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Abominations to Cry over!

I mean ... literal Tears!

                            SINS TO WEEP OVER!

A good friend emailed me:

"Keith, a mother in Florida tonight that doesn't have her 7 year
old daughter with her for she didn't make it home from school
Monday, and according to the news and law enforcement there were
262 pedophiles in her neighborhood. Truly an insane thing to even
contemplate. I do receive a news letter and within this letter is
the following on legislation about to pass.  I do keep tabs on
these type of things for I can more fervently pray for the
Kingdom of God to come. My prayer is that the nation would repent
but I also want the insanity of these evil men and women to stop,
I just would have very little sympathy for them if their lives
could stop today. It is just insanity. I read of David not
wanting the evil to prosper and I just can say so do "I. Anyhow
it is sick no know that people spend their day thinking on how to
protect deviant behavior of sick people as these. Whose minds are
sicker? the ones engaged in these things or those passing the
legislation to protect a class of people as these?"

Jesus was a man of sorry at times. He was a man who WEPT over
Jerusalem, for its sins, hard-headedness, false religion, and
everything that He knew would take it down and out in 70 AD, when
Jerusalem was we might say today "blasted off the face of the
earth" by the Roman armies led by Titus.

Ezekiel 8 tells about the true people of God sighing and crying
for the abominations around.

Today there is so much evil going on, so much horrible things we
hear on the daily news, that if we are not careful, we can get so
immune to that we may not be able to cry much anymore - I mean
crying with tears in our eyes or rolling down your face.
This "melt" is very difficult for me to write. I really do not
want to "go there" as they say. It is painful, I mean ... SO PAINFUL
to put it down in words.

The other night on the news .... well the "court" case is now
under way here in Canada. About 6 months ago this guy KILLED his
3 children, after his wife (then separated from him) told him on
the phone that their marriage and relationship was "very much
over once and for all." The man did have a history of mental
illness of some kind. That's all we were told on the day he
murdered his children. What we are now hearing is what he himself
is saying in the court case against him, as to HOW he killed his
children. In his own words .... as the killing of his 9 year old
daughter. He used a kitchen "hatchet" of some kind. He said "I
think after the first hit she put her hand up and said, 'I'm
sorry Daddy.'"

When I heard those words from the TV news man, it was like you
had hit me with a hatchet. The image of it all bust into my mind.
I could not help but go to the side of my bed, get on my knees,
and with tears running down my face, I cried out, "Oh Father, we
need your Kingdom. Please shorten these days. We need Jesus to
return, to put an end to all this evil, this pain, this sorrow,
this madness. May your Kingdom come ... soon!"

I hope you know at times how Jesus felt when He cried over
Jerusalem. I hope there are times when you can literally shed
tears over the evil and abominations around you. I know we cannot
live continually crying, to do so would cripple us; we would not
be able to function in our daily life as we must, with all our
other responsibilities. As Solomon said, "There is a time ... for

But at times it is okay friends to LITERALLY CRY for
abominations. If you cannot do so, maybe it is time to re-check,
re-set, your emotion pedal in your heart.


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