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Island of Shame!

Crazed Blasting of Woodstock!

                              ISLAND OF SHAME

                             MEDICAL MYSTERIES

                          THE LEGACY OF WOODSTOCK

                              OBAMA'S BATTLE

ABC's 20/20 had a program on Friday August 14th 2009 about
"Blown away - Twisted Terror" the Tornado that struck
Parkersburg, Iowa in May 2008. The sky went black, hail as large
as golf balls and a Tornado with winds up to 200 miles an hour.
The town of Parkersburg was left as if an Atom bomb had blow it
to bits, the video was truly shocking. The scene of destruction
was so devastating you would have thought hundreds would have
been killed, but there was only 9 that lost their lives. 
I am reminded of Amos 4:6-13. That section of Scripture is
sober indeed. Which disaster does God directly send? If the
answer is none, then this passage certainly means that the Lord
ALLOWS, and does not intervene, hence in that sense it comes from
Him. It is meant to bring us to our knees and RETURN to humble
obedience and service to His way of life. So far such calamities
are NOT bringing us back to REPENTANCE. As the Almighty says,
because we will not repent, "Therefore will I do unto thee O
Israel; and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to MEET thy
God!" (verse 12).
We have seen nothing yet, all the disasters that we have
faced in the last 100 years are but a Sunday-afternoon picnic in
comparison as to the end time trouble of Jacob. Which trouble I
have expounded to you in many prophecies and in the explanations
of all the prophetic books of the Bible, on this Website.

Most people of North America have no clue as to what the Arab
world is like. Huge changes have rocked the Arab world in real-
estate, building projects, starting up companies etc. The
richness of their world has taken a beating in the world
recession. You'll need to watch the BBC World News TV program to
keep up to date with the Arab world.

The Province of B.C. in Canada and the State of California in the
USA are under attack by forest fires. It seems to get worse every

Taiwan and China are still feeling the terrible effects of rain
and land/mud slides from the Typhoon that hit them about a week ago -
hundreds are dead and the destruction continues.

Obama is they say, loosing the battle over Health Reform in the
USA. He says "special interest" groups really get on the band-
wagon when this subject is brought up, they, he says, have
special interest to keep the status quo. Time will tell if this
thorny subject will ever lead to National Health Care. Obama
admits he does not know how it will be paid for if what he wants
to see comes to pass.

It is 40 years since the famous or infamous WOODSTOCK took place,
the sex, drugs, and rock spectacle that took hold in the USA, a couple 
of hours north of New York city in a farmer's field. It
certainly was the start of the degenerate "heavy metal" rock
bands. The big start of the shouting, screaming, wailing guitars
and "blast you out of the room" so-called music (not all of the
bands were like that at Woodstock to be accurate) of the heavy
metal bands. It was the "hippie" generation. From reading some who 
were there at Woodstock it was 3 days of wet, muddy, un-organization, 
the rebellion of some into open drugs and sex, or part clothing or
no clothing. It was the start of the minds of the youth going
into intoxication with screaming beat and over-amplification of
what I call "noise" and not melody. It has not stopped, the
Western world (and the East is fast catching up) and its young
people are mesmerised on mind blasting and ear shattering sounds
of electronic instruments, backed by the shouting sounds from the
human voice, nay the screaming sounds of the human voice. Add it
all up and we have throw God out of the window to worship before
the mad and often profane sounds of many who call what they
present "music." It is amazing to me that places like Calgary can
fill the Saddle Dome (18 thousand people) to listen to "crazed"
sounds and flashing lights which I seriously hesitate to call

A book recently published you need to read is "Island of
Shame" the inside look at what the USA Government does not want
you to know about its "war machine." I just happened to catch the
interview of the author on CBC radio a month or so back. It will
shock and disgust you, should make you sick to your stomach. What
goes on that we often do not see or hear about in our lands of
the West ... well God sees it all. You will see how there is a
need for the Lord to bring about judgment on our nations and all
nations of the world. Sadly, only through our own blood, as we
are bloody people, will our nations finally REPENT and give up
our own ways to serve THE WAY of the Eternal, and walk in
humility and PEACE into the age that is to come, where the
prophecy of such passages as Isaiah 11 can come to pass.

Another recently published book is "Medical Mysteries" -
another book you need to have - a real eye opener. Both books can
be obtained from

To be continued from time to time

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