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Red Meat and Death!

White meat and Life!

                           RED MEAT FACTS STUDY


March 24th 2009. A TEN YEAR study is in on the consumption of red
meat.All factors such as smoking and obesity were taken into
account. The verdict: Eating the equivalent of 6 hamburgers a
week will, by quite a large margin lead you to die of cancer
and/or heart troubles before those of us that eat red meat as
like one hamburger a week.

The study was based upon "beef" and "pork" not wild game or buffalo.

All processed red meat was shown to have nothing but bad effects
all the way around. Simply NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

Interestingly, the consumption of WHITE meat (turkey, chicken)
and FISH, showed it would prolong your life, in comparison to the 
heavy red meat eaters.

Now, red meat and white meat and fish, have some man-made pollutants
in them today, but I presume as more people eating beef and pork
tend to over indulge in those red meats, they get more pollution in
their body. 
As this study came out some TV reporters told people on the street
what the report said, then asked would it stop them from eating 
red meat (the popular red meat), they said, "No way, I love red meat
too much to stop my intake of it."
Some people, many people, far too many, really get "drugged" on red 
meat eating.
I've personally never become a regular red meat eater, once a week
I can take it, then it does not bother me if I go for a month and
never eat meat. I will say this wild meat and buffalo meat is very 
lean and much less in saturated fat. Organic lamb I find is super 

The Seventh Day Adventists, most of them are vegetarians, has for
decades shown they as an average group live 5 to 7 years longer
than the rest of the Western average group of red meat eaters.

The main reason why is NOT that red meat has inherent unclean
qualities per se. Red meat is classified as "clean" food by the
Eternal God. The reason why red meat TODAY is not good for you on
any "regular" basis is simply that it is "man made" polluted. The
raising of cattle for meat today is no longer organic like it was
in grand-father's day, and is driven by the high demand for it by
people, so it may contain more pollutants than chicken or turkey
or fish. It is "Get that cow or pig fatterned up as quick as 
possible and to the market" attitude. The people want it, and the
farmers want the money on a faster return for their investment. 
And we know how far that went with the so-called "mad-cow" desease."
At least we have not had "mad chicken" or "mad turkey" desease.

Pork meat, meat from the pig, is classified as UN-clean in the Word 
of the Lord. It is very fatty, just think of bacon that people eat,
and how fatty it is. Simply NOT good for you in any amount period. It
is just one things that contributes to heart problems, as does many
other things that are part of the "western" world diet. I have
included many studies on "diet" on this Website, under "God's Dietry

My Dad cut out eating red meat at least 25 years ago, it was not
"agreeing" with his body chemistry type. He's eaten turkey and
chicken and fish in-place of red meat. Yes my Dad has done other
things in his eating habits that most do not do, like only whole-
wheat brown bread and vitamin suppliments, to keep his health. 
My Dad has actually been following God's dietry laws but not 
specifically knowing it. He's still doing fine; he'll be 89 in 
August 2009.

Obama and the USA Government (from tax payers money) is giving
the banks ONE TRILLION dollars in some plan to take over their
bad and risky debts, hoping this will free up the banks to start
lending out money once more, so the average person will start to
spend again, and so to get the economy going back up from its
nose dive towards depression. The stock markets are moving up so
investors are gaining some confidence that this move from the USA
Government will help to pull the world out of recession.

Time will only tell if it is going to work.

There is a large increase in refugees from troubles countries
like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and a few other countries, wanting
to come to the West, for a safer and better life. It should not
surprise us; it does not take having a "rocket science" degree to
understand this would be the case. To live in some countries on
this earth must be a living hell, and certainly not the
atmosphere to raise a family in.

I pray they will all succeed in coming to the West, I would not
like to be in their shoes where many of them live today. Many
parts of the world are sad places to try to live in today.


To be continued from time to time

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