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Serious Sins of a Minister

And Public Rebuke


by Keith Hunt

In answer to another minister back in 1983:

Thanks for your letter of Dec.5th and your concern over my sermon
"The Lord's Correction." 
I also want to follow the example of Jesus and the rest of the
Bible. While I agree with much of what you wrote I must disagree
on some points, and I see the examples of Jesus in a different
setting than you do.

From the point of man made laws, I must obey God rather than man
and if a large powerful opponent such as the Catholic Church
would try to silence me when the Lord tells me AT TIMES (and let
me assure you I do not very often speak about the sins of
PEOPLE THEIR SINS, then like the early apostles I must be
prepared to face the result.  It is time to stand like MEN, and
at times BOLDLY denounce the SINS (moral and doctrinal) of those
who claim to be the only apostle of God on earth as the POPE and
Herbert Armstrong do affirm.

I believe the word of God gives me the authority WHEN the
situation warrants it, to do what I did and said on that sermon. 
Here is why I say that.

How did Jesus deal with those phony, hypocritical, preach one
thing and live another, Pharisees and Sadducees? You know, you
quoted me much of Mat.23. But stop and think, did not Jesus
single them out and use their names at times? How you might ask.
When Jesus denounced the Pharisees in Mat.23 He did it in the
Temple (Mat.24:1) IN FRONT of the MULTITUDE and DISCIPLES to the
FACE of those Pharisees. Just because He did not specifically say
"and you Pharisee Rambin" is dodging the point. The people
standing by would HAVE KNOWN THEIR NAMES - they would have
clearly known Jesus was talking about Pharisee Rambin, Zacha,
Shelban etc. Jesus was denouncing their sins WHILE THEY STOOD
THERE IN PERSON and for all to see and hear. He did not have to
in THIS CIRCUMSTANCE call them by each of their names for they
were there in PERSON and all around knew their names. Jesus was  
for all intent and purpose calling them BY NAME.

Look at John.8, v.3-9. Whatever Jesus wrote on the ground it was
SPECIFIC enough SINS of EACH scribe and Pharisee standing there,
because each was convicted individually and left ONE by ONE
beginning at the oldest. Jesus must have singled them out one at
a time and the people were all around watching. They would have
known the names of these scribes and Pharisees. I would say that
in this SPECIFIC instance Jesus called them by name. It was a
VAIN, hypocritical display of self-righteousness on the part of
those religious leaders and teachers and Jesus PIN-POINTED them
out individually and their sins.

So I can not agree with you when you state "Christ never attacked
a man by name" If HWA walked into our Sabbath service and I
denounced him - as Jesus did in Mat.23 without saying his name
would that mean I have NOT attacked that man by name. I think

The same principle applies to attacking a certain Synagogue. As
Jesus denounced the Pharisees IN FRONT of people that would have
known their names and what Synagogue they were from, He was some
would say "attacking" Rabbi Mondees' Synagogue.

Now I do not have Herbert Armstrong, Ellen White, Joseph Smith,
the Pope and other TV evangelists etc. walking around the streets
and coming in personal view of me or entering into open
discussion about the teaching and doctrines of God's word with
me. But they do distribute literature, articles and sermon
cassettes in this area and town. So they are in that way here
among us. Now how do I defend the truth of God against many of
their FALSE teachings without somewhere along the line using
their name or the name of their organization? How do the members
inquire from me what is the truth about a point of teaching from
these people and groups without ever using their names?

I do not know why we think we have to be so "nice" and kind to
certain people and groups as to never mention their names, WHEN
are DECEIVING and holding people in BONDAGE. Jesus at times got
darn right angry with them and called them what they were to
their faces while others stood around, and they sure knew their
names and where they were from and what Synagogue they

Paul in his specific letter to the Corinthians did not mention BY
NAME the man guilty of incest, I agree. Was it because we are not
to, or was it because Paul did not himself know the man's name?
We could argue about that until the resurrection. But one thing
for sure, the members of the Corinthian church KNEW HIS NAME.
You admit Paul did refer BY NAME to two individuals in an
unfavoring way (I Tim.1:20). He also did mention their SPECIFIC
SIN in verse 19. They had turned their backs on the FAITH. Now I
call that a specific sin and Paul used their names.

Now turn to 1 Tim.5:19,20. Here is my authority to use names at
times, when I see I must. Paul is telling Timothy that at times
when all the FACTS are plain to see and a MINISTER is guilty of
practicing SIN that "should not be so named among you" (1 Cor.
5:1) then that individual minister is to be REBUKED before all.
His name would have to be mentioned, others would have to know
WHO was being rebuked, Why? So the minister having to do this
unpleasant thing could be filled with vanity, no! Why must this
be done? "THAT OTHERS ALSO MAY FEAR" is Paul's inspired answer.
It makes me sick, sick at heat to have to tell people that wonder
why we are not a part of the WCG or after coming in contact with
us want to vist and contact the WCG. It makes me sick to have to
bring up all the sin and corruption that went on and is still
going on in the life of the leader and self esteemed "one and
only apostle of God" so these knew ones in Christ can be kept
clear of this organization and not get entangled in its web.
Ministers who are guilty of practicing open sins MUST BE REBUKED
BEFORE ALL, THAT OTHERS MAY ALSO FEAR. That is the only way God's
people can remain PURE and UNDEFILED, if it is not done then the
result will be precisely what's happened with the Worldwide
Church of God and Herbert Armstrong - cancerous evil will set in.
Men will became a law unto themselves.

Think about the personality of Paul. He had quite a personality.
He could be forceful, tough, powerful, sharp, pull no punches,
and yet loving, tender, kind and merciful. If Paul was alive
today to see what has and is taking place within the Church of
God, boy I bet the sparks would be flying in no uncertain way,
and I venture to say the little voice raising I do from time to
time would seem like a Sabbath afternoon picnic in comparison.

Now turn to Gal.2:11-14 and see where Paul had to show Peter his
personal sin and he did it BEFORE OTHERS. Paul followed his own
instructions that he gave to others such as Timothy.

I have written about this before in my book on CHURCH GOVERNMENT
under "Disfellowshipping." What I must ask myself because of your
letter is, have and do you read my articles? Or have you set your
mind to have certain policies /positions regardless of what the
word of God shows, and so no room for anything else? I hope not.
But your last paragraph in your letter indicates this to be the

You asked me to "please think about this Keith." I have done so,
and you have my reply. Now I ask you to re-think about it in the
light of the Bible examples I have given you that you did not
mention. Only when we put ALL examples and TEACHINGS together on
any topic can we come to the complete picture.

I see God's word showing me that there are times when we as
ministers need to get very Godly angry at the ABOMINATIONS, LIES,
DECEIT, FALSEHOODS, of those who set themselves up as teachers
and ministers, and name names when we have to, so the truth of
God can be upheld and others may also fear - be kept in the
proper reverence for the Eternal's true way and holy

With all love and respect,


Entered on this Website January 2008

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