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The USA Medical and the Poor

It can cripple you!


Just finished watching a "Canadian" run interview with a USA
"medical clinic" in Kansas, Kansas. It is a clinic to serve and
help the poor "without medical insurance." The doctors working
there get only $12 an hour. The clinic is run on a lot of wealthy
people supporting it, somewhat like a "charity." One man
interviewed was at one time a doctor himself, with all the
frills, million dollar home, expensive car etc. He came down with
an incurable illness, one of those "slow get worse over many
years" illnesses. He lost his job, his house, his everything;
lived with his wife for a while out of their car. A man who went
from the top to being on the bottom. He is old enough now to live
off social security.

The lady spokes-woman for the clinic, said, "The USA is the only
country in the Western hemisphere where you can literally go
'bankrupt' over medical issues." She went on to say the USA
medical system is VERY COMPLICATED!

There was more to this documentary on the poor in the USA and
"medical issues" but after seeing it, though there are some
problems with the Canadian Government run medicare, one thing you
came away with was the USA has some mighty BIG CHANGES to make to
its system as it all is at the present, ESPECIALLY for the poor
and to prevent bankruptcy from illnesses.

Jerusalem is again a city of open violence - Arabs and Jewish
police going at each other over "holy parts" of the city, the
Dome and the Wailing Wall in particular.

Iraq is hit with two massive bombs - 150 or so killed - over 700
injured. The USA is pulling out - the Iraq Government must take
the rule. The other side is showing its not blown out of the
picture, but is blowing itself into the picture once more,
literally! Will there be civil war once the USA is out? I've said
in the past there could well be, and the days of peace for that
country is far from over.


To be continued

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