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More True Life Movies

The Ups the Downs and the everything Else!


Time for a list of true life movies you may want to see.

MEN OF HONOR - the story of Carl Brashear - becoming a U.S. Navy
Master Driver. Fox 2000 pictures.

OUT IN THE COLD - Second World War love story - 2001 First Look
Pictures Inc. 

CHARIOTS OF FIRE - Two British gold medal runners in the distant
past Olympics - 1981 Enigma Production and 2005 Warner Bros.

COACH CARTER - 2005 Paramount Pictures - the life story of
controversial basketball coach Ken Carter.

THE ROOKIE - Disney Picture of Jim Morris the oldest rookie in
Major League Baseball.

BOBBY JONES - 2004 Sony Pictures of the life of Robert "Bobby" 
Jones, one of the greatest world champion golfers.

ALI - 2002 Sony Pictures of the life of the famous boxing

CINDERELLA MAN - 2005 Universal Pictures of the rise of Jim
Braddock to world boxing champion.

Note: Boxing is a brutal sport that certainly will not be allowed
in the age to come under Jesus Christ, but the above two movies
do show the ups and downs and inspirations of two men. They are
worth seeing from that perspective.

EIGHT MEN OUT - 1988 MGM movie of the 1919 Chicago White Sox
baseball scandal - as it states on the cover, one of the saddest
chapters in the annals of pro sports.

THE JESSE OWENS STORY - 1984 Paramount TV Production - the
amazing story of Jesse Owens' Olympic triumph in Berlin, Nazi
Germany of 1936.

MIRACLE - 2004 Disney movie of the 1980 unbelievable victory of
the USA over the Soviet Union for gold medal in the Olympic


Ah yes very fine true life movies to add to your list, some are
not for young children.

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