think the
Ethiopia/Israel deal would have been formed by now to restore the
ark back to Jerusalem. With all the "investigative" TV programs
surely one of them would have by now investigated this idea that
the ark of the covenant is in some secret guarded location in
Ethiopia. I cannot see how such investigative journalism by
somebody in that line of work, would have missed the opportunity
to investigate the story that the ark of the covenant is down in
some dark hole in Ethiopia.

Likewise, modern Nassa space science equipment, should have been
able to detect something like an ark of the covenant underneath
the ground of the Temple Mount. They have discovered the Titanic
3 miles down at the bottom of the sea with their modern "tech
stuff" and sent men down in small subs to investigate it. We have
put men on the moon, built a space station, sent probes to Mars,
invented machines and equipment for medical work that are truly
amazing and mind-bending. We have electronic gadgets that for me
blow the mind, yet we are supposed to believe that we are yet to
verify if the ark of the covenant is in some deep cave in
Ethiopia or perhaps under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

As John Stossel of ABC's 20/20 would say: GIVE ME A BREAK!!! 
Keith Hunt)


J writes:

...the ark was taken to a secure location near Jerusalem, where
it will be held until the time comes to place it within the Holy
of Holies of the Third Temple. My sources tell me that a replica
of the ark of the covenant was placed in the Ethiopian Holy of
Holies in Aksum, thus repeating history.
     A report such as this is impossible to document
independently. However, the three people who gave me this
information are very credible, and the facts related are
consistent with other details I have discovered on my own. Many
Orthodox rabbis believe the ark of the covenant is now back in
Israel in a secret vault until God gives the signal to rebuild
the Temple.

(And many other orthodox Jewish rabbis would laugh at the idea -
Keith Hunt)


     If the ark was not in fact transported to Ethiopia during
the final years of the reign of King Solomon, another possibility
is that the ark was hidden underneath the Temple Mount to protect
it from the invading Babylonian armies, as rabbinic tradition
states. Some Jewish writers have suggested that the ark is in one
of the secret tunnels underneath the Temple Mount.
     This hiding place was under the continuous control of
Israel's enemies from the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 until the
Six-Day War in 1967. Since 1967 Jewish archaeologists have
explored many of the subterranean structures beneath the Temple
Mount. This work proceeded under the direction of the late chief
rabbi Shlomo Goren and the late chief rabbi of the Western Wall,
Rabbi Yehuda Getz. Teams of researchers explored secret tunnels
and chambers far beneath the surface of the thirty-five-acre
Temple enclosure. One of their goals was to determine the
location of the treasures of the Temple (including the ark),
which they believe priests buried during the two-year siege
before the city finally fell to the Roman army in AD 70.

     On May 15, 1992, the CBS television network broadcast a
two-hour special called "Ancient Secrets of the Bible." One of
the topics covered was the location of the ark of the covenant.
The narrator claimed that Rabbi Getz discovered the ark of the
covenant under the Temple Mount. My source (who was also a member
of the initial investigating team) told me they did not have an
opportunity to closely examine the object in question. In fear of
violating the sacred area of the ancient Holy of Holies, they
back from entering the tunnel. So they were able to see it only
through the illumination of their flashlights at a distance of
some fifty feet. The conclusion of Rabbis Getz and Goren was that
they had probably seen the ark. Unfortunately, Arabs broke
through the tunnel from overhead, through the Dome of the Rock
substructures, and prevented the researchers from examining the
object. Within hours the Arabs used concrete to seal the opening
into the tunnel. This prevented further Jewish exploration, and
at this point we can't be certain if the object sighted was the
true ark of the covenant. I would presume that the object may
either be the replica of the ark that was made for Prince Menelik
I or possibly another sacred object from the Temple, such as the
altar of incense.

     CBS Television asked me to participate in the program with
my research and unique film of the Temple Mount tunnels, as well
as the evidence that suggests the ark had been taken to Ethiopia.
Our film crew's video of the secret tunnels and Temple treasuries
was shown to illustrate the ongoing exploration effort. During
the program I explained the history of the ark and the evidence
that it has been guarded in an underground chamber in Ethiopia,
where it has been stored for thousands of years.

     No matter where the true ark is currently located, the Bible
indicates that it has a significant prophetic role to play in the
final events of this age (pages 159-162).

(Well it ain't 1992 any more, it is 2009, which is 17 years
later, and with all the modern tech inventions that can find the
Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, and build a space station,
and all the archaeologists and rabbis, STILL have NOT found the
ark of the covenant [if it is findable] either in Ethiopia or
under the Temple Mount .... GIVE ME ANOTHER BREAK!!!

This is all chacing after a dream .... and put that together with
the false teaching of the fundamentalists about a physical
Temple, animal sacrifices by the Jews, a 7 year tribulation and 7
year treaty between Jews and the Beast power, a "secret rapture"
of the church half way through the seven years, Jesus coming in
secret to take the saints to heaven, then 3 and 1/2 years later
coming visibly to rule the earth - take all that and you have one
of the greatest fiction stories ever perpetrated by man in the
realm called  "theology" - Keith Hunt)


We do not stop here. J will give us the prophetic role of the ark
of the covenant as it pertains to future prophecy. Here it is:

     Only future events will reveal the truth about the location
of the hidden ark of the covenant.


     Do biblical prophecies reveal anything about the location of
the ark of the covenant? In Isaiah 18 we find the clearest
indication that the ark will be brought from Ethiopia in the end
times. God addresses the people of Ethiopia in the first two
verses of Isaiah 18 and tells them of the role they will play in
the events of the last days. Isaiah's prophecy reads, "Woe to the
land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of
Ethiopia.... All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the
earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign [nes, ark] on the
mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye." The closing
verse declares, "In that time shall the present [nes, ark] be
brought unto the LORD of hosts... [from Ethiopia] ... to the
place of the name of the LORD of hosts, the mount Zion"
(18:1,3,7). This prophecy may refer to an already-accomplished
development - the return of the ark from Ethiopia in the early

(This prophecy has nothing to do with any ark of the covenant! I
ask the reader to read this chapter in a modern translation. I
suggest the New Living Translation, or The Amplified Bible or the
NIV or The Complete Jewish Bible by Stern and others.
It is a prophecy that pertains to Daniel 11:40-45. It is the time
of the end when the king of the North comes against the king of
the South. It is a time that is close to the coming of the
Messiah, returning to Jerusalem, Zion, then those left will bring
their gifts to Him who now dwells in Zion. See also my study on
Isaiah on this Website - Keith Hunt)

     Another fascinating prophecy, this one by Zephaniah, states
that Israel will miraculously have its language, Hebrew, restored
to it when God brings the Jews back into their land: "For then
will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call
upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent. From
beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of
my dispersed, shall bring mine offering" (Zephaniah 3:9-10). Even
in the time of Christ, Hebrew was a dying language. It was used
only by the scribes and priests for official religious purposes
in the Temple. Almost everyone else used the Greek language,
which had become the "international" language of its day. Many
conversations would be in Aramaic, a language the Jewish exiles
adopted during their seventy years of captivity in Babylon. The
revival of the ancient language of Hebrew in modern Israel is
another miraculous and unprecedented fulfilment of prophecy in
our day. This recovery of a dead language and its revival after
some two thousand years is a phenomenon without historical

(This prophecy has nothing to do with the Hebrew language. The
words "Jew" or "Hebrew" are not found in this passage. It is
grasping at straws as the fundamentalists are fond of doing. The
context is the time when God gathers the nations to pour upon
them His indignation and wrath. It is the time when the remnant
of Israel shall do no iniquity, nor shall any make them afraid
again. It is the context of the second coming of the Messiah. See
my study on this prophetic book of Zephaniah on this Website -
Keith Hunt)

     Notice that the passage in Isaiah 18 connects the time of
the return of the "present" to the rebirth of Israel and the time
of the revival of the Hebrew language (see Zephaniah 3:9-10).
This "present" may very well be the return of the lost ark of the

(These prophetic passages have nothing to do with the lost ark,
see any modern translation. Israel will have a re-birth when
Ethiopia and the king of the south is destroyed by the king of
the north, when the tribulation like no other in history will
come, when the resurrection of the saints will take place, when
the Messiah comes to rule, when Israel (all 13 tribes) will be
delivered from their captivity, when they shall do no more
iniquity, and none shall make them afraid (Daniel 11:40 through 
to chapter 12These passages in Isaiah and Zephaniah are for the 
last 42 months of this age, andfor the beginning of the 1,000 year 
reign of Christ on earth.
There are no people today who have no iniquity or who dwell safe,
none making them afraid, certainly not the Jews in the State of
Israel - Keith Hunt)

     One final prophecy provides, perhaps, the strongest evidence
that the ark will be recovered and play an important role in our
future. Jeremiah describes a time after the battle of Armageddon
has been won and Israel is enjoying its messianic kingdom:

     And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and
     increased in the land, in those days, with the LORD, they
     shall say no more, The ask of the covenant of the LORD: neither
     shall it  come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither
     that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD;
     and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of
     the  LORD, to Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 3:16-17)

   In other words, Jeremiah prophesied that once the battle of
Armageddon is over and the millennial kingdom has commenced,
Israel will stop talking about the ark, stop thinking about the
ark, and stop visiting the ark. The reason the ark of the
covenant will no longer be as important is that Jesus will be
present to be worshipped directly as the Messiah-King.

(The prophecy says "when you be multiplied" verse 16. Yes it is a
prophecy of the Messiah's age to come, the start of the 1,000
year reign. It is a time when the talk, the questions, the
searching, the visiting this site and that site, this supposed
location and that supposed location, for the ark, will be
forgotten about. It will no longer be important. It will be
forgotten about, for what the ark represented, what it pointed
to, what its reality was, HAS COME - JESUS THE CHRIST MESSIAH HAS
COME - a physical box of wood, with tablets of stone is now
unimportant. The ark pointed to GOD! Now God is here on earth at
the beginning of the 1,000 years, Israel is being multiplied once
more, and things like a physical ark is the last thing to be
concerned with. It will be forgotten about.
The truth is that even today in the age of grace, the New
Testament times, the physical ark is of no importance - it should
be forgotten about, but fundamental prophets and some orthodox
Jews who do not accept Christ, must for their own wrong
theological ideas, keep reminding themselves of the ark. They are
still in bondage to the physical writes of Moses, and mis-
understanding of the prophets - Keith Hunt)

     However, this prophecy of Jeremiah does not make sense
unless the lost ark is rediscovered and unless, in the years
leading up to Israel's final great crisis, the ark plays a
pivotal role in the spiritual life of the nation. Obviously, if
the ark was to be publicly revealed and brought to the newly
built Third Temple, the ark would be talked about, thought about,
and visited.

(That is not what God is saying through Jeremiah at all. He is
saying what I have explained above - Keith Hunt)

     The return of the ark of the covenant to the Holy of Holies
of a rebuilt Temple would signal for Israel the final ushering in
of the messianic era. Only time will reveal the true role of the
ark of the covenant in the events that will surround the rise of
the Antichrist and the return of Jesus as Israel's Messiah (pages

(The ark of the covenant has no role to play in the future
prophecies of the Lord! The ark is gone! All the physical things
under Moses' administration are not needed today by anyone. Most
orthodox Jews have no problem with not having any of those relics
of the Temple from Solomon's time or Moses' time. The ark of the
covenant is not needed for Jesus the Messiah to return to earth.
The idea from fundamentalism that certain physical buildings, a
physical temple, physical animal sacrifices, physical ark,
physical priests dressed in original physical garments, physical
oil to purify physical things, ***IS A MUST*** BEFORE JESUS CAN RETURN
is a TOTAL FALSE DOCTRINE OF DEMONS that the apostle Paul said
would come in the last days. 

THIS WEBSITE - Keith Hunt)


February 2009

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