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North Korea send up Rocket

Earthquake in Italy

                            CALIFORNIA MELTDOWN

                        EARTHQUAKE IN CENTRAL ITALY

                        NORTH KOREA SEND UP ROCKET

April 9th 2009. The news over the past number of days has been
large in many respects.
The State of California is drowning in economic meltdown. Cal. is
the 5th or 7th (depends which news you watch) economic power in
the world. The housing market is a bust. Businesses are falling.
More people out of work that any other place in the USA. Cal. it
is stated lives on the rich, and the rich are loosing much fast.
Like many other States, many were unwise in the mortgages they
took out.
So very tough times for the most populous State in the USA.


An earthquake hit central Italy, where the houses are often 500
years old. Over 270 deaths so far. Then a lady of 98 was pulled
out alive from her house after 30 hours. She said she did some
knitting while waiting for rescue. She looked in marvellous shape
for her age and the experience she had been through.


North Korea sent up a rocket-ship of some kind. It is only a
matter of time before that country is one of the big ones with
nuclear warheads. The whole East power of nations is well on
their way to becoming a mighty military force. They will indeed
one day fulfil the prophecy of Revelation 9 when the 6th angel
blows the trump and the power to the East and north of the
Euphrates, that has been prepared for the hour, the day, the
month and the year, will strike the mighty Roman/Babylon Beast
Empire of Europe, to kill a third part of men still alive on
earth at the time. Prophecy marches on.


Australia is feeling the world recession, loss of jobs, no big
demand for some of its natural resources, and it has its problems
with mother nature, fires, floods, and the whole nine yards.

Japan is still in deep recession, and so the Government is trying
its 150 Billion or more "stimulus" plan.

Some "experts" say the USA will take at least a year to even
begin to pull out of its recession. GM car company looks like it
will have to go into "bankruptcy" and Chrysler, it may disappear


Germany has passed laws so it can NATIONALIZE banks if needs be.
Such has not been done since the 1930s.


If you've been watching some of the "fundamental prophets" over
the last 10 years or so, you will have seen a number of them
bringing out books and DVDs on "the oil" and world prophecy. How
they jumped on the band-wagon when oil hit $150 a barrel, it was
going to lead to all their prophetic scenarios. Now oil has hit
the skids and can hardly stay above $50 a barrel. Then we have
the move on to "go green" and in all kinds of ways. Oil is on its
way out, much cleaner energy is going to arrive. Oil is not going
to be the prophecy maker.
Now the same fundamental guys are churning out their books on the
"economic recession" and its supposed leading to their prophetic
imaginations. If it's not one thing it's another thing they grasp
to keep those books and DVDs rolling off the production line, so
they can keep the money flowing in to themselves.

Well if you are studying much of this Website you will know what
I think about the fundamental prophets folly on prophecy.


To be continued from time to time

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