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Some recent movies

3 good ones


UNSTOPPABLE - a true life movie. A runaway half mile or so train with
no person on board, and two fellow trainmen who stop it before massive
damage to a town and people is done. One of those sit on the edge of 
your seat endings - it was good.

THE LAST THREE DAYS - a fiction movie but again a nail-bite ending -
good also.

TANGLED - a Walt Disney "G" animation 3D musical. Good story line, 
drama, adventure. The voices and singing of the three main characters
very good indeed. Enjoyable for the whole family.

Let me mention here the DVD from www.Kultur on "The Germanic Tribes"
Well done, gives the main history from about the second century B.C.
of Germanic tribes, and also some tribes of the Franks and a little
Saxons thrown in. Of course it covers the Roman Empire dealing with
those Europe peoples.
To go with this DVD you should also obtain the book by Craig White
called "The Great German Nation" - a 305 page book proving the 
German people are from the Assyrian Empire that took the House of
Israel into captivity between 745-718 B.C. A scholastic work.
Then Craig also has a fine book called "The Origin of Nations" -
471 pages showing you who the nations of the world are - where they
came from - another scholastic work.
Craig White's Website is:
His books can be obtained from

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