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USA Mortgage Madness!

Cancer in Canada UP!


                          CANCER IN CANADA IS UP!

March 22nd 2009. The investigative program "Dateline" had a very
fine insight this evening into the Mortgage meltdown in the USA.
Thousands of people were able to get mortgages in the last 3 or 4
years, that they really could not afford. Many mortgage lenders
were willing to falsify on paper the income of people. The
"underline writers" who were supposed to check things out were
encouraged to "go along on the ride" with bribes like, as one
woman in the industry said, "boob jobs, jewelry, fancy holidays,
and the like."

Then these "weak and faulty" mortgages were put into bundles of
large packs of "money" and sold to Wall Street. The guys at Wall
Street put them together as "bonds" and sold them to anyone large
enough to buy them. Those on Wall Street didn't check things out,
for it was all a "let's get rich" scam.

One lady they interviewed was sent by her company back in 2005 to
"check things out" and what she discovered was a shock to her.
But the game went on.

A lady, first name Elizabeth, is or was a Professor at Harvard,
she knew what game they were playing a number of years ago. In
Dateline's interview with her you could see the expression of
ANGER on her face as she related the facts she knew, as to the
scam game that was being played out all over the place.

Another fellow interviewed also knew the game being played and
wrote a book on it.

But the game went on. When Dateline asked what the bottom line
was to the scam, the answer was GREED!! Yes, just simple old
greed; greed to be rich and have the fancy home, sometimes homes
with an "s" - and all the other toys that big boys like to have.
Some still have many of these things, and as Dateline said, it
will take YEARS to unravel the whole "mortgage madness" and few,
if any, of those guys who did it all, will ever go to jail over

Another ONE Trillion dollars it looks like will go to the Banks,
to try and "move things" out of this recession for the USA.

Europe and the USA are at odds with each other. Obama wants the
main powers of Europe to spend money like the USA is doing;
Europe says, no I do not think so. This could be the rift in the
"economic" table that will begin to distance Europe from the USA.

After a ten year study, CANCER is UP in Canada. Hummmm, all the
money raised for cancer, all the modern drugs, all the modern
fights to beat cancer, and they say it is UP in a modern country
like Canada. 
That's what the Canadian news said. 
Cancer as a whole, well again in Canada, it is 20.5 percent is
"breast" cancer; and it is 18.7 percent "prostate" cancer. 

More Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan .... over a hundred
now, and yes, despite Fox TV "out in left field" middle of the
night news show, Canadians have been the main Western world force
in Afghanistan, until Obama sends thousands more USA troops over
there as his administration slowly pulls out of Iraq.

It's looking like Madoff (the 50 Billion "ponzi" scam guy) will
have his homes and big boy toys taken away, and he will most
likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Time will only tell if the big guys at AIG give back their
bonuses, the tax payers have had a good right to be outraged over
tax dollars given to AIG for a bail-out, and about 200 Million of
it was given out in bonuses to the fellows who not only took it
down but drove it over the cliff.


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