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Lot's Goin' On!

War to Economy to a Horse Race

                            MELT-DOWN IN A WEEK

May 9th 2009. What's been happening in the world? PLENTY!

The Pakistan Government is trying to eradicate the Taliban, BUT
in so doing 10s upon 10s of thousands of people have had to flee
for their lives, refugees on the run. The results of war. We
continue to pray for the day when war will be no more.

The so-called "swine flu" marches on, over 1,600 cases in the
USA; nearly 300 in Canada, and other parts of the world.
Apparently it can go "off the scene" during summer and come back
with a kick again in the winter flu months. The 1918 flu did that
and came back to kill 40 Million people.

Toyota has seen its FIRST "loss" in 60 years.  Chrysler is in
Bankruptcy. GM may not be far behind. They had a 7 Billion loss
for the first quarter of 2009. Thousands more will yet loose
their jobs in the car industry.

The USA people in financial difficulty are literally ditching
their cars, boats, horses, and other things. Never been seen like
this before. One lady with horses on her farm, had two horses
left in her paddock overnight, just abandoned on her farm

Speaking of horses. The big K Derby for 2009 was won by a horse
from Canada by a huge 6 lengths. A horse that had done very well
in racing in Canada but was figured at 50 to 1 odds to win the K
Derby, but it did!

Some 10 large banks of the USA are to scrape up 75 Billion as
they failed the "stress test" from the USA Government. We'll see
how and if they can do it.

USA job loss the highest in 25 years, about 600,000 job losses
each month right now, but April was less, so they hope it is
bottoming out. time will tell. At present 8.9 per cent
unemployment but when you look at the lines and applications for
jobs you'd think it was MUCH higher.

AIG of America has had 180 Billion dollars in bailout money given
to it, but it is loosing less right now they say. I should hope

The USA lost 6% in fist quarter of 09 more than expected.
Germany also lost 6% in the same time frame.
EU (Europe Union) is stopping big bonus payouts to CEO guys of
businesses and banks. I should think so!
The big Commerzbank of Germany still in deep trouble, needs more
bailout money.

The MILLIONS of bits of stuff spinning around our planet (from us
humans) is now one huge problem. Some are trying to figure out
ways to mush it all and clear the track. One tiny bit going at
30,000 miles a hour, or 10 times faster than a bullet (that is
very hard for my mind to get around that), could cause disaster
for the International Space Station, if such a bit hit the

The country of Venezuela is "nationalizing" just about all the
big production businesses like oil and gas. The fellow running
the country says it is time for Capitalization to die. 

Some are claiming the USA fighting in Afghanistan is killing
children. The USA kinda denies it, but they will "look into the
matter" so they claim. 

100 days have come and gone for Obama in the White House. Some
fear his big spending stimulus. But so far his popularity remains
high. It probably is, at least for a while longer, I mean he has
been presented to the world .... well if not the Savior, at least
like a Hollywood film star, or heavy-metal rock star.

Last for this time. There is a fellow by the name of Richard
Florida, who has written a book called "Whose Your City." I
caught an interview with him on TV. He puts forth the NEW economy
that is going to emerge from the recession. He claims that is
what happened after the 1930s and Second World War. Sounds like
at least a very interesting book. Might be worth a read.
Oh, do I think the present state of things is going to lead to
Armageddon like some of the Christian fundamental folly guys do
with their books (they are mostly the same guys who wrote the
books on "oil" and Armageddon, and the latest generation from the
fundamental guys of the 1980s who wrote about the coming of
Christ by at least 1988). No, I do not see Armageddon coming
anytime soon. Europe - the Beast Empire of Revelation is yet to
become the trading power of the world, before Christ returns.
I knew the fundamental prophets of the 1980s were out to lunch,
but this has to be the craziest one. A friend of a friend asked
me if I'd ever read this book by ... well forgot his name, but
apparently he wrote in the early 1980s a book on 88 reasons why
Christ would return in 1988. I said, no I had not read that book.
I asked the man if he was pulling my leg. He said no, there
really was this fellow who wrote 88 reasons why Jesus had to
return in 1988.
I guess the guy has walked away into the dust to never write
again, but you can bet he walked away with his pockets full of
money. The fundamental spots on the fundamental leopards of
Christianity are still raking in money from their end times books
on "oil" or "finance" to take us to Armageddon.


To be continued from time to time  

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