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Cause of Economic Crash

The heart of man needs Changing

                         CAUSE OF ECONOMIC FAILURE

by David Davidson

This article was written in the 1930s, but it could have been
written yesterday.

It is well for us as a nation to ask of ourselves the question,
"In whom or in what do we place our trust today?"

We all know in whom we should place our trust. Our churches know
and our governments should know. The answer appears (or at least
in Davidson's time did appear), on the architrave over the
portals of the Royal Exchange building in London, there inscribed
is the motto: "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."
But, do we act as if we knew this, believed the truth of it, and
shaped our personal and national policies accordingly? We do not!
In all our personal and national policies of insurance and
assurance we place our trust in the Administration of currency
and credit, based on gold and the fullness thereof.
Of the earth's commodities, God has provided an abundance for all
for every human need. This gift man ungraciously accepts as his
natural right and exploits to his personal advantage. It is
therefore only when the earth's commodities, so abundantly
provided by God, have been harvested by man, or mined by him,
that the supply fails, for lack of equable distribution, to meet
the demands of human needs. The wealthy few receive more than
they require. [Ed: see James 5:1-6] The millions of poor receive
less than their needs or none at all. What cannot be profitably
sold is allowed to rot, or is destroyed, or is buried in the
earth whence it was taken.. Fish unsold are dumped in the sea;
superfluous crops are burnt and gold is mined at a profit, and
then is sold, transported all over the earth, and finally buried
to keep it out of unprofitable circulation. What a travesty man
has made of the Providence of God! And we call that travesty the
economic World Order!

The failure of world economy has always been, in varying degrees,
characteristic of our age of civilization, has ever been
civilization's greatest crime, and, indeed, has been the cause,
deeply rooted in human avarice and covetousness, of the
generality of human crimes since our age of civilization began.

That failure has ever been the root cause of war (including the
First and Second World Wars), which by their aftermath exposed
that failure and accelerated its consequences. All existing world
evils will therefore continue, in increasing degree; until
avarice, covetousness and deceit have been eliminated from human
nature. It is the purpose of God in His judgment of the world,
now in the course of development, to subdue those evils in human
nature, so as to make the earth safe for the fullness of His
Divine Providence in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Then will
spiritual values supersede material values and gold become the
servant of man and not his master.

For as the prophet Isaiah said: "When God's judgments are in the
earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness."

Righteousness, therefore, is the essential condition for the
perfect operation of the ideal economic world order. Even the
early Christian ideal community failed to continue because of its
wayward way and all merely human systems of economy must of
necessity fail from the same cause until that cause is removed.

From "Thy Kingdom Come" - September 2009, a publication of The 
Association of the Covenant People, Burnaby, B.C. Canada


The economic crash and recession of the 21st century (2009 as I
enter this) was because of the GREED and COVERTNESS of the human
heart. Without RIGHTEOUSNESS and the FEAR or deep respect for God
and His laws, the nations of the world, the Wall Street guys, the
Speculators, the "money sharks" - even the big Banks and
Financial Institutions, in their ride to physical riches finally
smashed the balloon and the hot air of greed and lies, took the
world down to the worst recession since the 1930s. And until the
people are back to work and spending money the recession is not
over, no matter what the "stock market" figures are, and the
"rosy" up-beat picture the media news is voicing at you. The
world may get back on its feet, it may not yet be the final end
of this age, but when that end does come, as it will come, it
will be because of greed and unrighteousness and sin and false
religion. Put it all together and you will have the days of the
book of Revelation upon us. Yet there is hope, for as that
prophetic book says, Jesus will return, Satan will be chained up
for 1,000 years, the heart of man will have the Spirit of God, it
will be the time of the restitution of all things.

Keith Hunt 

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