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USA personal Debt 2.5 Trillion!

Obama has plan to defeat the Enemy!

                   PERSONAL DEBT IN THE USA 2.5 TRILLION




Sunday March 29th 2009. The investigative program "Dateline" the
other night had a most revealing one hour on the personal debt of
USA citizens, now at 2.5 Trillion, yes with a "T!" It showed how
the "plastic" loan companies have raked in tens of thousands of
the middle class people to get up to their eye-balls in credit
card debt, many at 19% and above interest rates. Tens of
thousands have been sucked into getting the "American dream"
living and life style on the plastic money card. As thousands are
now out of work, it has become a horror film - in real time for
them and their families.
Then Dateline showed in detail the next horror for those people,
the "collection agencies" and it was unbelievable what some of
them are doing to try and collect from those who now simply
cannot pay on their card loans. Some go to pretending they work
for police districts and have a warrant going to be served,
police coming to arrest them, unless ..... 
It was all very shocking to observe that such can be part of life
in the great United States of America.


The big G20 countries meet this coming week to discuss how to
work together to get out of the world financial mess. One "top
guy" in the money market says if they do not come up with a
united way out, then it could be DEPRESSION, not just recession.
Many thousands of people in various European countries are
demonstrating and marching to protest banks getting Billions,
they want the average unemployed worker to have the money.
China is going under, the once booming economy is sinking fast. A
lot of the city of Beijing is like a ghost town, some new
building being built, left in mid-stream, half completed. Store
after store chained up, boarded up, and out of business.
"Tent" towns are growing like never before in many USA cities,
average working people out of work, and homes, and jobs.


President Obama has a new plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan,
thousands of USA troops will be deployed to fight the enemy. The
great nation of the Soviet Union (Russia) once tried to fight and
defeat the enemy in Afghanistan. Trying to defeat attack, run,
hide, attack, roadside bombs, an ambushing enemy, has never
really succeeded by anyone. The USA people defeated the great
"stand-up-and-fight like a gentleman" war machine of Britain, to
gain their independence. Surely many more lives from the USA,
Canada, and other Western nations over there, will be lost.


The terrible winter weather of 2008/09 just keeps a coming. Snow,
in places where the amount and the storms are like never before,
while the arctic, north pole, keeps melting. What has been there
for THOUSANDS of years is fast disappearing in much less time
than predicted, actually at an astonishing rate.


The Pope's visit to the African continent caused a bit of a
rumble. He said condoms were not the answer to AIDS, he said
abstinence was. And the bottom line is that he is correct. The
Roman Catholic church does have some truth. If people did not
have indiscriminate sex before marriage, and were faithful in sex
to only their mate, then all sexual transmitted diseases would
disappear, including AIDS.
Washington D.C. has a 3 percent AIDS count, an epidemic they are
calling it, and that is in the enlightened USA, with I would
suppose an open door to condoms. With that statistic I would
think some health and charity groups would be handing out condoms
right and left. So something still is not working even with
condoms to be had.


Keep watching the signs of the times

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