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More True Life Movies

Some - Parents need to view first!

                         TIME FOR TRUE LIFE MOVIES

Here I give you some terrific real life movies for you to rent of

* Kingdom of Heaven - from Ridley Scott, in the last few years.
Not for small children.

* Alexander - directors cut, Warner Brothers - not for small

* Catch Me if you Can - Dream Works Picture, very interesting is
the art of falsehood - good from children to adults.

* Munich - Universal Pictures - I recommend only for adults.

* Beyong Borders - Paramount Pictures - good for young children
to adults.

* Alive - Touchstone Pictures - not for small children, teens to
adults I would say.

* Finding Neverland - Alliance Atlantic and Miramax Films - good
for all ages.

* Walk the Line - Fox Pictures - the Jonny Cash story - teems to

* Evelyn - United Artists - young children to adults should enjoy
this one.

* The Passion - Mel Gibson's film on the final 12 hours of
Christ's life - teens to adults - very graffic!


More great true life films later

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