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Great True Movies

Some in my large Cellection

                               GOOD MOVIES!

     As we live through these end times of hate, violence, crime,
war, sickness, suffering, pain and sorrow, we do need to take
time out for relaxation. I am a great fan of "movies" - the right
kind. I have a very wide interest. I do particularly like true
life movies, based upon a true story. I think I have collected
about 70 of them so far.

     Here are some that you may find as interesting and
educational as I did. They can probably be obtained on line or
from BlockBusters.

* THE ALAMO - the last one made, not the John Wayne one, which
they say the "historians" employed got so disgusted by Hollywood
they walked away - resigned. This last one was released in 2004.

* EIGHT BELOW - the true story of how 6 out of 8 sled dogs lived
for I think it was 9 months at the South Pole until rescued by
their master. Most remarkable and inspiring. Released in 2006.

* ELIZABETH - THE GOLDEN AGE - part of the life story of
Elizabeth the first. Released in 2007.

* THE GREAT DEBATERS - about a debate team and its coach.
Released in 2007.

* WYATT EARP - the more factual history of this great sheriff and
law man. Released in 1994. An amazing man in the history of

* HOUDINI'S DEATH DEFYING ACTS - a part look at this remarkable
escape and illusionist artist. Released in 2008.

* AUSTRALIA - a story woven into the factual time of the Second
World War in Australia and the practice of putting "half-white"
children into "church" run homes, away from society. Released
Breathtaking scenes. 

*FLASH OF GENIUS - the true story of how Ford Motors stole the
invention of Dr.Robert Kearns and his "intermitted wiper blades"
for cars etc. Released in 2009.
I have to say on this one that I was so mad with Ford Motors I
walked out of the Movie Theater saying I would never buy a Ford
anything again, but of course the people running Ford today ain't
the people back when this terrible deeds was perpetrated. Kearns
did win his law suit against Ford but the trouble he was made to
go through .... well that's the rest of the story.    

Well if you have not seen them or some of them, they are great
true life movies.


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