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Morning Star - Jesus or Satan?

Passages seem to Contradict

                    THE MORNING STAR - JESUS OR SATAN?

Someone emailed me:

Keith, I came across a dilemma regarding the Morning Star which
is known as Lucifer. The OT and the NT have conflicting views of
the Morning Star and I need some help.

Isaiah 14:12 NIV

How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn!
You have been cast down, to the earth, you who once laid low the

2 Peter 1:19 NIV

And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you
will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a
dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in
your hearts.

Revelation 2:28 NIV

I will also give him the morning star. 

Revelation 22:16 NIV

"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the
churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the
bright Morning Star."

Why do they conflict? If Lucifer in the OT is the Morning Star,
Venus, who fell from grace and will be judged, then why does
Jesus in the NT say he is the Morning Star, Venus (Goddess of
Love and a Planet)? Are they the same? Please do not point me to
your web site to research. I am conducting a ton of research and
need some quick answers and some personal help.

I am really confused... 


The Godhead (two eternal beings, we know them today as Father and
Son) created all that can be seen and all that cannot be seen -
Col.1:12-19. Hence all the beings in the "spirit world" were
created at some point in the ages of past eternity.  

One being, was created that once was one of the covering cherubim
over the throne of God. We see the realm of his creation in
Ezekiel 28 as type and anti-type blend into each other - the king
of Tyrus. A physical human could not be applied to verses 12-17
(first part). This anointed cherub was a creation that was as
high as that spirit creation could be. See how God speaks of him
in those verses. He was bright, full of created wisdom, perfect
in beauty, dazzling; given right to the very throne of God, a
covering cherub (relating to the Tabernacle that Moses was
instructed to build, with two covering cherubim over the mercy
seat of the typified throne of God in the holy of holies). God's
creation of this being was perfect, but with a freedom of will to
do iniquity if that being so chose (verse 15).

That created covering cherub being was given at some point, this
earth to watch over, care for. There may have been other things
outside of this earth to care for, but as this earth was going to
be a special place in the working and plan of God, this covering
cherub had this earth as part of his job. 

We know from the NT that the Father was planning to create human
kind on this earth, with also freedom of choice, to obey and
serve God, or to rebel and do iniquity. We are told Jesus, as we
know him today, the Lamb of God was to come and die for sinners,
a plan of redemption, before the world began - see 1 Peter

The Angels are often used, as many places of the Bible show us,
to serve and help, relate messages, show things to humans. The
book of Daniel is a fine example. Angels coming to John the
baptist father, telling him John would be born; angels coming to
Mary and Joseph; and many other places throughout the Bible, as
angels serving and being a light, a guide, an interpreter,
showing forth truth, righteousness, wisdom, power, perfectness,
and all that we can identify with a Holy God.

The "covering cherub" had ALL of this under his wings (cherubim
have wings) so to speak. It was all at his disposal in eventually
helping and serving the physical mankind God the Father was going
to create on this physical "blue planet" known as "earth."

We pick up the story of this covering cherub in Isaiah 14:12-15.
In verse 13 this cherub, who was privileged to be called "day
star" (KJV margin) and "son of the morning." God using "symbolism"
for our benefit, to convey to the human mind a truth and lesson
of truth. The cherub was likened to the "day star" in that it brings
light of day; light being used in the Bible to represent truth
and righteousness, holiness, perfectness, goodness, and all that
can be thought of as the holy character of God. This cherub  was
a created son of the morning, of light, of holy righteousness.
This cherub was not created in darkness; we have seen his
creation in Ezekiel 28. 

So it is true that way back when, God could name this created
being as "day star" - son of the morning. This created being was
given shall we say, this "title" - this name plate; identifying
him with everything that was holy light and perfectness and

But this cherub being was not satisfied with such an honor as
this; he wanted MORE!! He wanted the VERY THRONE of God (The
Father as we known Him today). He at some point ascended into
heaven to do battle with the Father and the One we known today as
Christ Jesus. This being wanted to overthrow the very Godhead,
and be the sole ruler of the universe. As Ezekiel 28 tells us,
this cherub being was perfect, sinless, UNTIL iniquity was found
in him. This spirit being CHOSE to rebel, chose to go the way of
lawlessness, the way of sin, the way of wickedness, the pathway
of un-righteousness. We find in Revelation 12, this now (when he
turned to iniquity) great-red-dragon (interpreted for us in verse
9 as the Devil - Satan) drew a third part of the "stars" with him
(star interpreted for us in Rev.1:20 as "angel") in his
rebellious fight with the Godhead.
We are told in Rev.12:7-12 that yet ONE MORE time Satan will try
to do battle in heaven against the Godhead and the righteous
This being now called Satan the Devil, will not win in that
battle either, but will be cast back to this earth for a "short
time" and will be responsible for inspiring a persecution of
saints, some having to die for the faith once delivered to the
saints, just as it has been from time to time throughout the ages
of human history.

When this cherub chose to live and practice iniquity as Ezekiel
28 tells us, then he lost all names and titles that told of the
light of truth and holiness and righteousness that those names
and titles give forth.

In the process of time, the second member of the Godhead (the
truth of God and the Godhead is given in many studies on this
Website), was willing to put aside being in the Godhead, was
willing to come to this earth as Immanuel, meaning God with us -
God in the flesh. He was willing to be tempted in all points as
we are, as the NT says, but without yielding to any temptation,
and so remained absolutely sinless all of His physical life, from
birth to death in the flesh.

This Jesus as He was called, the Christ, anointed One, of the
Father, OVERCAME Satan the Devil. This Christ WON the victory
over sin and Satan. This Messiah brought true light, perfect
light, holy righteousness to mankind, as He Himself lived as a
physical human person.

The Messiah Christ Jesus QUALIFIED with a sinless human life, to
be granted a name above all names, a place back in the Godhead on
the Father's right hand, as He had in eternity past, before
coming to earth as a human being. All of this truth is in other
studies on this Website. Jesus then was the true light, which
lighteth every man that comes into the world (John 1:9). Jesus
acted then as the light of day, the day star. He the Christ was
the "son of the morning" - in typology then the Son of holy
bright glorious truth and righteousness of the Father.

The "title" or shall we say "badge" that once the covering cherub
was given, but lost, when he moved into iniquity, was rightly NOW
GIVEN for all eternity to the One who had clearly proved to be
eternally worthy of such a name "Morning Star" - "Son of Light."

So we see in the book of Revelation that Jesus now has many names
and titles. As you read through Revelation you will, if you take
note, find them. And one name or title is that it is HE that now
has the name "bright and morning star." Jesus has forever, in
overcoming Satan and sin while in the flesh, earned the right for
all eternity, never to have it taken away, the title of "bright
and morning star."

All that God the Father could possibly place on anyone, any
symbol of light and truth and perfectness, is now and forever
placed upon the Son of God.

Satan the Devil could no longer, when iniquity was found in him,
hold any name or title that shows forth light and truth. There is
now only darkness and iniquity in the once covering bright

It is Jesus who is the "bright and morning star"!

And Jesus will SHARE with US, His glory, when we see Him we shall
be like him (1 John 3:1-3). He calls us His brothers and sister
(Hebrews 1). He will give us also "the bright and morning star"
symbolism of reality.  We are, if truly IN Christ, joint-heirs
with Christ (Romans 8:17). We can be truth and light and
perfectness forever. When glorified we shall be like the Father
and Son in that we shall not even be tempted to sin. We shall
then be above the angels. All fully explained in my study called
"A Christian's Destiny" on this Website. 


Keith Hunt (February 2008) 

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