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The Temple and Christ's Return #3

The Oil of Anointing?

                   THE NEW TEMPLE AND CHRIST'S RETURN #3

From a book by Grant Jeffrey


     On page 49 J remembers the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
back in 1947, and the light they gave on life in the first
century and the fall of Jerusalem. Then in 1953 another curious
scroll was found in Cave 3 at the village of Qumran on the West
side of the Dead Sea. It was a rolled up scroll of three copper
sheets riveted together. It was 8 feet long and 1 foot wide. And
so it became known as the Copper Scroll.
     The Copper Scroll J says revealed 64 secret locations where
the Jewish Essene priests had hidden gold and silver treasures
from the Temple.
     Among the 64 listed sites, we are told that locations
include places near Qumran, southern Jerusalem centered on Mount
Zion, and in a area on the east of the Jordan River in present-
day Jordan.
     All sounds very nice, right? Well, not just as easy as that.
J points out to us that details of the topographical descriptions
are subject to interpretation. One problem is that a great deal
of wind and occasional water erosion has transformed some of the
features of the Qumran area. So, it is not easy to match the
described landmarks to the present-day terrain, due to the
physical features of the land over the past two thousand years
(pages 49-51).

     Ah but we are told many scholars believe there are
additional Essene manuscripts that remain undiscovered. Now if
God is planning that this new Temple has these "hidden" treasures
from the old Temple, you'd think they would have come to light by
now, especially with modern space age tech equipment.
     And J then tells us about a few of the NASA technology to
analyze features that lie hundreds of feet beneath any given
target area. J says that using this technology, archaeologists
can locate underground caves, rooms, tunnels, and even objects
within those spaces.
     Then J tells us such things are detected already and the
Israeli government has given the okay to dig down for them, but
"It will take several years for archaeologists to dig down to the
largest cave, fifty feet below the surface. But according to J
the Israel government will release whatever is found to the wider
scholarship community to examine (page 52).

     Well time is always being used by the fundamentalists. Jesus
could come any second (albeit in a "secret" way to rapture the
church to heaven), then again they teach that a physical Temple
must be built by the Jews before Jesus can come in open glory.
They say the prophecies "demand" it!

     J does go on to say that some scholars accept the "hidden
treasure" of the Copper Scroll as nothing more than a fanciful
tale. The scroll would say there is 3,282 talents of gold and
1,280 talents of silver, and according to J an ancient Hebrew
talent varied from 75 pounds to 125 pounds, at current prices
(2007 when he wrote this book) the value would be $2.5 billion,
with a "B."

     He figures the old Temple was full of treasure that could be
worth that amount of money today (page 53). J tells us that the
Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote that when General Pompey
captured Jerusalem in 63 BC, Crassus demanded and received a
immediate tribute of "more than 10,000 talents" from the Temple

     J gives the facts that there was a Temple guard and if that
guard fell asleep while on duty, his clothes would be set on fire
as punishment (Jewish commentary Middoth 11:12, a part of the
Mishnah). there was a captain of the Temple (Acts 4:1) J says
Jewish records "suggest" that 240 priests from the tribe of Levi,
plus as many as 24 additional priests, served on security duty
every night. I find that "suggestion" a little hard to believe.
If such treasure from the Temple is hidden, with modern tools we
should expect it to be found. Personally I will not hold by
breath waiting for it to be discovered. And anyway, if it is,
what has it to do with the building of a third Temple before
Jesus comes. But it all adds "glamor" and "pomp" to the idea that
a Temple must be built by Jews before the Messiah can return in
triumph and glory to set up the Kingdom of God on earth.

     Now J goes on to tell us that the Copper Scroll lists
artifacts including "items that hold great significance for the
rebuilding of the Temple and the resumption of Temple worship and
sacrifice. A copper scroll he states was found in 1952 in Cave 8
at Qumran. This scroll is supposed to be in Amman, Jordan, the
ashes of the last sacrifice of the red heifer was AD 68, just
before Jerusalem fell in 70 AD. It is sated by J that the priests
took the heifer's ashes from the Temple in a clay vessel and
buried it with other sacred objects "so they could be recovered
in the last days" (page 55).
     J tells us that if the ashes could be recovered they could
be used in the ritual cleansing of the Temple Mount and a rebuilt
sanctuary. The ashes are needed to create the "water
purification" (see Numbers 19) that are needed to purify the
priests, the sacred worship vessels, and the Third Temple.
     A place location is supposed to be given on the scroll, but
as J admits "it is difficult to match this description with
current location, but several investigations are being conducted
under the auspices of the chief rabbi and the Israeli museums"
(page 55).

     Now, this book by J was written in 2007, or published in
2007. Have you heard any breaking news that they have discovered
this vessel with the red heifer ashes? With all the modern space
age tech stuff from NASA, you would think they would have
discovered something by now, especially since the Israeli museums
are said to be involved. 
     It sure seems like the Jews are making it very hard on
themselves to build this third Temple, if they really have the
over-powering desire to go back to the days of Moses. The truth
of the matter is, it is only fundamentalists like J that teach
the over-powering idea that a third Temple must be built before
Jesus can come in glory, and yes a few religious Jews. The
majority in the Israeli government have no interest in a Temple
and re-instituting the days of Moses, and the average person in
the State of Israel could care less, they just want peace and to
have a prosperous life.

     J finishes this page 55 by saying, "Recovering these sacred
artifacts is KEY (my emphasis) to re-building the Temple."

     Again, how hard these fundamentalists and few Jews make it
for themselves in getting to rebuild this Temple. You wait for
another ten years, and this new book by J will be given away by
the stores that may have a few copies left, and his theories and
hidden treasure stuff, will be so out of date, he'll have to come
up with another book to keep perpetuating this fundamental
teaching that a temple MUST be built before Jesus can return.


     J tells us that an archaeological team and one of his
friends, with information from the Copper Scroll set out to
discover the oil of anointing lost since the first century.  The
reached Cave 11 in Qumran and found a clay vessel that contained
oil that had solidified as a jelly like substance.
     J tells us that there was 5 ingredients used in the oil for
anointing kings. The technical word for this oil is "shemen
     The 5 ingredients are found in Exodus 30:23-26, 30-31).

     Apparently, says J, when this solidified oil was analyzed,
it was shown to be composed of the exact 5 ingredients as given
by God to Moses. He claims Carbon-14 radioactive dating put this
oil at nearly 2 thousand years, from the time of the Second
Temple of Herod's day.
     J tells us that intensive testing by the Pharmaceutical
Department of the Hebrew University established that the oil
inside the clay vessel was the ancient oil of anointing. It was
supposedly given to the two chief rabbis of Israel for
safekeeping (pages 56-57).

     Then we see again from J how hard the Jews have made for
themselves, to ever build this Temple and re-establish the laws
of Moses regarding Temple service and sacrifice. We are led to
believe the Jews WANT to build this temple, yet at the same time
we are told all the nitty-gritty, one, two, three, and more
things needed to re-institute this Temple and its services.
     J says that some Jewish scholars argue that the inability to
create the legitimate oil of anointing would prevent the Jews
from ever resuming legitimate Temple worship. Supposedly without
the oil of anointing it would be impossible to anoint the sacred
objects and the priests.
     But as J puts it, "However, the discovery of this ancient
sample of the oil of anointing makes it possible to anoint the
Temple, the sacred vessels, the Cohanim [priests descended
directly from the sons of aaron], and the Messiah-King of Israel"
(page 58).

     J then goes on to say that with this oil found, the Temple
can be rebuilt, and all in it can be anointed. He finishes this
section with "When the Lord returns, the oil of anointing will be
used to usher in His messianic rule" (page 58).

     Hummmmm .... all sounds kinda nice, you would say. well we
have only J to say all this as to what he states is TRUE! I think
I'll do a check on the Internet, maybe you can do the same, and
see if there is anything, or anyone in Israel, who can verify
what J has told us. Quite frankly, the fundamentalists have lied
before to uphold their teaching on a "must have a physical Temple
before Jesus can return" teaching. In the early 1980s some
reports were circulated that the stones for the Temple were at
dock-side in the USA waiting to be shipped over to Israel. It
turned out to be just one big lie, as there never was any stones
at any sea-port in the USA, going to be shipped over to Israel.

     The oil of anointing does not have to be there to be used on
the coming Messiah. I do not think God needs to be anointed with
physical oil to take His position as King of kings and Lord of
lord, as ruler of this world, when He comes again.

     Now the reader may like to go on the Internet and learn more
about the Copper Scroll than J tells you about. I suggest "Vandyl
Jones Research Institutes" on the Copper Scroll. You can type in
also Archaeology/Discoveries - the Copper Scroll.

     We have gone for 57 years since this Copper Scroll was
discovered in 1952, and with modern space-age technology this
Scroll has not produced the "theological message" that J would
like you to believe. Secondly, the bottom line is that it is not
some Copper Scroll from the Essenes or whoever wrote it, that
gives the truth of the Word of the Lord. The Bible only is the
inspired Word of God. And its prophetic messages tell you the
future. The coming of the Messiah in glory is NOT RELATED in any
way to the "must have a physical Temple in Jerusalem" teaching,
BEFORE Jesus can return to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.


     J goes into some detail from pages 58-61 on the so-called
"Ezekiel Tablets." "There is a theory that stone tablets
containing the next of the book of Ezekiel were buried in the
tomb of the prophet, which still exists in Iraq" (page 59).
     You will notice please the word "theory."

          J goes on to relate stories about people taking or
trying to take, books or scrolls from the supposed tomb of
Ezekiel. A close friend of J's was allowed to view these
mysterious Ezekiel Tablets in 1952, which contain the major
portion of the text of Ezekiel. Well to cut a long story short, J
was in the dark corner of a special library in Jerusalem and
discovered an elusive reference to the Copper Scroll in "an
enormous group of documents and volumes that covered the entire
wall of the library" (page 60).
     Some leading Dead Sea Scroll scholar at the end of his text
gave a photo of marble tablets in ancient Hebrew script
containing a history of the treasures lost six centuries earlier
from Solomon's Temple (586 BC) and the secret hiding places of
those treasures, said to be near Mount Carmel in northern Israel.

     J says, "Prudence forces me to refrain from providing the
topographical details of the secret sites the priests used to
hide these treasures from Solomon's Temple" (page 61).

     Of course J hopes from these two tablet texts that more
treasures from Solomon's Temple will be found.

     Don't hold your breath, we are in 2009, with many space-age
tech stuff and the glories of Solomon's Temple have still to be
found. Even if they were to be found, it all has nothing to do
with the truth of Bible Scripture that does NOT TEACH a physical
Temple with Jews sacrificing animals, MUST come to be, before
Jesus can return to earth. The lengths and depths fundamental
"scholars" will dig up (excuse the archaeological pun, which was
intended) to try and "amplify" with buried treasure stuff to
enhance their "temple must be built" teaching, is truly amazing
at times.


To be continued

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