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The MARK of the Beast?

Is it the Micro chip or ....?

                          THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

                           IS IT THE MICRO CHIP?


                                Keith Hunt

     In the early 1980s a whole bag full of articles came out
from some fundamental Protestant groups and some Seventh Day
observing churches, or/and individuals in such religious avenues.

     I read articles that the "mark of the Beast" of the book of
Revelation was the code bars on store products. Then articles
came out that projected the high tech space science of the micro
chip was the mark of the Beast, and how it will be placed under
the skin of the hand or forehead. It would keep track of you day
and night. Under the Beast system you would have to have it to be
able to "buy and sell."

     The book of Revelation does indeed talk about a mark from
the Beast power. Here are all the passages that talk about this
mark. Revelation: 

Rev. 13:16,17; 14:9,11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; 20:4.

     You may like to read them all before continuing.

     This end time Beast power will cause all, both small and
great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their
right hand or forehead, And no one can buy or sell unless they
have this mark; or the name of the Beast, or the number of his
     You will notice then that some may not have the mark per se
but still cannot buy or sell unless they have the name of the
Beast, or the number of his name (Rev.13:16,17).

     Now I wonder why all those articles on the "mark" did not
also talk about those who did not have the mark? Verse 17 surely
says that to be able to buy and sell, you must EITHER have the
mark, the name of the Beast, or the number of his name, which
verse 18 says is the number of a man - the somewhat famous 666!

     So the mark, the number of the Beast and the its name, are
all lumped together as belonging to the whole, which if you are
part of, will enable you to live and buy and/or sell.

     If you have this mark and are entangled with the Beast power
you will face having one day, a grievous sore, one of the last
plagues to be poured out on the earth from a judgmental God

     The "mark" and "worshipping" the Beast's image is a
DECEPTION (Rev.19:20).

     There is REWARD for those who DO NOT receive this mark, or
name of the Beast, or worship its image (Rev.20:4; 15:2) - they
will be on the sea of glass with God - they will reign with
Christ during the 1,000 year age.

     Now read Revelation 14:9-11. 

     The end result of the people having the mark, or/and who
worship the Beast and his image, is not any pleasure at all, they
will be dealt with in no uncertain terms and method by a just and
righteous God.

     From those last verses we have read in Revelation 14, are
you beginning to get the picture? I do not think the many who
have written articles on what they think will be the space age
implant from the Beast power, have got the picture. 

     Just stop now and use a little Bible logic sense. What would
it take for a loving, merciful God to destroy human beings in the
way Revelation 14, verses 9-11 tell you about? 
     If you are still having trouble figuring this one. Then I'll
approach it from another angle. What is it that will take people
to the point that God will have to destroy them?

     Ah, yes, it is SIN! It is UNrepented SIN! It is living,
wanting to live a life that will not admit what sin IS! It is
people who will NOT conform to the holy righteous ways of the
Eternal God!

     SIN as opposed to RIGHTEOUSNESS! The way of life that God
wants people to be willing to WANT, to LOVE, to PRACTICE, to AIM
for, as opposed to the ways that are in opposite direction from a
Holy Perfect God. The Bible calls that way, that direction going
in the opposite direction from the path that the Almighty is
travelling, that WRONG way is SIN! The whole scope of the Bible
is to call people from SIN to REPENTANCE, to admit our sins, to
want MERCY, to desire to TURN away from all that is contrary to
the righteous, good, wholesome, perfect, ways of the Lord!

     It is ONLY those who WILL NOT REPENT of sin that God will
punish with DESTRUCTION as you read of in Revelation 14:9-11.

     And with that in mind, as it is truth from one end of the
Bible to the other end, we now have to let the Holy One INTERPRET
for us, in His WORD, we call the Bible, EXACTLY WHAT SIN IS!

     Sin is NOT defined by us humans. It is not a human person
that tells you WHAT SIN IS! Sin can only be defined by the One who
is PERFECT and HOLY, who is SINLESS! 
     It is God who tells us THROUGHOUT His word WHAT sin is.

     He has given us enough instruction, enough examples, enough
stories, enough TEACHING in His word, for us to KNOW what sin is.

     If you have read and studied the Bible for a length of time,
let me ask you, is sin bar codes on a bottle of shampoo? How
about code bars on a chocolate bar? Maybe on a tooth brush? How
about on a tin of soup? Maybe sin is the code bars on a tin of
dog food, or cat food? How about on a package of paper towels?

     I hope many of you are laughing right about now. Of course
we know sin is not code bars on such products we buy from the
grocery store.

     Is it sin for someone to invent a system of buying that
makes it fast and easy to check out of the line? Of course not!
What on earth would you have to do to make bar codes become sin?
I guess if you figure a way out to "make no effect" the bar codes
and you walk out of the store with the item, then it is sin, not
that the bar codes themselves become sin, but you have sinned by
stealing, and breaking one of the Ten great Commandment!

     A government introducing bar codes on products is not
sinning by so doing. If the government introduces laws in the
land that are sin as far as God is concerned, and that government
tries to force you to obey those laws, and you do, then yes, you
are sinning. Not because of some physical I.D. you have on you
that tells people you are who you are (I carry around in my
wallet, my birth certificate), but you sin, because you obey a
law that is fully and completely against the holy righteousness
of God. 
     If that be the case we are in the same situation Peter was
at one time, when he had to say, "I must obey God first ..."
(Acts 5:29), not the laws of men who legislate man-made laws that
are going in the opposite direction from the way God is going.

     Is sin carrying a DEBIT card with you, to use when buying
things? The card is made of plastic, I've never seen in the word
of the Lord where plastic is sin. It has a number on it, I've
never seen that numbers per se are sin. Having such a tool to do
bank transactions with when buying stuff, is not sin, I've never
seen in the Bible where such a bank tool is sin. If you find it
there, please let me know. I speak in jest.

     Maybe it is sin to have credit cards, like Visa and Master-
Card. Again, if you find where such is sin in the Bible, let be
know which chapter and verse it is.

     Now, I've got it, it must be that Social-Insurance number we
all have, that is sin, and of the Devil, and maybe the mark of
the Beast. But before you run off and tell people our Social
Insurance number is sin and the mark of the Beast, I need you to
tell me HOW it makes me sin. What law of God have I broken to
have my name attached to a Social Insurance? Where does that make
me a sinner, who needs to repent? I've had a Social Insurance
number for 40 years now (it was about 40 years ago Canada
introduced every citizen to have a Social Insurance number - I
well remember getting one for the very first time in my life in
Canada). I cannot think where that number ever made me sin. Oh,
I've sinned alright during the last 40 years, but not by a piece
of plastic with a number on it in my wallet.

     On and on we could go with numbers and plastic we carry
around in our wallets or purses.

     Then, the science "chip" fanatics tell you, "Well by that
chip under your sin, the government can keep track of you. Keep
track of you, my, the chances are the country you live in has you
well filed in their system ALREADY. They just have to punch in
your Social Insurance number or your Birth Date, or your Drivers
License, and BINGO! Your up on their screen, in full technicolor!
I mean they have Satellites orbiting this earth in space that can
spy on YOU anywhere and anytime IF the government wants to do so.
Your already tracked .... and does all that tracking technology
MAKE me SIN? Does it all somehow FORCE me to DISOBEY God? To LIVE
contrary to His commandments and way of life? Of course it does

     So, with some kind of a "chip" under my skin to "track" me,
to debit my bank account when I buy something, is that of and by
itself the terrible mark of the Beast that will put me in fire
and brimstone, at the indignation of God, when He comes in the
person of Jesus Christ, as we see in Revelation 14:9-11?

     We already have "chips" of plastic in our wallets and
purses, to do business with, which are NOT sin, and of themselves
do not lead me to sin. So what if I have a chip under my skin one
day to help me do business. Is that of itself a sin for me to
have put on my skin. Will that chip FORCE me to sin against God?
I THINK NOT! But that is EXACTLY what these fanatical "skin chip"
preachers are saying to you. They tell you something like this will be
the mark of the Beast and if you have it on your skin you
automatically are IN SIN!

are not a sinner because you carry around with you a plastic card
with your Social Insurance number on it.

     Those who will be a part of the Beast system when the Beast
power controls the Western world, at the time of the end, will be

     Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of it all. If you've
already studied most of the prophetic studies on this Website,
I'm going to repeat what you've already come to know. 

     Jesus said at the time of the end, during the GREAT
Tribulation to come on this earth, that has never seen the like
of it before, nor ever shall again, many will BETRAY others, and
many of Jesus' followers will be delivered up to be killed (read
Matthew 24; Mark 13: Luke 21). Very own family members will
betray each other. If YOU live according to God's way of life,
you will stand OUT like a broken leg in a paster cast.
     A weekly STAND OUT will be that you will not go to church
services when the Beast power tells you to go. You will not even
KEEP Holy the same day of the week that the Beast power tells you
to observe as the "religious" Day of the Lord. You will STAND OUT
IMMEDIATELY because you will not work or do your own pleasure on
God's SEVENTH DAY SABBATH, being Saturday on the Roman calendar.

     You will not observe what the Beast power tells you are the
"festivals of the Lord." You will be observing God's Festivals of
Leviticus 23. But you will not even get that far, when they
discover you are observing Saturday and not Sunday, your chips
(pun intended) will be up ... you will come before the
"authorities" pretty darn quick. You will either have to FLEE to
the hills, the forests, the mountains, or you will face the wrath
of the Beast power - you will be killed. Jesus said it will
happen. There is coming an end time killing of the saints of God.
The other saints will flee to the wilderness, where God will
grant supernatural protection. That is all laid out in Revelation

     At that time, it will NOT MATTER, what plastic you have on
you, whether in your wallet or purse, or under your skin. Just
observing the correct weekly Sabbath will put you as an outcast.
You will have no CHOICE but to stand and die, or FLEE from
general society, not be able to buy or sell, not be able to work
in the work-a-day world of the Beast power.

     It will be JUST THAT SIMPLE! Either you die for the faith
once delivered or you flee from society.

     Sin will be serving the policies, the laws, the religious
rites, of the Beast power and the false prophet, who will, with
his lying wonders and miracles, deceive the Western world into a
false Christianity.

     Jesus said that at that time, many would come admitting
Jesus is the Christ, but will DECEIVE MANY, so false will be the
Christian religion that IF it was possible even the very elect
would be deceived (Matthew 24).

     The Beast power will have its system, will have might enough
to back up its laws with physical force. It will have a religious
image of itself, that also runs on the same kind of system of top
down government. Its MARK will be its political and religious
system. All of its number of a man I have explained in the study
called "The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation" on this Website.

     The whole system is the last resurrection of the Holy Roman
Empire. A civil government with a religious government. A
civil/military leader with - hand in hand with - a religious
Christian leader who can perform miracles. Religious Christian
DECEPTION will reach its highest point. People will either
readily accept this Catholic religion (and over One Billion -
every 6th person on earth does so already) or they will "go along
with it" to save their lives. THEY WILL HAVE BY THE WAY THEY
THINK (the mind - the forehead) AND THE WAY THEY LIVE (work with

     Serving the end time Beast power will give you the MARK, the
WORSHIP of its religious IMAGE and the serving of the political
Beast system itself. All THREE wrapped up in one package.

     You NEED NOT FEAR plastic, a Social Insurance number, a Data
Computer base, a chip of electronics on your skin. Those are NOT

     What you do need to FEAR is NOT SERVING the Lord in His true
ways, but serving the Beast in its false sinful ways, that are
against the holy laws of the Most High One. You need to fear
BRIMSTONE, in the presence of the Holy angels, and in the
presence of the Lamb of God.

     He that has an ear to hear SHOULD HEAR!


Written and Entered on this Website February 2008

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