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275 Billion to Home owners!

Obama visits Canada


                       WORLD BANKS STILL IN TROUBLE

                      275 BILLION TO HELP HOME-OWNERS

February 18th 2009. GM car manufacturer is planning to lay-off
47,000 people around the world. they and Chrysler want another 21
Billion dollars in loans from the USA Government to survive. even
then they will have to do a fully and complete make-over if they
are ever going to be a force to be reckoned with on the scene of
the global car industry. It seems only Ford is going it alone,
not asking for bail-out money.

The Banks of the USA and Europe are still in deep trouble, and do
not seem to be solving or helping to solve the world economic

I have still not heard if any of these so-called "educated"
bankers and finance guys are going to have their riches taken
away and get some jail time, for all the money crimes they have
perpetrated over the last 20 years or so, creating a false
plastic bubble and leading people by the nose, into what is now
the world recession that portends to get much worse before its
better, if God does allow it to get better again. Could be it is
cancer that will never be healed, until the Beast Power of Europe
comes on the world stage, to give the planet its final and last
great trading power.

Part of the "stimulus package" from the nearly 800 billion
dollars for the USA is 275 billion to help home-owners fight off
foreclosure. I do not know if any billions will be given to those
who have already lost their homes. The fact is though many of the
latter ready could not qualify in their wages, to own homes in
the first place. Apparently not much help will be given to those
who were not wise in the first place. I know much was all a scam
scheme from the banks, playing with the lives of people,
deceptions and holding out the golden apple in one hand but with
a knife to cut the apple in due time, in the other hand. Yet we
all must take some responsibility for our actions.
A shocking stat is that 9,000 homes EACH DAY in January, in the
USA, was foreclosed on.
They are saying 4-5 million home owners will be helped by this
275 Billion to be used to help them.

Another "big player" guy (Stanford is his name) of the falsehood,
has been exposed .... 10 billion dollars, either not there in the
first place or has evaporated. One more fraudulent "ponzy" type
pyramid scheme builder cut to the ground, but taking many
innocent investors with him.

We have today a Canadian guy (Thow is his name) caught in
Portland, OR, for money fraud on Canadians - 10 million, maybe a
lot more, playing the same con game as Madoff and Stanford and
who knows how many others yet to be found out.

The USA under Obama is sending 17,000 more troops to fight in
Afghanistan, making about 52,000 USA troops in that battle.

They are saying the enemy of the West is gaining power along the
Afghan and Pakistan boarder. As I've said before you cannot win
against hit and run, ambush, type war. The British lost to that
exact tactic as the USA gained independence from Britain to form
their nation of the United States of America in 1776. 

President Obama comes to Canada tomorrow, the 19th of February,
for about 6 hours. The Canadian Government will spend 2 MILLION
dollars just for "security" - welding up street man-hole covers
etc, and etc. There will be no "gift" exchanging between Pres.
Obama and Prim. Harper as is custom (interesting, I did not know
it was a custom) .... well I guess in the recession it would not
look good to exchange expensive gifts, and 2 million for security
..... oh my, what a world we live in today.


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