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Nasa desperate to find another "earth"!

Biggest Camera Yet!

                           CLOSER TO DEPRESSION

                                MADOFF DEAL

                          NASA SEEKS EARTH PLANET

                      OBAMA TO "OFFICIALLY" SIGN ....

Friday March 6th 2009. It is the worst unemployment in 25 years
for the USA. 12 and 1/2 Million out of work, that is 8.1 percent.
31.8 Million applied for "food stamps" - an all time record!
The "layoff" is effecting men the most, 78 percent of layoffs are
The working woman outside the home is now 50 percent of the work-
force, the most it has ever been in history.

The 12 largest economies in the world are still sinking down into
the quicksand. China they hope will be the kick-start to world
recovery. Time will tell.

GM says they need billions by March 16th to continue with
restructure, or .... goodbye GM.
Maybe it is time to let them sink away, but the loss of more jobs
will be staggering.

The 50 Billion rip-off artist (the biggest rip-off guy ever)
Mr.Madoff is ready to make a deal with the USA Government, so
they can have him tell them HOW he did it, and WHO else may have
been involved or "in the know." They are saying he may still get
a life sentence.

Obama is apparently only days away from make it all "official" in
signing the reversal bill to allow "embryonic" stem cell
research. The legalization to kill the unborn as it is also for
abortion. We slide ever more into sin and death. As we like to
kill, so one day what we sow we shall reap, as God foretells in
His prophetic word, which is all fully expounded in the many
studies on this Website.

With Hilary Clinton, on behalf of the USA Obama Government going
East, there may be a warm-up in relations with Russia and the
USA. They're hoping it will be so, after a number of "cold
shoulder" years between the two world powers.

And, the evolutionists at Nasa are sending a "telescope rocket"
into outer space, to orbit our sun for 3 and 1/2 years. It will
zoom in on about 100 thousand "suns" to see if there is a planet
orbiting any of them, and just the right distance from its sun
(like this earth is from our sun) to sustain life as we know it.
If they find one, then they have to send a bigger space telescope
up to zoom in on the planet and see if it looks like our earth.
So far they say, they have discovered 350 planets but none are
anywhere close to looking like our earth.

Good luck boys, your wasting time and hundreds of millions of
dollars; you ain't going to find it! Jesus only came to save
sinners on this planet, and the Bible says Adam was the FIRST
man. Shocking as it is for you atheists and evolution fellows, we
are unique in the whole universe. Oh, we are NOT alone, there are
a great deal of beings out there fore sure .... they are angels,
created beings, and demons, and God the Father and His Son Christ
Jesus on His right hand, with 24 spirit "elders" around the
throne of heaven. It's all in the Bible, if you care to read it.

So folks, that rocket telescope is up there for 3 and 1/2 years,
remember that, mark off the summer of 2012, and look for a big
fat zero, in them finding a planet like ours.


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