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Music in your Home

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                        MUSIC MAKING IN YOUR FAMILY

If people do not play a musical instrument, they usually still
want to listen to music. Music is the invention of the Eternal
God. There are 7 basic notes in music - seven days to the week;
there are a total of 12 notes altogether - there are 12 months to
the year. Music has laws that must be followed or you have noise
like cats fighting on a hot tin roof. Harmony music writing is
just that "harmony" - following the laws of music, or not doing
so is painful on the ears.

When I started to teach music back in 1975 near Toronto, I walked
in one day to the Music School I was teaching for, and I heard
this horrible accordion noise. I looked at the receptionist and
said, "What on earth is that noise!" She told me it had a name,
and she said the name (which I did not try to remember). Well it
turned out that some "egg head" professor of "music" at the
Toronto Music Academy had decided that music should not have
"laws" to follow, and had given a "name" to this new piano
accordion instrument music. It was truly horrible, grating, and
like cats and dogs fight on a hot tin roof. Fortunately it died a
quick death, this new so-called music, it never caught on, thank
goodness, and was not heard again in that studio or any other.

There is just about nothing that Satan is not into. He is into
"music" to pervert it. And Satan has perverted most forms of
music, some which I really do not want to give the name "music"
to. Some "high brow" classical music is perverted, and
"perverted" is found in pop, country/western, and certainly in
the "freaky" dress, shouting, screaming, over-amplification of
the "heavy-metal" rock and roll bands.

So what can you do in steering your young children, with music.
Some will naturally like the classics, the more middle of the
road type music, some will like the folky type, the old-time
music of the first half of the 20th century. Even some of that
had words not in accord with Christian standards, so watchfulness
is required there also. But most children will desire to be more
up to date per se. So guidance is needed more with the average
child. Certainly God is a God of variety, he made the human voice
from the Opera type to the yodelling Swiss Alps type. A good beat
and happy swing and movement is not wrong.

The "heavy-metal" noise, either in the pop world or in "heavy-
metal gospel" is far out folks, it is just trashy noise. Such so
called music should not be in your home, nor should your children
be listening to it. Okay, so what can we do. Well I was pleased
when Disney brought out the highly popular "High School Musical"
movies. I did go out and buy them. They are upbeat (except for
the nice love songs here and there) - have a swing, are catchy as
they say. You can hear the words, and the dancing is very good.
Some of the High School Musical DVDs have dancing lessons on
them. It is all good clean entertainment. I'm left with a good
feeling after viewing and listening to those movies. They are
probably the best musical movies since "Seven Brides for Seven
Brothers," (in my view the greatest musical/dance movie ever
made) - "Oklahoma" - "The Sound of Music" - "Mary Poppins" - and
the wonderful musicals of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers back in
grandfather's day. Now if you can get your children to enjoy the
music and dancing of High School Musical movies, then you may get
them to enjoy the old ones I've just mentioned.

So good on Disney Pictures to bring out High School Musical
movies. It's a turn in the right direction. It would seem
thousands of kids from grade one to twelve love what Disney
introduced. Maybe your children will also. Give it a try.

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