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Medical Mysteries!

They will surprise and shock you!

                            MEDICAL MYSTERIES!!

     Last evening, Friday August 7th 2009, ABC TV network and
20/20 had a fine program on the subject of medical mysteries.

* Virginal Pain. Some women have Vaginal pain, so much so that
even walking is painful. There are only about 30 doctors in the USA
that specialize in this condition. It is treatable. There are
various reasons for vaginal pain. One is the birth-control pill
which suppresses two female hormones, and there are other
reasons. But the good news is that it is treatable. If you have
this problem, make sure you see a doctor who is a specialist in
vaginal pain.

* SPS (stiff person syndrome). There is no cure, but some relief
and freedom can be found. Most doctors will never encounter it.
So if you think you have it (literally a stiffening of the whole
body) see a specialists in this decease.

* Baby born with Heart on the Outside. Yes, you read it
correctly. It does happen but very rarely. A noted account was
presented on 20/20. The baby and now man is in the Book of
Records. The doctors tried many times to put the heart back
inside the baby, but it would stop beating. They then covered the
heart with skin and left it on the outside. The man today does
all the normal things all normal people do. 20/20 interviewed
him. This rare happening does have a technical medical name.

* Sleep Eaters. Some people not only sleep walk but eat as well.
Two ladies interviewed and video taped, got up as much as 5 or 6
times in the night and each time were eating food. Most of course
gain much weight. The part of the brain that normally rests
during night sleep does not rest in these people and it effects
other parts of the brain that have to do with judgment, hence
they have no judgment control over eating, so they eat. Some help
is available, but it is a continuing research study to help such
people with this disorder.

* Girl Breaking Out. Born with mental autisticism, cannot talk,
rocks and flails the arms. Years of intense therapy from age two.
It seemed like the girl was in her world and no part of ours. At
age 10 she goes to the computer keyboard and starts to type in
the word "hurt." She continued over the next 4 years to astound
and amaze everyone with her communication with the keyboard,
sentencing, spelling, natural word flow and language we all
"normal" people use. She explained in clear words what it is like
to be in her body. That she sees a hundred images of a persons
face at once, hence the reason such people cannot look at you for
any direct length of time. She explained that throwing the body
and arms around was a way of releasing the body from what was
like a blowing up expansion. Truly an amazing insight right from
the horses mouth.



To be continued from time to time

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