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Terrorism and World Shipping!

One alive the Other dying

                       TERRORISM IS ALIVE AND WELL 
                      WORLD SHIPPING COMING TO A STOP

November 28th 2008. In the last number of days we have seen in
Mumbai, India, that TERRORISM is still alive. India has frequent
trouble with terrorist groups. This was one of the bloodiest.
Over 100 dead and a thousand or so injured.

The terrorists are just about impossible to eradicate. They are
like the "hold-up-men" of the old wild West - hide and hit, hide
and hit. 
The world is still full of those that will die for a cause, and
kill many innocent people along the way.
India and Pakistan have been close to war with each other over
the acts of terrorism. Both countries have the nuclear bomb. 

World trade is just about coming to a stop under the present
world economical free-fall. The shipping cargo boats are mostly
tied up in the sea-ports of the major shipping centers of the
world. Indeed a re-structuring of world economics will be needed
to pull out of the dive down to the bottom of the deep blue sea.

The once famous WOOLWORTHS of Britain is just about bust, it may
not survive as it was for much longer so they say. Many famous
name are being wiped of the financial map of the world. It
remains to be seen if the THREE great American names in the car
industry (GM; Ford; Chrysler) will be bailed out or allowed to
fall by the wayside.

It is indeed interesting times we are in right now; it remains to
be seen how it all plays out in the year of 2009. 

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