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John Stossel of 20/20 does it Again!

The Truth of the Matter!

                           THROWING MONEY AT IT

                          MIDDLE CLASS DOING FINE


                        UNIVERSAL PRE-K WILL BE BAD

                          BUILD A FENCE AROUND IT

March 14th 2009. Last night on the ABC 20/20 John Stossel was
doing what he's skilled to do - tearing down some false ideas.

He kicked off with interviewing both sides of the "throwing money
at" for the stimulus package. He gave examples where other
nations did the same and it did not work, and where the paper
money became just about worthless - its known as "inflation."
Well like he's good at, he had the fellows for Obama's stimulus
plan squirming in their seats, and saying, "Well we just hope it 
may work."

The unemployment fact he did not miss either. In the early 1980s
it rose to 11 percent, and no one made a big thing about it,
today it is 8.1 percent. And in the depression of the 1930s it
was 25 percent.


Stossel went to the "road-ways" stimulus talked about. He gave
facts and examples that show "private" highway builders do a much
better job than does Government, which tend to be messy, slow,
and wasteful. You have this main highway in LA, bumper to bumper 
at morning work drive, one guy takes him 1 and 1/2 hours to get 
to work. Then alongside this highway is a private opperated
highway, with few on, cars flying by the State highway. So it costs
$1.75 to $9 to travel on. You have to be joking that people would
ride the State highway, bumper to bumper, for 1 and 1/2 hours to
work and from work, THREE hours a day of that driving.....give me
a break!


The USA Government wants to stop "illegal" ones coming across
from Mexico, so now they've built a fence, well for hundreds of
miles. Three huge problems (1) the boarder between the USA and
Mexico is thousands of miles (2) they bring ladders to climb the
fence (3) they cut holes in the fence. One fellow took them to a
railway tunnel, one side was Mexico the other side through the
tunnel (which was only about 40 yards in length) was the USA.
Stossel gave the fact that 9 out of 10 Mexicans eventually do
make it into the USA even if it takes them 5 or 6 tries.
Stossel talked to one of the "head guys" for the "fence" project.
He asked him why the fence did not go all the way across Mexico,
the guy had no answer. Then Stossel asked if the USA was going to
build a fence all the way across the Canadian border. And even if 
so, then would a fence be built along the East and West coast to 
stop them coming in from the sea. The "official" fence pusher had no
answer, just kinds laughed at the last question.

Well folks just shows you how DUMB some "political" leaders are!!


Then Stossel got into "Universal Pre-K." Oh yes Government wants
to get into that also. First the fact was given that the USA
Government has utterly failed with education from K to 12th
grade. This is admitted by Obama. Then he interviewed the
"private" Pre-K that works wonderfully well. One reason why is
that they are in competition with each other, and so people can
choose. Also if you are poor there is already in place State or
Federal funds to help you. So private Pre-K is not just for the
wealthy. Like so many things it's best for the Government to NOT
have direct running of things, which it standardizes, and tends
to make things as successful as the failed education system in place
right now from K to grade 12.


Concerning the Middle Class people of the USA. Stossel
interviewed this gal who has written a book called "Nickel and
Dime" and it is supposed to give you the facts that the Middle
Class people of the USA are disappearing and so hard done by.
So, as John Stossel can do so well, from his investigating, he
had her backed into a corner and squirming, and speechless at
times. He interviewed average middle class people who are doing
fine, with their boats, dune buggies, vacations on Cruise ships,
all the toys for big boys,and these were not the millionaires. 
Then Stossel brought out the fact that the Middle Class people 
make 75 thousand dollars a year, and if used wisely live very 
nicely thank you. The Middle Class is still there today, overall 
doing very good indeed. So much for the disappearance of the Middle 
Class, and only their nickels and dimes left.


Then there was this one, that must get the price for STUPIDITY.
Average guy Charlie lives in a State where Marijuana can be 
"legally" grown for "medicine purposes." Then the SWAT team
arrives, with shields, guns, bullet proof vests. They take 30
pounds of the plants. They cannot take him to the State Court,
because the State allows Charlie to grow the plant for medical
reasons. So the "powers" that don't like him growing this plant
take him to FEDERAL court, because the Federal court has not said
you can grow the plant for medical purposes. As Charlie said to
Stossel, "Why don't they take the State to court? No! Those
fellows who do not like anyone growing marijuana period, they
have to take the little guy to Federal court."
Then Stossel interviewed this lady with cancer, and all the drugs
she was taking to combat the result of chemo etc. She was taking
this drug to combat constipation, then had to take another drug
to combat the first one that then gave her the runs, then another
pill to combat the runs and on and on. She told Stossel that the
one plant of marijuana SOLVED ALL those problems.

You want to get the facts about marijuana that the USA Government
does not want to tell you about, then you need to read Tara
Chapman's article on her Website"
The article is called "The Truth about a much Hated Plant!"

Talk about some DUMB BUFFONS in leadership positions of this and
that in the USA (and elsewhere also). They are out there sad to


The finance ministers of the 20G countries are meeting. The USA
wants the others to spend, spend, and spend, to stimulate and
stimulate .... you know it all by now. But Europe says NOT SO FRIEND,
we do not agree or desire to do it your way, and we have our
Could be the start of a widening rift to pull Europe and the USA
further apart from each other, and move on to end time prophecies. 
We can only wait and watch.


The HEZBOLLAH of the Middle East, as they meet with the HAMAS in
Cairo, Egypt, still says they will NEVER accept the State of
Israel to exist!
Egypt is yet to emerge as the spear-head of an Arab "united
states" that will form the prophesied "king of the south" to
eventually "push at" the resurrected Holy Roman/Babylon "king of
the north" forming now in Europe. All fully explained in the MANY
prophecy studies on this Website.


To be continued from time to time

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