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Great India Love/Life Movie

Slumdog Millionaire


February 20th 2009.  Pres. Obama had a super greeting in Canada.
It is true, most of the population of Canada, as in the USA, LOVE
Obama. He is it is true to see a very "likable" person, he is
warm and friendly, speaks from the heart, and is willing to come
and meet the average person on the street. As from those personal
attributes there is no denying he's a likable guy. For his
"religious" convictions ... that is a different matter
altogether; he just is not on the right pathway. He is most
definitely seen by most as the "savior back to physical
prosperity" for the USA, and for most other nations also, as the
economy of the world right now is seen to be tied into the rise
of the USA once more. If God will allow that, only time will
tell, or it could be that Europe will rise towards the mighty
Roman/Babylon Beast of the end time prophecies.

Now I hope all who read this Website have a little better
knowledge of geography and history of other major nations on
earth, than what has been over the decades past, a "laugh" by the
Canadians, on how many USA people know just about nothing of
other countries. So it would seem some USA reporters are still
from the stone age when it comes to knowing even some of the
basic and most up-front things about Canada. One news guy
describing the greeting of Obama into Canada said the "Royal
Canadian Mounted Police" (who are world famous by most of the
world) were the "military guards" - the fellow did not know those
guys in "red" are called the "Royal Canadian Mounted Police." If
you didn't know, then now you do!

This afternoon I went to see the "India" film just out called,
"Slumdog Millionaire." Most countries have their "dark side" of
crime, drugs, red light district, and poverty. Yes, this movie
shows all that, as well as some scenery of India that is good and
slums of India that are bad, also the modern TV tech and game
shows. The running theme is the India version of "Who wants to
be a Millionaire" question and answer game show. The writers have
woven a very interesting, what could be an actual happening for
one contestant on that famous TV game show.
It also weaves a very fine love story, that has a happy ending. I
like happy endings!

There it is "Slumdog Millionaire" - I give it two thumbs up and
if you get a chance to see it, well .... make a chance, GO SEE
IT, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.


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