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My Sister's Keeper

Sorrow and Sacrifice!


                            MY SISTER'S KEEPER

July 4th and so what's new in the world this past week? Much of
the same stuff going on as before. So it was Canada's birthday
July 1st and the USA's July 4th, two big parties for North

Sarah Palin shocked Alaska and the rest of us by stating she will
resign from being Governor of Alaska by the end of July. The
truth as to why may have to wait for the history books to note
the answer for that move on her part.

Hollywood is very capable of putting out some terrific movies on
life as it is, with its sorrow, pain, and also its sacrifice and
heart-breaking facts.

A movie I've just seen is "My Sister's Keeper" - the acting is
superb. The facts of it all is only too real in many cases. I
recommend you see this movie, but I warn you, if you are like me,
better have plenty of kleenex nearby.

Oh how we pray for the age to come, to be here on this beautiful
blue planet, when sickness and sorrow will be just recorded in
the history books.

Yes, see "My Sister's Keeper."

The kids summer camp with horses and ponies, out at the Ranch
will be the start of camp two on Monday. I'll head out Sunday
July 5th, where I'll be till next Friday evening. Nothing knew
will be uploaded till next Sabbath.

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