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The New Temple and Second Coming #1

Location found ... so why the Delay?

                    THE NEW TEMPLE AND SECOND COMING #1

An answer to Grant Jeffrey and his 2007 book - from Keith Hunt

     I picked up Jeffrey's book "The Triumphant Return and the
the coming Kingdom of God" at the large "Chaperts" book store we
have across Canada. It was on the sale table. A number of copies
were there, it was under $5. That book was written in 2001. I
guess it had run its race, just about nobody was still interested
I guess, was going the way of Hal Linsay books of the 1980s -
just speculative nonsense, that had no reality to it, and
whatever copies the "book stores" had left, they were just about
ready to give away.

     But old Jeffrey is not about to give up, a new book, coming
from a different angle was needed, so he's written it. It's all
about the supposed Bible truth that the Scriptures teach there
MUST BE, WILL BE, a literal physical Temple build on the site of
the Dome of the Rock, by Jews, in the last days, who will then
practice the laws of Moses regarding animal sacrifices.

     On the front cover of this new book are the words: "The
Prophecy that Points to Christ's Return in Your Generation."  On
the back of the book is says: "An array of new archaeological
finds and revealing discoveries lead to a stunning conclusion:
The generation Alive Today will witness the Return of Christ."

     Now that is pretty smart at a publicity stunt, or a hit
between the eyes, kinda sure and dogmatic sounding. But when you
think about what he has stated, he has been clever enough to
cover his tracks. For what generation will ever read his book he
has an endless generation of generations for which it will say
the same thing. Today, you could be 8 years old reading his book,
and if you live to be 80, Jeffrey gives himself plenty of time
yet. Then in 10 years if you can find his book anywhere, and say
you are 15 years old, Jeffrey's words to YOU could be another 65
years if you live to be 80 years old.

     So the book starts off on the front cover to be somewhat eye
catching if you are religious at all, yet clever to cover his
tracks, if Jesus does not come yet for another 25 years or more.

     On page 4 Jeffrey (I'll call him J from here on out to make
it short) says it would seem that because of the the political
and religious and physical obstacles for Jews to build a Temple
on the site of the Dome of the Rock, most would think it
impossible. Of course he tells you the Bible "teaches" that this
will be done. I have shown in various studies, the Bible teaches
no such thing. But that would be the quick answer to J. I though
do want to give you what he teaches and my answers to it all.

     On page 5, J claims Jesus was giving some indication that
the Jewish Sanhedrin will "indeed be fulfilling its duties in the
last days. Later in his book he talks about the so-called
"present" Sanhedrin, being now established in the State of
Israel. He does not offer you to go to their Website, BUT I WILL!
Yes, type in "Sanhedrin" and let Google bring it up for you. I
encourage you to read their Website, but not just the first few
pages. You need to take the time to read all they say. When you
do you will find some very revealing facts and statements. And it
all blows away like a house of cards the "significance" and
"prophetic" wonder this is all supposed to be by J and his kin.

     He tries to tell you the Jews are just praying, praying, and
in so much desire to have this "temple" once more in Jerusalem.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Most Jews in Israel and
around the world, are not "religious" - they are secular. The
Israeli Government is secular not religious. They could not care
less about some religious Temple with animal sacrifices being
perform. It is only a small, very small sect, of Jews, a
fanatical sect in reality, that desire a physical Temple to
perform the laws of Moses in, with animal sacrifices a large
part. And it is only the fundamental folly of the fundamental
sect of Christianity that claim such a physical Temple MUST come
before Christ can return, while at the same time they teach a
"secret rapture" of the church can happen at any given second.

     On page 6, J tells you that this Temple will be built on the
most passionately contested piece of real estate on earth - which
is where the Dome of the Rock is. Oh according to J they, the
rabbis, are drawing up detailed architectural plans and
gathering together all the lost treasures for this Temple they
will erect. Key figures of Orthodox Jewish leaders has, he says,
thrown their support behind these efforts.
     Now, that frankly does not say as much as it may sound, for
"orthodox" Judaism is pretty nutty in its true understanding of
the Bible, and they sure do not want to support any belief in
Christ as the Messiah, in fact many "orthodox" Jewish families
will dis-own a son or daughter that accepts Jesus Christ as Lord
and Savior.

     J goes on to point out that after the war of 1967 Moshe
Dayan met with the 5 leaders of the Supreme Muslim Religious
Council. Dayan, a nonreligious Jew gave administrative control to
the Arabs. Dayan ordered the Israeli flag to be removed from the
Dome of the Rock. Also administrative control of the Temple Mount
was given to Supreme Muslim Religious council. Jews could visit
the Temple Mount but all prayer or reading of Scripture by Jews
or Christians was forbidden. J admits the Arabs to this day
control this area, but then says God has called on His people to
rebuild the Temple. J says this is a commandment by God, and the
Scriptures reveal the Temple will be rebuilt before the Messiah
returns to earth.

     NO!! God has NOT commanded anyone to rebuild the Temple,
that is all in the minds of some fanatical Jews and the wrong
understanding by the fundamental prophets of Scripture.

     We come to J's chapter called "Preparing the Way for the
Third Temple." J goes to 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 and gives you
some guy from way back, Lactantius by name. It is said this
fellow wrote about a seven year tribulation and a rebuilt Temple.

     A 7 year end-time tribulation is nowhere mentioned in the
Scriptures, it is 42 months in Revelation, with Daniel 12 adding
about two extra months.
     What Paul was teaching in 2 Thes. 2  is covered in full
depth in a study on this Website. It is another passage the
fundamentals have got wrong. I simply here encourage you to study
that study, it is either under "prophecy" or "end time" on this

     J goes to Revelation 11 and 2 Thessalonians and Daniel
8:14. I have covered these passages either in the New Testament
Bible Story or in prophetic studies under "prophecy" or "end
times." These passages teach nothing like J would want you to
believe they teach. 

     Page 21, J goes into the debate surrounding the Temple's
Location. He tries to claim the idea that the Dome of the Rock is
where it must be built, may not be as correct as often taught. He
goes back to Revelation 11 with some ideas of his own. I will ask
the reader to find and read what the old fundamental scholar
Albert Barnes wrote about this chapter in his "Barnes' Note on
the New Testament." If J has read it he ain't going to tell you,
he would probably not want you to know, it would blow his theory

     J admits no one is saying the Dome of the Rock would be
cleared away by Israel so they could build a Jewish Temple in its
place. J admits the evidence is that the Dome of the Rock will
stand there until "at least during the Tribulation" (page 22).

     So, yes you should be guessing what he's now going to do. J
will try to persuade you that the old Herodian Temple was not
where the Dome of the Rock now stands, but in another part of
that area that may be the size of a square block. Some huge
stones have have been found so says J, 65 feet below the current
surface of the Temple Mount. Supposedly some unknown gate of
Solomon's Temple, several hundred feet has been discovered
extending to the Western Wall. With some passage-ways leading to
the Beautiful Gate and the sealed Easter Gate, then he thinks
Herod's Temple and Solomon's Temple lied north of the Dome of the
     So J also claims on the same page that this early discovery
goes back to the early 1980s. Oh, that would count for old Hal
Linsay and others bringing out books in the early 1980s to claim the
Temple was just about read to be built and Jesus would return
before 1990. Why they even had the stones for the Temple at some
USA dock ready to ship over to Israel, so one report read. It
turned out to be fundamental lies and not one word of truth in
it. I have to question how many lies J has given us so far. If
they are absolutely certain the Temple of Solomon and Herod was
no where near the Dome of the Rock, why, with everything they
have supposedly got ready, have they not STARTED to build a
Temple?  The truth is that there are so many other items that the
Jews have erected for themselves in building this Temple, as J
will explain later, that even if they were sure it would not take
one square foot away from the Arabs, it would still make the
fanatical effort just about impossible. J claims they have known
where the previous two Temples were build, away from the Dome of
the Rock, yet there is not one slightest move to even petition
the secular Israeli government to back the re-building of a
Temple to administer the Temple laws of Moses.
     Of course J does not want you to even think about such
matters, as the human logic which has not got close to human logic
never mind the illogic of a religious sect, that just about
nobody but their relatively few members, care anything about in
the first place.

     On page 25 J gives you some more tunnels and cisterns,
treasure rooms, guardrooms, etc. that once more are claimed as
the area where up above would not be under the Dome of the Rock.
So lots of things, lots of tunnels, and whatever rooms down
there. So why have not these fanatical Jews been pushing the
Israeli government into serious talks to build this Temple, as it
would not disturb the Dome of the Rock? It's because the
Government is not interested in the plight of something that
belongs in the PARS of the Jewish mind, a little part in the mind
of some small Jewish sect. Even trying to build a Temple 100 or
150 feet away from the Dome of the Rock would rock the boat (pun
untended) and you would see bloodshed. The Israeli Government is
wise enough to not touch that picture with a hundred foot pole.
The Jews have their Wailing Wall, the Arabs have their Dome of
the Rock to worship at - the Israeli Government is wise to say
you both have your place of worship in freedom, so leave it be,
just leave it be.

     We now go to the LOCATION of the most Holy place, starting
with page 26. J claims the true site of the ancient Temple is
located by a small Arabic cupola known as Qubbat al-Arwah, or the
Dome of the Spirits. This structure is located more than one
hundred fifty feet to the north of the Dome of the Rock. It has a
flat foundation stone, which J says: "The structure's two names
may well reveal ancient knowledge that this stone is, in fact, the
foundation stone that supported the ark of the covenant." And of
course the ark contained the tablets of the Law and was kept in
the most Holy place in Solomon's Temple.
     J points out to us that in 1896, a short distance southeast
of the Dome of the Spirits, British archaeologists located a
cistern that in ancient times was between the Temple porch and
the altar of sacrifice. J claims the discovery of this cistern
helps identify the location of the most Holy place of the Temple, 
which when all is said and done you are to believe was north of 
the Dome of the Rock. J tells us "The Third Temple can be built 
on the exact location of Solomon's Temple, and the Holy of Holies 
in its original location on this ancient foundation stone. J goes 
on to tell us: "Israel could rebuild the Temple without disturbing the
Dome of the Rock." You would not build the "court of the
Gentiles" (Revelation 11:1-2) and so both the Dome of the Rock
and Al-Aqsa Mosque would be undisturbed. This Temple, the third
one, would be more than one hundred fifty feet north of the
Muslim shrines.

     Wow! Now isn't that nice! And they have known this since
1896!! Do you also get the feeling that J is hoping the Israeli
government and the small sect of Jews will read what he has
written and say, "Oh my, we could have build the Temple decades
ago. Let's get moving and build it!" 
     The truth is the Israeli Government is "secular" and they
could care less about building a "temple" so Jews can perform
animal sacrifices and Jesus can return again. The Israeli
Government would NOT even dare build a Temple even 150 feet away
from two of the most sacred sites in the world for Muslims. And
with everything else the fanatical Jewish sect have "got in
place" according to this book by J ... the sect has not yet moved
to build a Temple 150 feet away from the Dome of the Rock. Oh,
forgot, that it maybe because they have not yet got the "red
heifer" - it has to be so pure, not even one hair can be white.
You talk about making it hard for themselves - then could it be
they deliberately want it to be hard so they can talk about
building a Temple, so the fundamental prophets can talk about it,
but NEVER DO IT! Surely they could find a pure red heifer
somewhere in the world, maybe a little red paint would help, if
they are so desperate to build a Temple, now that J claims the
original Solomon's Temple was 150 feet away from the Dome of the
     The verses from Revelation 11:1-2 .... again see the
commentary by Albert Barnes which I quote in length on my Study
of Revelation in the "New Testament Bible Story." It has nothing to
do with a physical Temple.

     According to J some people and an Orthodox Jewish group
calling itself Netemanei Har Habayit, the "Faithful of the Temple
Mount," has built a detailed model of the Temple. A fund has been
established to collect donations. J claims a source in Israel has
told him that over the last century, millions of dollars have
been set aside in wills and trusts by Jews who want to help in
building a Temple.
     I would like to see concrete proof of this, for the lies
that have been perpetrated over the decades past concerning this
"Temple" are many.
     J claims that on February 11, 1996, the Temple Mount and
Land of Israel Faithful Movement, an orthodox Jewish group hired
the Gallup Organization to survey Israeli attitudes regarding
building a Temple. The survey found, it is stated, 58 percent of
those polled agreed Israel should build a Temple. The younger
generation were said to be the most in favor of it.

     Now, I wonder who they polled, was it random, off the street
people, or was it selected, among "Jewish religious" people.
Surveys can be surveyed to meet the ends of those wanting the
survey. You will note it was "orthodox" Jews who wanted the
survey. Did they survey the Israeli Government on the matter.
Well, whatever  ... the fact remains, no matter how J puts it,
the Temple is nowhere near being built, they are still as far
away from building it as they were 100 year ago.

     At the end of this chapter J is so dogmatic, well the true
site has been found he claims, a priesthood is being trained, a
new Sanhedrin is there, the Temple Mount is in Israeli hands, and
so the prophets describe the coming Temple, and the Messiah's
footsteps can be heard as He can then return.

     The prophets DO NOT foretell the building of a physical
Temple BEFORE Jesus can return! The so-called new Sanhedrin is
not as J would like you to believe. Go to their Website and get
the truth of the whole picture on this Sanhedrin by reading ALL
they have posted up. It is not at all like J tries to tell you.
     The Israeli Government could care less about building a
Temple anywhere near the Dome of the Rock. The general population
of the State of Israel are "secular" and they could care less
either about some relatively small fanatical sect of Judaism
wanting to build a Temple. Certainly the "animal rights" people
would be against the killing of so many animals in religious
worship; they would never allow such a practice. The Arabs would
never allow a Jewish Temple to be built so close to the Dome of
the Rock. Why don't these "temple builders" just pick another
place miles away from the Dome of the Rock? They do not because
they teach the Temple must be where the Dome of the Rock now
stands, and either do not believe or just ignore what J wants
them to believe, that the original site of Solomon's Temple was
150 feet away from the Dome of the Rock, for them nothing will do
but building the Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock, and
the religious Arabs, Muslims, would never allow that in a
thousand years.

     The coming of the Lord does NOT require a physical Temple to
be built in Jerusalem, where animals sacrifices are again
instituted. I have a number of in-depth studies under "prophecy"
and "end times" on this Website that show you the truth of the
matter on this subject. The prophecies of the Bible have nothing
to do with an end time Temple being built in Jerusalem before
Christ comes again!


To be continued 

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