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Fires - Wars - Medicare

Government is not of itself Wrong!

                         THE WEEK WAS INTERESTING


CALIFORNIA is under a fire attack. Now they claim it was
deliberately set. Two firemen lost their lives. Hundreds if not
thousands of homes are in danger of going up in smoke.

ITALIAN YOUTH are alcohol drinking as never before, the partying
and drinking is taking over the free time of the youth. It is not
yet as bad as more Northern countries of Europe, but it's getting

MORE WORLD TALKS ON THE CLIMATE are under way - unless drastic
action is taken they once more predict a catastrophe ahead. The
arctic circle is warmer than its been in 2,000 years. They say at
present trends the ice cap could be gone within the next 40

NATO strikes in Afghanistan have killed many civilians as well as
many Talaban enemies. A cry is going out - literally and
figuratively. More USA troops are going in and more and more
people see the war there as a bad move, one that cannot be won,
which I've stated since day one. You cannot win against fanatics
and ambush, hit and run, as well as suicide killing.

WOMEN in many parts of the world (including Afghanistan) are
viewed as second class citizens. One agency that for 10 years,
without one single complaint, has sent unused, not needed, given
as gifts, medical supplies of every kind, to needing nations
(including Afghanistan), will be closing its charity doors, not
for lack of medical supplies, but because of "red tape" which the
charity cannot handle with its volunteer staff. You talk about
DUMB Government,  no wonder God says in His prophetic word that
our leaders are MAD!

GIRL KIDNAPPED at age 11 and kept in a back-yard shack and tent
enclosure for 18 years. She gives birth to two children from this
crazy guy and his mad wife. What blows my mind is that this girl
did not climb the fence and escape. I guess brainwashing and
"bonding to the enemy" is mighty strong in some cases. I shake my
head, it's something I cannot understand. Well they are now free
and I pray they will find a normal and good life, with their true
family that loves them to bits.


T - Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK a simple sentence.
R - Ask him or her to RAISE both arms.

If any trouble with any three - call 911 and describe the
symptoms  to the dispatcher.

New Sign of stroke: Ask the person to stick out their tongue, if
it goes to one side or is crooked, probably a stroke.

The G-20 MEET. The ECONOMY and climbing out of RECESSION is being put forth by
some as taking place, even if ever so slightly. The truth is
until people are back to work (and they say the USA will hit the
10% unemployed mark very soon, Canada is close to 9%) and having
money to spend, it ain't over till it's over, and the fact is
more level headed people say it will be 6 months to a year before
jobs are full once more, and then it may never be as it was for
the last 15 years before the recession. All G-20 nations are in
heavy debt, some in the Trillions of dollars, as they try to spend
their way out of this recession.

GOOD NEWS ... FOR A CHANGE. A small child in B.C. Canada followed 
a dog out of the campsight. 25 hours later a searching helicopter
spotted the boy and the dog was with him. The owner of the dog says 
the boy can keep his new found friend.

NATIONAL MEDICARE for the USA may not make it AGAIN. I well
remember how it came about in Canada. The first Province to have
Government Medical service was Saskatchewan, where I came to when
I was 18. The doctors went on strike, the private lobby guys,
shouted, screamed, it was chaos. The doctors did go on strike, so
Tommy Douglas the State leader brought doctors in from Europe and
Britain. The doctors lost. Provincial Medicare was law in
Saskatchewan. Soon the other Provinces followed. A recent poll
and enquirers asked Canadians if they would ever want to go back
to the days of no Government Medical service - 99.5 per cent
SHOUT "NO WAY, NEVER!" About 4 years ago Canadians were given a
chance to vote on who they thought was the GREATEST Canadian ever
- the vote went to the little guy from Saskatchewan - Tommy
Douglas. They made a TV movie of his life - he was also an
ordained minister - one remarkable true life movie you will ever
Here in Canada we still have the freedom to choose our doctor,
and as an adult, if or if not we will take the treatment. The doctors 
are still free, they can work or not work, move to another country etc.
Yes, in one sense the doctors work for the Government, their pay
comes from tax payers. But look many other people are paid from
tax payers. I was an Orthopedic Shoe maker for many years - my
pay came from the Government which got it from tax payers, though
the company I worked for was an independant charity. It was
good pay for a skilled trade, as skilled trades should be paid.
The police and firemen (though they should be paid double what
they get for dangerous work) are paid by the tax payers. So look
folks it is not evil or wrong to be paid from Government taxes.

The Canadian Health care system is not perfect, but the vast
majority said they would NEVER want to go back to the old way.
Now Canada could take note of the system in Britain. I was
talking to a young lady from Canada who has been over in Britain
for the last two years taking medicine, to be a doctor. She told
me the British medical system is 5 times better than the Canadian

National Israel was run under God, when the nation was willing
to be so governed. There were many things that you could say was
"nationalized" - there were certain overall laws to govern how
the poor and needy and fatherless were to be served and treated.
There were national laws concerning health regulations. There was
a national law on observing God's rest days, national laws on
which festivals you observed and when. The fact is there were
national laws on many aspects of the health care system. 
We today have national laws on driving cars, buses, and trucks
on the highway. There are national laws on flying airplanes.
Michelle's (the owner of the Music School I teach for) husband is
a pilot for Westjet. National laws tell Westjet that their pilots
have to be "full and deeply" tested once a year - an examiner
literally is with him from leaving the hotel to sitting in the
cockpit to walking with him to the next motel, observing his
every word, move, and flying of that plane.
It's a private company is Westjet, but with governing rules set
by the Canadian Government for all Canadian plane companies. 

Government is not all bad; Government has brought in many good
laws, the road driving laws for one example. Ancient Israel had
many nation wide Government laws - Israel was a nation under God
- freedom was allowed WITHIN national laws. True freedom is not 
the lack of law, but living within right and good laws.

What the USA is going through in trying to bring in a Government
National Medicare system is EXACTLY what Saskatchewan went
through in 1961 to 1963. Provincial Medicare did come to be, soon
all other Provinces followed. The Canadian people today have
recently voice (because of the situation in the USA and what
Obama wants to do) their opinion via letter and on radio call in
programs - 99.5 per cent said they would NEVER desire the old way
to return.

To be continued from time to time

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