Keith Hunt - The MORMON MASSACRE of 1857 Restitution of All

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It's history Now recorded in a Movie!

                            THE MORMON MASSACRE

                             OF SEPTEMBER 1857

It's all documents history. It's all fact. It happened. It has
been denied, hidden, concealed, and just about erased from anyone
finding out. But for those who have searched the history, it is

It has taken till 2007 to revealed the truth of the matter. Now
it is on record in the film world. It is called "September Dawn"
if you can find it anywhere to rent or view.

It is the true HORRIBLE story of the Mormon church in Utah
(Joseph Smith's Church of Latter Day Saints) and the massacre it
undertook of a wagon train of 120 men, women and children (16
children spared who were not old enough to speak; they were put 
into Mormon families and it was one and a half years before the 
Government could track them down and unite them with blood 

It was filmed in Alberta, Canada (you'll see some lovely scenery 
of Alberta). I well remember the time in the summer of 2007, as a 
friend at the Griffin Valley Ranch (where I keep my horse) was an
"extra actors" as they call them). He was the first to tell me
about it, that is the Mormon church in Utah and their massacre of
those 120 human beings.

I've only now (November 2008) managed to obtain the DVD of the

You have the "special features" on it that go into the historical
facts and an interview of one historian as he relates the facts
to you, as well as descendants of the people who were part of the
wagon train.

It is CHILLING. It is a movie that shows you the stark reality of
"religious fanatics" and cults that can not only control peoples
minds and actions, but can even also believe in "killing" in the
name of God. Only ONE Mormon man was ever convicted and executed 
for this wagon train massacre.

I am reminded of the Jim Jones religion of Christianity, where in
the end 50 or so actually were willing to kill themselves and
their children on his orders, some years ago. That story could
well be on the Internet, I have not looked.....Well I did just look
and it is; and was I ever out on how many killed themselves
in Jonestown - it was 913!  Another guy thinking he was God's 
prophet and spoke for the Lord. Some of the religious nut cases 
down through the centuries, of course the Roman Catholic church
has had many, also guilty of bastardly crimes against humanity!

I first came into contact with the Mormons when I was 21 years
old. Had been in Canada about 3 year. I had come into a number
of truths in the Bible; the truth about death, heaven and hell.
These two well dressed fellows about my age, came knocking on the
door, introducing themselves. I let them in and they told me
about the Mormon church and Joseph Smith, and the book of Mormon.
I was polite to them, not knowing anything about the Church of
Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. They gave me a book of
Mormon. They asked if they could come back. I said yes.

About a week later they returned. I had had time to read quite a
bit of the book of Mormon, and see the many errors and
theological mistakes when compared to the Bible.

We started into a Bible study. I had them talk about death, what
happens to us at death, and a number of other theological issues
they brought up. I was going to the Bible to answer them, to show
them their errors and mistakes. Wellllll .... those two well
dressed "polite" (you thought) young men, my age, got so
frustrated with me answering them from the Bible Scriptures,
which contradicted their theology based on Joseph Smith and the
book of Mormon. Yes, you may think I'm pulling your leg, but it
is as true as God is my witness, those two young guys slammed
shut the Bible they had (along with the book of Mormon), stood up
and with red faced ANGER, walked out shouting at me, "Well the
Bible is too hard to understand anyway, that is why we have the
book of Mormon."

Let me say BLUNTLY to you, the MORMON church is a CULT!!!

It has BLOOD on its hands, literally, in its history.

You need to get as FAR AWAY from it as east is from the west. 
You need to STAND UP and if needed tell people, the TRUTH about
the Mormon religion, when and if you need to.

If you can, obtain that movie "September Dawn" - it will shock
you as to how FAR some cultic religions will go. There are many
things wrong and deceptive about the Mormon church, but that time
in September 1857 is the most shocking of all.

Keith Hunt (November 2008) 


It is now 4:30 a.m. and I still cannot sleep, being so upset by this
movie. It's a part of American history that needed to be told, I am 
glad it was. But the bastardly horrific things that men can do to
other innocent and unarmed (they had tricked them into giving up
their guns) men, women, and children, is disgustingly SICK! And done
in the pretence of serving God's will. No wonder Jesus said that it would 
be more tolerable for some than others in the judgment: "The men of 
Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation (and those Mormons
guilty of murder in God's name), and shall condemn it: because they
repented at the preaching of Jonas, and, behold a greater than Jonas
is here (Mat.12:41). Those so-called "religious men" of 1857, that killed
so many in cold blood, will have MUCH to answer for one day, much indeed! 

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