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Canada and Stem Cells!

Billionaire Buffett has Blowout!


                           BUFFETT'S BIG BLOWOUT

March 1st 2009. The Canadian Medical field has found a way to
produce stem cells from adult persons, from their skin. They say
it is a breakthrough that will revolutionize stem cell research,
do away with "embryonic" stem cell production, hence the debate
on the morality of that will be over. The Canadian team of
medical scientists says that within 2 to 3 years what they have
discovered and proved will be the world's common practice for the
manufacturing of stem cells, that have the ability to become any
organ in the human body.

I pray the Canadian discovery will indeed be the world's answer
to stem cell production.

The Hamas in Gaza are still sending rockets into the State of
Israel. It is looking like no long term peace will be put in
place for the Jews and for the Palestinians in Gaza.

The acclaimed riches man in the world - the USA investor Buffett
- has dropped to the ground. In a letter to his share-holders he
admits he made some very bad mistakes in 2008, which cost him and
his kin about 60 BILLION dollars! 

Well, the mighty Buffett fell to the world's bubble on oil and
investing. Even he was led down the garden path into the brambles
and thistles laid down by the Wall Street guys and Oil Tycoons.

The fight will start tomorrow between Obama and the "rich" and
"special interest" groups. Obama wants changes and wants to
introduce measures that will forever change the way the USA does
business. It could well be a 15 round title bout you will see
over the next number of months.


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