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Some LOVE movies

Good for the soul!


Love comes in different sizes, different ways, different shapes,
different experiences, different situations, and different
backgrounds to paint a lovely picture even with pain at times.
But when it's all done it is still love. Some love leaves you
with tears but inspiration. Here below is a pretty good mixture
of love movies you should try and see if you have not seen them.

AUSTRALIA - based on true history - Nicole Kidman one of my 
favorite actors - Twentieth Century Fox.

SEVEN POUNDS - Columbia Pictures - Will Smith.

THE BLIND SIDE - Warner Brothersw - a true story - Sandra Bullock.

EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES - Alliance Films - Brenda Fraser and Harrison
Ford - a true story.

JACOB THE LIAR - Polumbia Pictures - Robin Williams at his best.

THE NOTEBOOK - Alliance Atlantis - James Garner, Rachel McAdams, 
Tyan Gosling, Gena Rowlans.

THE SECRET LIFE OF BEEZ - Fox Searchlight Films - Queen Latifah,
Dakta Fanning, Jennifer Hudson, Sophie Okonedo.

FINDING NEVERLAND - Alliance Atlantis - Jonny Depp, Kate Winslet,
Dustin Hoffman.

BECOMING JANE - Alliance Films - Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy - 
the story about Jane Austen.

YOUNG VICTORIA - Alliance Films - Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend - 
the love life of Queen Victoria and Albert her husband.

All the above love stories that are framed in different life stories,
are very good, all worth seeing. As they say love makes the world go 
around; some people's love gives them power to do wonderful things.

In the News:

Snow and Mr. Winter has hit Britain and Europe in one huge bang!
For all the British Isles to get that much snow that it's just received 
is very unusual, but they have had it before a few times in the last 
20 years.

The Polar bears in the Hudson Bay of Canada are along the shore line
waiting patiently for the freeze up, which is way behind time. The
bears have to hunt for seals to eat before they sleep for the winter.
Not getting enough food could kill them.

The North Pole and Greenland continues to melt at a faster rate than

And some say "climate change" is a false idea. Give me a break!

WikiLeaks continues to leak classified documents, then we have been
told 2.5 millions people have had access to them - the people the
Governments were allowing to read them, the rest of us are supposed
not to see them. It's the inner talk among the inner circle of the 
world's Governments. Some have red faces, some say, "So what - that's
how we talk among ourselves, I kick you and you kick me, and we kick

Vitamin D - now they say sure it's good for your bones, but they do 
not figure they know if it fights cancer. But they're saying the 
amount you should take daily - 1,000 to 2,000 IU. Maybe in SOME 
individual cases up to 4,000 IU, but they add over 4,000 could
do you harm (too much of a good thing can you know).
Of course you should be taking Calcium/Magnesium (some tablets
come with zinc) and MSM (at least 1000 mg - one tablet in the ones I 
take) - all this will help give you good strong bones. Then add to that
natural or organic milk from the cow or goat, and you should have 
strong bones.

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